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Navigating the path to freedom through entrepreneurship, empowerment, and abundance

Episode 37 of the Fuel the Fire Podcast hosted by Shanon Safi, RD, LDN.

Can you imagine a world where you not only accept wealth, but ardently pursue it? Picture a life where you're fully empowered to chase your entrepreneurial dreams, and in turn, help others do the same. This episode unfolds my personal voyage of evolving as an entrepreneur and seeking clarity in my business mission. I delve into the tough resistance I faced to embrace the idea of wealth and abundance. Sharing my experiences of working with mentors, making strides towards my goals, and my enlightening encounter with an astrologer that helped me unearth my genuine passion - empowering women entrepreneurs. Our conversation takes a turn towards an important mindset shift - breaking free from the chains of a scarcity mentality and fully accepting the concept of abundance. I walk you through my personal journey of recognizing my conditioning, taking absolute responsibility for my life's outcomes, and the empowering route towards financial freedom. By the end, we analyze the transformative power that an abundant mindset holds. Discover how adjusting your mindset can help unlock your unique abilities to create the generational wealth you aspire for. This episode is for all, whether you're an entrepreneur at heart or just someone aiming to better their financial perspective. Here's to embracing wealth and turning dreams into reality! 0:00

Embracing Wealth and Empowering Entrepreneurs

Women's Empowerment and Financial Freedom

Finding Financial Security and Abundance

Episode Transcript:

If good people have money, we can do better things for the world. We can redistribute the wealth. We can help people that need it. We can empower people. We can spend our time in areas of our life that we want to spend more time in.

Hello, hello, welcome to the Fuel the Fire podcast. It's Shannon Safie coming at you with another episode. So, if you have been following along, I've been going through quite a transformative journey with my business and I've been thinking a lot about what area I want to start to get more specific in. I absolutely love coaching and I've been starting to open up to hearing more of what people think, what people have to say, and hearing what people see me as and I know that sounds so silly, because I do think a lot of the answers that we seek are truly internal. It's something within you that you really need to tap into, you need to access, and the thing about that is sometimes we are blind to our own brilliance, right, something that comes so naturally to us, and how people perceive our energy and what within us lights them up. So, with that being said, I reached out, so I posted something. So I absolutely love the Royal Shaman. Her name is Makosi. If you're not familiar with her, I highly recommend checking her stuff out. I honestly I look at her as like an inspiration, because I think she's so amazing and what she does really lights me up and it's someone that I look at as a role model, and so one of the exercises that I was doing in one of her five day challenges was asking people and opening up that door, which I really hadn't thought of doing before, because I was so focused on going within, figuring out what is going on internally and what I truly want, which is so, so important, and I think it can be complimented by really understanding what your brilliance is and how you can start to share that with the world in a way that feels very useful and natural for your flow of business receiving. So that kind of brings me to where I'm at now, where a lot of people do see me as someone who is an entrepreneur. I feel like that's also how I see myself, coincidentally, but I kept trying to force a lot of the nutrition because I spent so much time, so many years, getting the degree for that, which I'm still paying off, and also spending so much time building a business in that, and I was working with a mentor again, a one-on-one coaching session with someone who is helping me work through it. Her name is Catherine. She's awesome. She is helping me learn how to be a better public speaker, because that is something I truly feel passionate about doing. Hence this podcast. I love to speak, I love to talk. This is a way for me to express myself that feels very in alignment with who I am and how I like to convey my message and share my thoughts, my wisdom, my experiences with people. I'm a storyteller Okay, even my friends know that about me. I love a good story, I love to listen to great stories and I love to give great stories. But anyway, I digress, coming back to the original thought of where I'm going with this podcast, and shortly after we'll dive into today's topic around scarcity versus abundance. So with this I listen like I've always had this vision of empowering women and there's so many ways to do that. And, honestly, after really thinking about what lights me up and the information I received from other people around, how they perceive me, what they want to learn from me, a lot of people were curious about my entrepreneurial lifestyle and wealth, so this really excited me. To compound, on top of that, I did a reading with an amazing astrologer, Nicole Irie. Go follow her. I'm telling you this All of these things happened in such a short period of time and I've been seeking this clarity, this knowing of at least a little bit, like what's the next step for me, what am I doing with my business? And I've been flailing for quite some time, ping ponging back and forth, trying to make nutrition work, trying to dive into something different, and then somehow just feeling super confused and not getting any clarity and just feeling again like a ping pong ball back and forth. So I'm so happy that it all culminated because, I'm telling you, action creates clarity. I could have stayed in this space where I was just in my head trying to figure it out, and that was getting me nowhere. So I started to take action, I started to work with people, I started to try to walk a path. I was trying to feel into what was right for me through those actions. That's where I landed today and I am coming to the topic that I want to teach people about. I want to empower women entrepreneurs, I want women to be wealthy and it's crazy to say it out loud because initially I felt a lot of resistance. I've always had that desire and if you've been following, you've seen me throw it out there, dip my toes in it a little bit, but I couldn't fully commit because I had a lot of shame that still needed to be worked through, needed to be shed in order for me to actually allow myself to start to help people in this way. Because I thought that if I encourage women to be entrepreneurs, to make money, to allow themselves to live that life that they want to really allow themselves to live their mission, live in their purpose, create a life in alignment, somehow that felt like I couldn't speak about money because there is so many negative associations my mind still had around people who make a lot of money, which, internally, is what I want to share with you guys, because I know I'm not the only one. It's like you want it but you feel guilty about having it. You want it but you're like I identify as a good person, and people who like money and want more money are seen as negative or greedy or they have to do dirty things to get it, and we have all these negative associations with what it means to be wealthy or to be someone that has money. It's like that dirty, kinky thing. The same way we feel about sex, where it's like I can't talk about it. I want it, we all want it, we all want to enjoy it, but it's so uncomfortable to talk about, and when it's uncomfortable to talk about, we don't seek help for it. And when we don't seek help for it, we can't evolve in that area of our life. So I want to get into the weird things that no one talks about. Okay, I'm willing to put myself out there and start to talk about these things, because I want people to get what they want. I want you to realize that you have the power to live the exact life that you desire and it's not on your mind just because you saw it in the media or this and that like maybe, but also a lot of these things that don't leave our mind, these desires that we have, this curiosity, these parts that get lit up, the parts that our energy shifts when you hear about, sometimes even brings up a discomfort because you're trying to resist the desire to play out that fantasy in your mind. Like you can live it, you can have exactly that, and that is what the season of life has taught me. I've shed everything, I've let go of everything and now, in this state, I'm finally able to choose what I want. I've realized I have the power. I've overcome my biggest fear of releasing my business, my in-person business that I had for so long, that I wanted so badly to be the one and the only, and the forever. I let that go and now, in this state, I can choose anything my heart desires, and I never asked myself what does that actually look like? Here I am facing that and I didn't know where to go. Right, that felt so scary. I wanted someone to just tell me what to do, because I've never had the autonomy, the removal, the liberation, the shedding of all of these layers, the conditioning around who I was trying to force myself to be, that I didn't even know. I was forcing myself, because I thought that I wanted all of these things, and yet there were things associated with what I was doing, of course, that I wanted. I wanted to be a business owner. I wanted to be someone who helps people. I want people to be the best version of themselves, and I was getting that through my work. But the next stage of my journey was asking me to let go the how of how I was doing it. The nutrition had to be released and it was hard because I was really good at it. I still feel like I'm really good at it. I continue to help in those areas with other people. But I want to let myself move forward in this entrepreneurial spirit that I have, this desire to build wealth, this desire to show other people how to do it. Because what happens when money gets into the hands of good people? They do good things with it. All right, when I was in my peak of my business, maybe about a couple years ago, before I made this switch, which is a little bit of a transition and I acknowledge that but in my peak, when I was making the most money, I was giving back to charities that I loved, I was holding free events for the community. I was able to do amazing things with it. It's not like like sure, okay, yeah, I dabble in some luxury, because a girl not gonna lie yeah, I like that, I like nice things, and that's okay. You don't have to feel bad about liking nice things. And I felt so much shame around that which was blocking me, like I hid any nice thing I had because I didn't want people to look at me differently or to judge me for wanting those things. But anyway, I digress. If good people have money, we can do better things for the world. We can redistribute the wealth, we can help people that need it. We can empower people that deserve it. We can spend our time in areas of our life that we want to spend more time in. As I'm going, you know, maybe we'll. I think you know what Today's conversation is about that. All right, so I'm gonna nix this scarcity versus abundance mindset. I'm gonna send it to you guys in a week or two. Instead, we'll make that the next episode, because I'm just on a roll with this. I'm feeling really lit up, and that's what I love my podcast for. It's my intuitive flow, it's my way to share my message, and, for me, when I structure something, it just stifles my creativity. So to be able to show up and just speak on what I feel called to speak on, it flows so much better. My message becomes so much more clear, it is received in the right time, and I just allow what needs to come through me to come through me, and so, with that being said, let me just stay on this topic about how I feel about women making more money. I want to see women receive exactly what they know they are worth. I want to see them receive what we've been told for so long isn't right for us to receive or isn't right for us to desire. There's almost like this negative energy around hustle culture now, which I get, but in the same sense, you still can be a badass bitch and not have to make it toxic. You can be really wealthy and successful at it, not be toxic. You can find balance between your masculine and your feminine energies in the perfect way that align for you to be open to receive wealth, abundance, everything that your heart desires. There is a way to live, to have what you want. And, yes, you will still continue to experience turbulence, challenges, things that are meant to stretch you, things that are meant to grow you so that you can elevate yourself to higher levels of success and achievement. That will feel really difficult to move through, to work through in the moment, but those situations are meant for you, to teach you something, to expand your capacity in some way, and so meet those challenges with open arms. Because, if I can share anything, especially building on how I got here with this path, it wasn't easy. The past two years have been two of the most painful, challenging years of my life. I took full responsibility of everything that was showing up in my life, even the things that were so easy to just want to play victim to. I took responsibility for things that most people, everyone in my life was like no, that's not your fault, that you don't deserve that, you just got unlucky. Like no, even I was even seeing a therapist who was also like hey, don't blame yourself for that. And right, like you shouldn't blame yourself in the sense that it becomes your fault and it's so negative and you attach that to your ego and make you feel bad about yourself. It's the other way around. It's saying I'm taking responsibility because that puts me in control of what's showing up in my life, and when you're in that position, it's so much more empowering. But yeah, you have to face a lot of things that you did not want to face. You have to look at yourself and say, yes, I created this thing. This exact thing that I don't want, this exact thing that I complain about, was my creation and it's continuing to be my choice if I keep showing up for it. So, for me in my world. I kept choosing things that I didn't want because I was used to it. I kept choosing a business where I was so busy in it, so exhausted, so afraid to grow out of, so afraid what it would look like if I let go. And I stayed in it for too long and I couldn't let go. The last two years I really look at is me clinging to something that wasn't working, that I know my soul didn't want. And you could be doing this in multiple places. You could be doing it with a job. You could be doing it with a relationship. You're holding onto it even though deep down your heart is calling for something else. But you struggle to let go because your identity is tangled in it and you invested so much time in it, so many resources, and so it becomes really difficult to give yourself permission to walk away. And through that experience I felt like I was being dragged through the mud right, like I felt like every day was difficult. I was hitting such a low point recently of waking up with so much dread, trying to force myself into nutrition, trying to force myself back into a world that I wanted to walk away from that. I closed my business because I wanted to walk away from, yet I still wasn't letting myself go. And through that, it really took me to this point where I was at such a low and I was feeling so sad, waking up with dread every day, not sleeping at night, because all I could think about is what am I going to do? How am I going to make money? Why can't it be easy? Why is this so difficult? And truthfully, I had to like I just I had a breakdown. I got so upset one weekend I just like let it all go. I called everyone and anyone that would listen to me and had to just pour my soul out to them and cry and release all of these emotions and own the fact that I feel. I felt like a failure, I felt like I messed up, I felt like I ruined my life and it was feeling like I couldn't see anything good coming. But that was because I had this anchor tied to me, this anchor holding me down from swimming free, holding me back from going after what I really wanted. Because I felt like what if no one wanted to hear what I had to say? What if everyone around me continues to say you should go back to what you had Because people did, people do, people still do Like, oh, you had a great business. I see you struggling now, but just keep working at that old business, that old method. Continue to show up for nutrition, continue to counsel people, continue to take insurance and do that so you can make money. And once you make that money you'll feel better and you already know what you're doing. Stop making it so complicated. This is what everyone around me was telling me, and when you know in your heart, you know that it's time to let go of that thing. So if you're feeling like you're in that, don't feel shame around the fact that maybe you are still hanging on, but you're gonna hit a wall. You're gonna hit a point eventually where you know that some kind of change needs to be made and you're gonna have to move forward. And recently I had to align a few things and I look back and this is what this situation was showing me coming into why I want to teach people about this. If you're going through this, one of the best things that I did for myself was set myself up to be in a place financially where I would still be receiving, so that I could have the space to pull myself out of my reality to figure out what I needed, what I wanted, because when you are not slowing down from your life, it's almost impossible to gain clarity on what you really want because you're so busy. In order to receive guidance from your intuition, from God, you need stillness, you need to create space for things to flow through. So if you're busy, you're constantly doing your job and you're constantly keeping yourself busy because you're afraid if you slow down then the negative thoughts sink in. Well, you're just avoiding exactly what. You need to pivot. That's gonna make your life better. So, thankfully, I own multiple properties and have resources for that income and I'm continuing to look for ways to build that passive income so that I can continue to grow. When I feel financially secure, when I feel like I'm able to receive, when I don't have to worry about paying bills, I'm so much more creative, I'm so much happier, so much more energetic, and that just keeps compounding. So if you're feeling really suffocated right now, this is kind of tapping into the abundance versus scarcity. It's like you need to get into that space where your mind is feeling free, feeling aligned. So you need to meet your basic needs. If you're struggling to survive all the time, you are never going to be able to move into a space where you can evolve and expand consciously, because so long as you're in survival mode, you're stuck in survival mode and sometimes we think we need to stay in survival mode, that we can't get out of it. But that's what this mindset work is and I want to start sharing with people. It took a lot of mindset work even when I was making lots of money and really successful in my career. I was really stuck then and never feeling like it was enough, this constant not enoughness which was really hurting me internally, like I was just always feeling like nothing I did was ever enough. No amount of money I made was ever enough. No amount of love I was receiving ever felt like enough, and I realized how much my mindset around that needed to shift. It wasn't that I actually wasn't receiving enough. It was that I was consistently putting myself back into that scarcity, back into not ever having enough, back into that mindset of everything feeling like it's not enough. It had nothing to do with my reality, but my mental state was causing my reality to look that way, because internally I was stuck in scarcity. I would spend all my money. I would give it away, I would put it in places, give it to people that I'm like, oh, they're more deserving, they're more deserving, they need it. Oh, I should reinvest in here, rather than making sure that I was secure and abundant. That took so much work to undo and to really step into that space of yes, I'm abundant, yes, I can receive, yes, I can be comfortable, yes, I am empowered. And it's quite a journey, which is why I really want to support other people going through it, because so much of this these past couple of years. What they have shown me is my journey, my relationship with money and entrepreneurship and how I see myself. My identity has shifted. What I want from my work has shifted and me waking up to my own freaking talents has finally happened. I can finally start to see myself in a way that I before could give myself no credit for. And so many of you are listening. I know you're like that. So many of the people that I have worked with over 1,000 people that I have counseled in this lifetime have told me that exact same thing. Or they come into my office feeling like they're feeling drained, they're feeling depleted, they're feeling like they have nothing to offer. They're feeling low and I'm honored that people can find me in those spaces and it is my greatest pleasure to support people to get out of that place. Like I've been about wanting to change lives. I don't want to do surface level work. I am such a deep person and I want to help people have that same transformation that I've experienced in the past two years through my business, through my wealth creation and through my identity. All of that is entangled together and I've always known you have to look at a whole person in order to help them excel in any area of their life, like even when it was about nutrition. We barely talked about nutrition in coaching sessions because it was never really about that. Right, it was about wanting to feel confident in your body and wanting the things associated with what we think. It means when we are sexy in our body. It means we get a better job. It means we have better relationships. It means we can go out and flirt. It means we get what we want. That's what we associate with it, and same with the wealth. If you ever ask me when I come down to like, what is my deepest? Why in this lifetime I am so deeply driven by building wealth, generational wealth for me and my family. That is something no one in my lineage has yet to do and it means a lot to me because I acknowledge everything that everyone that came before me has sacrificed for me to be here, and I always get a little choked up when I talk about it. But that just shows you how much it means to me, and I want to show other people that they can too, because I know I'm not the only one that wants this for their family. I know I'm not the only first generation American, syrian American here, whatever country your family comes from, or even if your family just never had it like that because they've been living in scarcity mindset. This is the opportunity that I want to share with people that you can break out of this. You can change your lineage, you can heal your ancestral trauma, you can make your future better for yourself, for your children, for your children's children. Like that's a freaking dream that feels so good to me to wake people up to their own power in their own unique way, because generational wealth means so much more than just having nice things. It's security and knowing that you will be taken care of. It's security and knowing that you can take care of the people that you love the most, and that is so important. That is so beautiful and I know it's so faux pas to talk about money, but it's important. We can't deny that. We know we need it and it's okay to start to work towards that. And, no matter where you're at, you can start now and that's what I want to show people, especially now, like I'm feeling it, a lot of people getting into that recession mindset, like I want to pull people out of that, because getting into that thinking that's putting you back in scarcity, it's blocking you from your abundance. So, pulling yourself out of that mindset, knowing that, no matter where you're at, today is the day that you can start. So stop waiting. That's my advice to you. Stop waiting for the right time. Stop waiting when you have this. Stop waiting for that time when this thing finally happens or you're finally able to slow down. Like no, right now. Make it happen. Clear the space, because, when it comes to wealth, the longer you wait, the less wealth you will build you will be able to build. So the sooner you start, the better and faster it's going to happen. I don't care if you have a nine to five job, it doesn't matter if you have so many bills and you're barely surviving. Now that's actually the perfect place for you to start, because shifting that mindset is going to completely realign your priorities and get you into a space where you're financially confident, where you're abundant, where you can start living this life that you see other people living that you might get jealous of. When you see you feel resentful, you feel like, why is it them and not me? I will never be that. It's time to stop that thinking and turn the show around. You have the power to do it, and so, if you are curious, I would highly recommend messaging me because, listen, like I've been through some really difficult times with facing that. I know what it's like to feel like you have nothing and you don't know how you're going to pay your bills next month. I've been through it and, being in both places, I've been able to acknowledge and that was something that I feel like I needed to be shown Is like having that fear around it and what it feels like to live in that space of being so afraid to spend, of feeling like stuck and feeling like you're never going to get out of this difficult financial situation, and I know what it feels like to be on the other side Holy crap. Let me tell you how good life can feel when you're able to fill that bucket for yourself. And when you're not feeling like you can do it, or when you're feeling stuck, you are missing so many joys, so many pleasures. You don't feel as magnetic, you don't feel as radiant, you just, you know, it's like I didn't feel ah, like in so many ways, like I didn't feel sexually activated, I didn't feel creative, I didn't feel inspired, I didn't want to work, I didn't want to do things that I know, that I love doing, but I had no energy for it. When you're in that like broke mindset or feeling like you can never have enough mindset, life hurts, man, it freaking hurts, and you can get out of it. And I want you to get out of it and I would love, I would be honored, if you'd trust me to help you start to see your light, start to turn this around, start to build wealth so that you can live a life feeling sexy and magnetic and boss bitch energy like I want that for you, I would love that for you. You would love that for you. Okay, so time to tap into it Right now. With that, I just have one-on-one coaching being offered and I'm really excited. I've been connecting with some really powerful, amazing female entrepreneurs who I would love to include in programs that I'm working on. So I've been working on a program around this, actually under the radar for a few months, and now I'm finally letting myself fully step into it. So I'm really excited for you guys to get a taste of what's coming. But, honestly, jump in right now. Like I said, I mean, I love one-on-one so so much. It can be a higher entry level point, but if you're in a space where you know that this is absolutely necessary and you've been feeling this and you resonate with what I've been saying, the sooner you jump in on this the better, and I think one-on-one work is so transformative, so so powerful. So, yeah, shoot me a message, call me, text me. Whatever means of communication you have to access me, utilize it. Okay, the best way is probably Instagram DM. I'm not going to lie, I'm an Instagram girly, so hit me up. We can have a free session, we can talk about what's going on and we can see if we're a good fit to work together If you're wanting to build generational wealth, heal trauma, become a badass bitch like listen, I'm here for it. Especially if you're an entrepreneur or if you want to be an entrepreneur, this is perfect for you. I've already worked with a few people to do this to help them build a business, to help them get this under control, to feel empowered, feel confident, make money. So, listen, yeah, if you've seen some of my stories, I posted some of the testimonials which people are so happy to give, because I love the work that I do and I love the energy that we get to share and co-create so that you feel empowered and in your power. All right, guys, thanks so much for listening to today's episode. Again, hit me up. Now is your time to shine, babe. And yeah, I'm really looking forward to starting to post some podcast stories more frequently. Like I said, this is my favorite way to express myself. It's going to be on YouTube, you're going to see some on Instagram and, of course, basically my podcast is on every streaming platform that I can think of, because I want as many people to access it as possible. So, thank you, thank you, thank you. I love you guys so so much and I'm excited to hear from you. Love you Bye.



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