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The InBody 570 goes beyond traditional body composition analysis, measuring fat, muscle, and total body water. It even breaks this information down by body part! This can be done separately, or as part of a program.

-Burn Fat and Enhance Emotional Control -Improve Metabolism and Maintain Results -Develop a Personalized Meal + Mind Plan -Sessions In-Person, Over the Phone or Live Video

-Take control of your eating with a menu containing the right nutritional balance for you -Learn to prep quick, healthy, and nutritious foods to fuel your body -Bring home 5 meals for the week COST: $120 without insurance $20 with insurance *message us to find out if insurance covers*

-One-on-one and small group training to become fit, toned, strong, and confident -All levels of fitness

We offer a unique form of yoga called Buti Yoga, which is a rhythmic, music-driven form. Zoom classes available!

-Boost Moral and Inspire Change -Your Choice of Topic, Handouts Provided -Health Food Sampling and Prizes

Body & Mind Transformation
Meal Prep Classes
Personal Training
Yoga Classes
Seminars/Guest Speaking
Body Composition Analysis
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