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Shanon's Story

Shanon was always a dreamer, born with a drive to succeed. She attended the University of Pittsburgh, where she was a Pre-Med student with a major in Clinical Dietetics & Nutrition.

Shanon was always eager to learn and explore new horizons. She studied medicine and psychology abroad, traveling to 10 different countries during her time abroad. She also worked multiple jobs simultaneously, driven by her determination to achieve her goals.

Despite her success, Shanon felt like something was missing. She wanted to work more intimately with people and help them in a deeper way. This realization led her to withdraw from the path of becoming a medical doctor and open up a Nutrition Counseling Private Practice.

As Shanon continued on her path, she discovered a passion for fitness and became a competitive Crossfit athlete. She added cooking classes, personal training, yoga classes, and meditation classes to her business, loving the positive impact it had on her community. However, she felt like something was still missing, and her relentless drive to work and train was taking a toll on her health and well-being.

Feeling called to a deeper purpose, Shanon embarked on a healing journey, letting go of competing and her in-person business to explore new opportunities. She became a certified life and success coach, emotional management practitioner, and certified Buti yoga teacher, finding a new way to help others.

Shanon's journey took her on a solo-trip to Hawaii for a month, where she studied under a spiritual mentor and discovered a deeper connection to her soul's purpose. She came back to her feminine power and intuition, using her newfound wisdom to come to a place of deep fulfillment and peace.

Now, Shanon has created a fully holistic approach to empower women to feel confident in their body and liberate their soul's desires.


Working with Shanon is like having a warm, supportive friend that brings out all the best in you no matter what the circumstances.

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