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An Open Letter From a Recovering Sacrificial, People-Pleasing High Achiever

I’ve always been some one that people would call a “high achiever.”

I put in the work and had this relentlessness about me to push through any obstacle to get what I want.

..the healthiest body

..the best job

..the highest income

..the greatest partner

..the coolest friends

..the “perfect” good-girl image..

But what I didn’t realize for most of my life.. was that I was measuring my success by the ruler of society instead of what felt truly aligned for me.

And I can’t blame myself.. I just didn’t know any better. Most of us don’t know any better..

I didn’t realize it until I “had it all.” I finally had all the things that the younger version of me thought was the key to happiness.. the house, the car, the business, the body, the relationships, the reputation..

But a little voice in me kept growing louder and louder. The voice kept saying “this just isn’t it.. something is missing that makes it feel like none of the things I achieve even matter.”

And the deepest truth eventually came to surface…

Love was the missing piece.

My heart was so guarded and I didn’t even know it until I decided to surrender my so-called “success.”

I came to the profound realization that I grew up thinking I was unworthy of being loved.. and I spent most of my life trying to prove that I was.

But I couldn’t receive the love that was being given to me since I never gave energy to heal the parts of me I deemed “impossible to love.” I was unintegrated and looked at myself as broken & shackled to impossible standards that kept me on the hamster wheel of societal conditioning.

I now see that my gift of deep empathy helped me recognize the wounds in myself that I could feel so deeply in others. And maybe I only can recognize that hurt because I have it in myself.

I started to feel like I couldn’t do my job in helping others because I didn’t even know how to help myself.

So, for the first time in my life, I turned my healing energy inward. I gave to myself in the ways that I gave to others. If you’re also a recovering sacrificial people-pleaser, you know exactly what I mean.

I pulled away from my job, spent so much time with myself, and experienced a rollercoaster of emotions/experiences.

I woke up to realizing I was the only thing in the way of receiving the only thing I ever really, truly wanted in life…

And something in me always knew this was a big part of my mission. I just struggled to find the right way to share what I came here to do because I was trying to fit it into a “normal” job.

My work has always been so important to me because I have tied it with my mission.

I’ve never really been one to be super conventional, but I keep shedding more layers of worrying about how people will judge me for what I feel called to step into.

There are many levels and layers to my spiritual awakening. And my work will evolve along with me as I explore a new way of being.

My newest offering (which is a group coaching program born in January 2023) called “Body and Soul Freedom” was created to support other women along this journey.

It’s meant to call in like-minded people who understand this message. It’s meant to create a community of empowered women seeking liberation and mind-body-soul harmony.

This program is a culmination of my life’s work and the most profound transformation can come to those who enter the space.

I have found it difficult to articulate this multi-dimensional exploration of self & evolution, but my hope is that it will resonate with those that it is destined to reach.. someway, somehow.

xoxo, Shanon

P.S. I am wanting to start a free community to open up more conversations like this... where women can feel safe opening their hearts, being witnessed in all of their essence, and being surrounded by pure love.

Contact me if you are interested <3


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