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Brooke P.

College Student

"Over the past 8 months I have made a complete 180 in terms of my physique and my mentality; all of which I could have never done without the support of Shanon."

Alexis T.

Mother of 3, Youth Group Educator

"I have been on a health journey for several months. I have lost a lot of weight but more importantly I am stronger and have so much energy! Thanks to my beautiful dietitian."

Aubree O.


"I started seeing Shanon, who taught me about healthy eating. Who would have thought that just by eating better foods and exercising would make you feel like a whole new person? I have never felt happier, healthier and in a better mindset than I do now."

Scott R.


"I had been a procrastinator, always using some excuse for not starting. But then I realized I was stronger than I thought. Shanon helped me to become more motivated to lose weight and become healthier. This is only the beginning!"

Jessicca R.

Clinical Research Assistant

"Since working with Shanon I’ve seen such a big difference in my relationship with food. I used to restrict my carbs and judge food solely on its nutrition label; Shanon has taught me how to not fear food and has given me the resources to make smart and healthy decisions to fuel my body and keep me happy!"

Krystal K

Dance Teacher/Crossfit Coach

"For the first time in 5 years I feel like I have finally found balance and peace of mind with my wellness and nutrition. I have always had the strength and conditioning part down and I would say my nutrition was pretty decent as well. However, there was something missing and I just couldn’t figure it out. It was that last 10 percent of my wellness spectrum that I just couldn’t understand. Shanon was exactly what I needed. She is so much more than a dietitian, she is motivating, caring, understanding and honestly my therapist."

Jess S.


"I weigh the same in both pictures. I gradually increased my calorie intake while I decreased my training volume. Can't believe how far I've come! Trusting Shanon seemed scary when she told me the plan at first, but I couldn't be more glad I did."

Geneva L.

College Student

"Making the switch to a healthier more balanced life style is a process. As with any process, there are ups and downs. But keeping in mind your current goals and reminding yourself of what you have already accomplished is key. Shanon has laid the ground work for a healthy balanced lifestyle and has always encouraged & supported me to reach my goals."

Nadia D.

Social Worker

“I learned what I was putting into my body and the amazing Shanon helped me lose a healthy two pounds on a weekly basis. If you're like me, full-time employee, grad student, intern and can't cook, Shanon finds a way to make a meal plan that works for you!”​

Ronya N.

Public Health Specialist

"She gives me excellent advice on what nutrition taboos are out there and what to stay away from. Shanon is highly knowledgeable and a great supporter! Best RD in the Lehigh Valley!"

Kelly E.

Mother of 3, Full-Time Worker

"I feel great, I'm getting stronger, I'm sleeping well, and most of all I'm so thankful for Shanon. The help and support she gave me down this bumpy road was what got me to where I am now-- 20lbs lighter and much stronger."

Alexis D.

Criminal Investigator

"I actually started eating MORE food and still get to enjoy my wine. Shanon cleared up some nutrition myths for me and helped me lose inches around my waist."

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