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Cat's Last Hoorah

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Episode 10 of the Fuel the Fire Podcast hosted by Shanon Safi, RD, LDN.

It’s the season of change here at Fuel Fire Soul. Changes are never easy but are incredibly necessary for magnificent transformations, even if it’s scary. In this episode we are embracing fear and the unknown along with Shanon and Cat as they follow their own passions.

In this episode we talk about: The cause for change (02:20) Where Cat’s passions are leading her (09:32) Splitting paths but along the same journey (16:37) How Shanon and Cat figured out their callings (28:05) How you can face fear and follow your desires (34:02)

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Episode Transcript:

   You know, fear is a good thing. Like, this is so scary from Shannon's end, from mine. But fear is a good sign. Don't let it hold you back. You know, you just have to, like, trust that everything is gonna work out and use the fear to kind of propel you forward. Hello, hello. Welcome to another episode of the Fuel Fire Soul podcast.

You're here with your two hosts, Shannon Safi and Katherine Grimes. Hello. Here we are. So we've, we've had a spicy Turn of events. So we wanted to record an episode explaining this fun and exciting, wild turn of events that ultimately really all happened for a good reason right now. We're a little bit in the thick of it, but we're very in the thick of it.

This is the thickest part of it. This is definitely, like we really are just figuring it out today. So we're really in the thick of it. Oh yeah. Yeah you guys are probably sitting there, like, on the edge of your seat, like, these last whole 30 seconds, you're like, What are they talking about? What is happening?

A lot, okay? A lot is happening. Yeah, so, Yeah, I think we're just gonna like, dive right into this story. We have no script as to exactly how this is gonna go, so we're just trying to speak and again, be really honest and authentic, because I will always promise you guys that we're not gonna hide or sugarcoat anything or pretend things are one way when they're really another way.

So again, I just, you know, I'm here to speak my truth, Kat's here on the same mission, so we're just here telling you guys what's up. Do you want to get started? Like, where do we even start? There's so much. Where did this all start? I don't know. Like, I think we've always kind of had it in our minds. You guys still don't know even what we're even talking about.

I'm so sorry. I don't know. I'd say like... A few weeks, maybe, a month ish, that it really was like, hmm, where is all of this going? So, that's kind of when I started getting my wheels turning. I don't know about you, but yeah. I guess we can, like, first start by saying what we're talking about, so this maybe makes a little bit more sense.

Mm hmm. That's a good idea. Yeah. Because I feel like they're probably just like, they're like, fast forwarding 15 seconds, 15 seconds. Yeah. Like, this makes no sense. Alright, just rip the band aid, Shannon. Go ahead. Alright, so, things got really wild. I'll give you, like, the crash of it all, and then we'll go back and explain, like, how we got to this point.

So, basically... We'll take, like, a very long story short, quick snippet. What happened was, we had some issues with the insurance, like, paying for services. And this kind of spurred the idea, like, maybe we shouldn't take insurance because we're putting in this work and we're, like, just not getting paid. And then when we're telling people, hey, you don't have to pay for this service.

And then we're saying now, like, oh, like, we never go back, like, if the insurance company says they're going to pay for something, we never ask for that money if the insurance company doesn't, and we do that because we don't want to throw that surprise on anyone, but at the same time part of me wishes I set that boundary, because honestly, like, I basically did free work, and that's mostly unfair to me, because it's really not my fault that the insurance quoted one thing, because that, you know, that's not in my control, but I do what I do because I love what I'm doing for people.

At the same time, I do also still have to make a living. So it's something where, um, I kind of had to reflect and say like, okay, there's a lot of money that's been lost these past few months. And like, I have the responsibility of taking care of three employees, three and a half employees. So I need to make sure that money's coming in so that I can pay everyone.

And. It's always been like, you know, like I want to take care of my employees the same way I do with you guys and all my clients, and I want to see them blossom and grow. And I've always had that in my mind. Like I definitely try to make decisions with everyone's best interest in mind. And I think that's kind of where we hit a point.

I think that's what started spurring things is where I wanted to see everyone step into a role that I know that they were meant for. And I hired everyone because like when they came to me or applied to the position at Fuel the Fire, I could see like a little bit of like self start in everyone that is here.

And so knowing that they have that in them. And in the back of my head, like, I knew there was going to come a time where I would, my little birdies would like leave the nest and just with everything happening, it was kind of like the perfect storm where, you know, we've been having issues with the insurance and because of that, I was kind of like, Hey guys, like we can't, if we don't get this money in, I can't keep paying everyone the way that I am because the money's not coming into the business.

And so it just got to the point where. In general, when we've been working on these new projects, and I see how everyone excited gets with, like, these new projects, and I think everyone's, like, passion was starting to come out, which was so beautiful, and I've always, again, wanted to foster an environment like that, regardless of, like, who I'm working with, whether it's my employee, or a friend, or a client, or just a random stranger on the street.

Like, I'm here for everyone just becoming the best, their best selves, and, like, following what their purpose is, and finding that purpose. And so, through that, basically what happened was, yeah, the insurance situation just kind of like, like we got a notice, and it was like, hey, we're not taking, or I'm sorry, we're no longer going to pay out for these services which was pretty crazy.

It was a huge shock to me promise I won't cry, but I mean, you know, it was basically like, I'm put in this position where I'm like now facing Having to lose my business over something that is not really in my control. I set this business up so that people could benefit from their health insurance and get something that's really good for them and their health and their future.

And now that source of revenue, which makes up for probably like 85 percent of the business that we do to suddenly have that drop off. I had no choice, but to. Make the decision that we have to change the way things are done. And I say it's a perfect storm because even though that was like a huge shock and I had to make that jump and change the way things are here and kind of, I mean like, you know, it was that opportunity where I see everyone getting excited, I see everyone that can step into a new role.

You know, we all had talks, so I spoke with like Derek, our head trainer, and I had the talk with Kat today, where... I want to see them grow, so we kind of came to terms where it's like, okay, like, I love what I do, they love what they do. We all love the people that come in here, and ultimately that, those connections, like, we don't want to lose because they've been so beautiful.

And I see people continuing to blossom during this time, especially the more that we kind of, like, put ourselves out there. I've been seeing a lot more people give themselves that permission just by seeing us. So, you know, it was kind of the point where I was like, okay, I could theoretically take a risk and keep trying to make this work as is, or I can let everyone propel into what they were meant for and kind of like Let everyone take that next step for themselves, and I also think in them doing that it gives other people to continue to give themselves permission to step into what they really want and get the proper help or assistance or guidance that they need to become the best version of themselves.

So, with the new program, not that I think we necessarily fought about it, I think we both were struggling with like, are we talking about nutrition or not? I didn't intentionally withhold nutrition from the new program, it just was like happening that way, where I was like, This is what's really helping people, this is what I need to say.

And then I was like, wait, but like, I'm a dietician, so I need to throw some nutrition in there. Then I was like, but I don't want to take away from the fa like, I don't want to make it a nutrition program. But like, it is gonna have nutrition, but like, I don't want that to be the focus, because if I say that's the focus, then it takes away from the real point.

And I don't want to misguide a consumer and say, Hey, this is a nutrition program, and they come in, and then we're talking about trauma healing. So, I, you know, that was just tough in terms of, like, trying to figure out how to even rebrand that. And, I mean, that's, like, my personal battle right now with you know, honestly, like, Having to shift the business, it almost, like, didn't make me, like, because I know everyone is still going to have a good experience with these changes.

I do acknowledge there's a lot of people that will fall off because of this change, and regardless, it's going to be a huge hit. To all of us, really, in terms of, like, finances. However, we're pushing forward because I know that there's, like, a purpose and a passion in Kat and I. And I think we both deserve to see that come through.

And, like, again, I think it's important for us to do that because we're gonna help people in the way that we're meant to. I think that's a beautiful thing, even if it means, like, a little craziness. I'm happy that it all happened in such a beautiful... chaotic way that it still is going to lead to something, I think, really good for the two of us.

Do that make sense? Did I miss any major parts of that? I don't think so, but like, kind of the bottom line here is that we're kind of in sync ly starting something new individually. So, I mean, Derek's kind of branding himself, I'm gonna be branding myself, Shannon's kind of rebranding what she has here, and like, from my standpoint too, like, I was kind of feeling this way.

I think Shannon knew it too for a little bit like Our visions of what we want to do weren't a hundred percent in line. Like there's pieces of her vision I want to do. And I'm sure there's pieces of my vision that Shannon wants to do, but I'm really passionate about one. And Shannon is, if you've ever talked to Shannon, like, you know, how passionate she is about.

You know, like everything like belief work or you know, personal development self growth. I Love that and think that is so important and I think Shannon I've said this since I've met her I'm like, you're my spirit guide Like I really I didn't want to hold Shannon back in what she was doing because I wanted to focus more on nutrition and now I'm getting into like Metabolism and hormones like I'm kind of doing some further education with that and I'm like realizing that like really lights me up, too So it's like to have like Shannon being like kind of like at this intuitive kind of dietician and me saying track your food Like it's so different like there's benefit in both of them But it's really hard to put those two things together.

And I think When Shannon says this is, like, really a perfect storm, it, it really, like, I have been so stressed over this for probably, like, three weeks now because I didn't want to, like, leave you guys, and I didn't want to, like, I love my clients, and I love Shannon, and I, like, was terrified to, like, take this step, and I've, like, since we kind of initially talked about it, I've been, like, Getting all these signs that like it's time like something's gonna happen and it's all gonna be fine But it's like time for you to start your own thing, too So I'm hoping to like kind of stay under this roof Of fuel the fire, so I'll still be here.

It's just things are gonna look different for sure Yeah, and I think, like, you know, being totally transparent with, like, even how we were with each other over the last couple of weeks, like, I know, like, there was definitely moments where I was just like, oh my god, like, why is Kat so upset with me? Like, why is she mad at me?

I'm trying so hard to make her happy, and I feel like I'm failing as a leader because I'm upset because She's felt restricted, and this whole time I thought I was giving her so much freedom, but she still felt something. And so, I was, like, battling myself, and just not, like, really fully understanding what was going on.

And I think it was, like, definitely our lack of communication that probably fueled some unnecessary, like, stress, and... Like, resistance between the two of us. And, like, because, like, we, you know, I think at the end of the day, it was just, like, when I really got into, like, a deep time like, meditating on it and really trying to understand it, I had all these, like, speculations and theories going on in my brain trying to understand, like, why we're resisting each other at this time.

yeAh, I mean, I had, like, actually, like, a lot of wild thoughts about this because, again, I think the world works, like, I think we're all mirrors, and, like, when you're seeing something in someone else, like, it's really, like, also a reflection of you, and when I really pushed myself to think, like, okay, like, what is she mirroring in me right now that's, like, making me feel tense or frustration, and through that, I, like, yeah, I feel like I really dug deep and I started it.

Yeah. I guess, again, like, as I normally do, psychoanalyzing every little thing to try to make sense of it. And kind of see, like, where, where it's all coming from. And, basically, the conclusion that I came to is that we were both seeking the same thing. Like, you know, I think we both want love, and we both want to help people, and we both care about each other.

And I think we kind of, like, lost that for a minute, just because we were so... We were both wanting our idea to come through on the same project. And, like, it was that battle where it was like, Okay, well, like, as her employer, I want her to have some autonomy in her job. But at the same time, it's, like, my business, and I'm supposed to step up and, like, make decisions in this role.

And I think, for her, it was like, Okay, well, like, I came here because I wanted to have freedom, and I feel like I'm losing that freedom. So I, I don't know, is that, does that sound maybe right a little bit? Like, you felt like, okay, like, I'm feeling pulled in a different direction, but like, this is kind of what I signed up for, but now it's different than I imagined.

Yeah. Yeah, and I think it was just like, shit, like, I have to. I felt like a lot of pressure, and it wasn't like Shannon's fault or anything, but Shannon is like, so good at what she does on like that personal development stuff, and it's like, I'm still in my, like, my seed is still just being planted, and it's like, I can't teach you guys to the extent that Shannon can, because I haven't been through it yet.

So it's like, do I absolutely still do some of that? I think a lot of it's really important with my clients, like mindset, 100%. Like, like that is part of this whole thing. That's part of being like a coach or a dietician, like 100%. And I was just like, I feel really confident in myself on the nutrition side and like You know, like my vision of what I wanted to do as a dietitian was kind of like going away and yeah, like just trying to like keep my vision alive.

It, it just felt like restricted. Like if I stay here, this is what I have to do and I have to like give up my dream is what, what I was feeling. So I had to like really think and like, I know Shannon was kind of like, I just, I think you don't know, like, it's hard to tell what you want. And it was like, it was really hard to say what I want.

Cause like. If I say what I want, it's saying that I want to leave here and start my own thing and I did not, like, I couldn't say that because I was like, all right, well, like, my job's gone, like, my friendship with Shannon is gone if I do that, like, my clients and my family here is gone, so it's like that really was like, stressful for me and it was like everything really happened at the right time, but yeah, that's just kind of how I felt and it wasn't, Like, Shannon's fault, by any means.

She just is very passionate about what she does, and I admire her for it, and it's like, I didn't, you know, want to lose, like, what Shannon and I have, like, she really is one of my best friends. I care, like, a lot about Shannon and our friendship, so it's hard when you're also, like, an employee and a boss, so, you know, it was, like, personal, too, so it was, like, Confusing.

It was really confusing. I'm glad we're, like, kind of working through it together now. Yeah. I'm, like, tearing up because, you know, it's like, I so badly wanted both of our visions to come to life through this. And I think that was the hard part because, like, I guess, I was continuing to try to make it work and it was just hard to do that in the sense where it's like, I felt like one of us had to dull what we wanted in order For it to happen, and so, I kind of knew, like, before the insurance incident, like, I was telling Kat, like, I was, like, ready that I was, like, I have to tell her that she needs to go do her own thing, and it's not because I don't want her here with me, it's because, like, I want to see her blossom, because, like, like I put My love for her as a person first.

I'm so weak. I can't not cry. This is like the 18th time I've cried today. I know, it's bad. But like, you know, it's just like, that's so important to me is to see the people around me and like, that's why I do what I do because I think it's so important to not dull yourself and not mute yourself and like you should do exactly what you want because This lifetime is so short and like, I look at my past and I think about all the times that I didn't speak my mind or I didn't step up and do the thing I should have for myself because I was so afraid to hurt someone else.

And in those moments, like, I look back and I'm like, I wouldn't have hurt anyone else. Like, I just had to be true to myself, and if I did that, I would have sent the people around me in, like, in a way that they would be seeking their truth and, like, become the person that they wanted to be. And so, like, holding yourself back is holding other people back, and so it's not selfish to speak your mind, and I used to think it was.

I used to think I had to play small, or I had to just be the nice girl, or I had to just pretend everything's fine, even if it wasn't. Because I was so afraid to cause pain in someone else's life. But that fear and that pain was all in me, it wasn't in them, and it was all made up in my head, and it took me so long to realize.

That the only person that I could blame was myself for this. That no one was holding me back, it was me. And, like, through this whole process, and what I want to continue to teach, is that, like, you can have and be everything that you want. And, like, where I'm at in my journey is that, like, I was seeing that, like, nutrition.

Like, it got me this far. Like, my love for food is still there. And the way I express myself is really through my cooking, through my food. But the thing was, was that when someone's coming to me and saying like, Hey, like, I know that you realize that this is not all about nutrition. Like, I won't on being able to like really love my body and love myself.

And I felt like I kept holding back because I was just like, well, I'm supposed to predominantly talk about food because that's what these people are coming for. And so I feel like I have to, like, I'm a dietitian. I'm supposed to just talk mostly about food and like. I couldn't do that. And then what was happening is, like, I was getting people that just wanted to talk about food, and when I tried to take it deeper, they were resisting it, so I couldn't even go as deep with them because they weren't ready to hear my message.

And I can't tell someone my message without them being ready to receive it. Like, to hear that, you know, when someone comes in and is like, I want to lose weight because I don't feel good in my body, and if I'm like, okay, well, we're not really going to talk about food, they're kind of, you know, if they're not ready to hear that, and ready to hear that, Their challenge with food is completely different than not knowing about food itself.

It's like, I can't force you to see the correlation. You have to be open and come to that realization yourself, and step up and say one day, like, Hey, like, I need help. And I realize that I've been overeating as a mask to my pain, as a mask to my problems. Or I've been trying to control what I eat because I'm trying to make myself Be a lovable person by looking a certain way or feeling a certain way or being this way for someone else like or be this way Because I've been conditioned to be told that I'm supposed to be this way and so now it's just like when I have stepped away from Like tracking and doing that and like honoring what my body asks for and not working out the same way I used to before You know for me it was just kind of like I'm stepping into this space and I'm seeing that like my journey was meant to teach people and This is the journey that I've had and no one else has had it.

So how can someone else Teach my journey when I'm the one that knows all the stories and the hows and the ins and outs and you know, like I see the same thing happening for Catherine, like I. You know, the way I saw it is you came to me because you were on a similar journey with me. And like, I think, you know, we had, we came from two different paths.

We met and we walked this journey together for a while. And we were like, Hey, I don't want to lose you because I'm going to feel lost without you. Oh, that was so, oh my god. That was so corny, we're both just like crying. Tears streaming down our faces. And she's like using her hands to explain everything.

I talk so much with my hands. I do, it's cute. Okay, sorry. So it was just like, it was hard, it was like, hey, like. And then, you know, it's like, no, there's just like a bunch of trees in between us for a minute, but then now it's like, our paths are still next to each other, but we're just on a different path, but in ways, like, we're still sharing a similar journey, but, you know, to me, like, when you're working with someone on such a personal level, like, you really have to speak from your soul, because that's what, like, really connects you, and that's what helps to liberate you is to be able to, like, You know, be a mirror for someone else and say like, Hey, like I had the same pain and I want to show you how to not have that pain anymore.

I'm sorry. I just like, can't not cry. I mean, that's the biggest thing. It's like, it's so hard to see someone hurting for me. Like I can't see someone hurting and not want to help them. And if, you know, like, my pains were lessons, and I want to teach those lessons. And like, Kat has her own unique lessons to share.

And so I want her to be able to do that so she can like, liberate herself the same way I'm trying to liberate myself. And like, we can both have that. And it didn't need to look a certain way, like, There's no reason that it needed to be that, like, yeah, like, I just, I didn't want anyone to have to mute their message, because that's not what this is about, like, for either of us, and like, it's about being true and authentic, and going for what you want, and like, getting what you want, and feeling good about it, and feeling worthy and deserving of it.

I think that's why we're so at peace with it, because I think now, like, After some of the frustration and miscommunication and misunderstandings and things we made up in our heads before we actually sat down and spoke, I think now we're seeing like, okay, at the end of the day, we're like, again, we're here for the same reason.

And we want the same thing for each other and we still care about each other. And we, you know, like, came to the decision, almost it was kind of made for us, but at the same time, like I said, it was the universe's way of just shoving us into what we needed to do. And because we dragged it out so long, that's why I think the message was so abrupt and, like, screaming in your face.

Because I think, like, you repeat the same lessons over and over again until you finally... Like, do something about it. And that, that's the thing where you have to remember, like, at the end of the day, the control is in your power, so long as you choose to, like, see that, like, that power is yours. And, and really, it's as simple as a choice.

I'm not making it seem like an easy process at all, but you have to realize that, at some point, yes, it's a choice. Did I choose for the insurance to say no? Like, I didn't make that choice myself, but it happened because I ignored. All of the redirections before, when we had this conversation last year, when we were like, let's make this new project that I think that was like the first like ripple of where I was like, Oh my God, I'm not making her happy enough as her employer, because she wants something different.

Had we approached it differently then, like it maybe wouldn't have got to the point where we're at now, but at the same time, like everything is divine timing. So like, this was, this happened. At the right time. And like, maybe if we did this last year, I don't, I don't know what things would have looked like but now I think it was almost like we were in like a gestational period, like we were, we are now being rebirthed officially.

And I think we needed whatever happened to us in the last year to be able to even come to this place and go about it this way. Because we didn't have as strong of a relationship yet because you had just started. And so I think. Us connecting more, like, really helped each other. I, you know, I think if you had left here a year ago when we, you first were like, hey let's do something new, you might have stepped back into like a job working for someone else instead of having the confidence that you do now to be able to say like, no actually I'm gonna go out and do this on my own and like do it my way.

Yeah, I think so too, and I think I had a lot to learn still, like, and I still have like a lot to learn, and I'm always going to be learning from Shannon, because we are staying friends. Yeah, I guess. Like, we'll be in each other's lives still so I think I like had a lot to learn, and I think, like, our friendship, like, really grew over the last year, like, there's a reason that I did stay, and I think like, you know, a lot of good came out of the last year, I want to say, and I think, Like, I had a feeling in, like, the beginning of the year, like, something crazy is gonna happen, like, with work.

Like, something in a good way. I was like, I am, like, I feel it that something crazy good is gonna happen this year with career. Like, I was like, yeah, we're gonna, like, do so great. And, like, great. That's what I thought initially. And now I'm like, oh, maybe it's, like, Me starting my own thing is like, something new.

I didn't even really, you know, I didn't have that in the forefront, like in December. But, you know, it's always been in the back of my mind, and I think that's natural as a dietitian. Like, every dietitian I think you can talk to eventually wanted to have their own business in one way, shape, or form. And I think it's been in the back of my mind.

But I stayed because I did, I do believe in Shannon's vision, and I like, wanted to kind of, Like see if I can convert myself into that and after like, you know all this time of like not resisting it But like still having that gut feeling really of like this isn't a hundred percent what I want to be doing with my job I still want to like really focus on nutrition and have like mindset be the secondary for me and that's It's just like completely different than, you know, Shannon's thought process and what she's learned up to this point.

And maybe the next, this year, next, next year, this time I'll be on Shannon's page. I don't know. But right now I'm like really feeling pulled in the direction to like. Do what I want to do. And, you know, like as far as like, I've grown so much here and I would not change a thing about like the last year and a half here, however long I've been here I wouldn't change a thing of it, but I think there.

There is perfect timing, and I do think this is probably, probably it for, you know, us and our next journey, and what's gonna happen from here on out. Yeah. And I, like, I totally respect that. Like, I don't think we're all meant to do the same thing, otherwise we'd all have the same job, right? Like, we all have different...

Things that light us up and get us excited and lessons that we want to teach and grow from and experience and yeah Like who's to say that things don't shift like like I said I mean I think there's always just like a little part of you that thinks about certain things like I Always knew that I wanted to have a really deep one on one connection and help people and I just like I was too young when I first you know, throwing it back to like high school going to college Like, I thought I was gonna do that through medicine, and then I was starting to see, like, oh my gosh, like, I don't feel that one on one connection, but then I got into, um, like, a spinal cord injury clinic, and there they had, like, one hour long appointments, and I was like, oh, maybe this is what I do, like, look at that deep connection, like, I would see the way the doctor would talk to the clients, or patients, I should say, and he would just, like, lift them up in, like, every part of their life during that hour session, like, it wasn't just, like, Oh, check on your wounds, check on this, check your vitals, all right, bye.

Like, they set it up that way. I, I, you know, honestly, I don't know why they set up one hour appointments, but that's just how it was in the spinal injury clinic. And you really develop relationships with those people. And so when I saw that, I thought, oh, maybe there is a place for me in the world of medicine then.

But then as I stepped into the field of dietetics, so like, I was still planning on going to med school even after I graduated. Like, I just studied nutrition along with being pre med, and then I came to, uh, my internship with nutrition, and then I was like, oh my gosh, like, I love doing outpatient, actually.

Like, look how well you can really communicate with someone. So then I thought I was gonna go... Be more clinical and then I realized oh my god, no I like love talking to people like this and like this is a way I can do it So I think how I connect with people has just kept evolving. And so, you know, I don't know what that's gonna look like In the future, but like, right now, I have this like, beautiful vision of doing retreats with people and like, You know, exploring all the wounds that we might have.

Like, maybe we have wounds around friendship where we feel afraid to be vulnerable with others or relationships Where, you know, you're still trying to step into yourself and you're afraid of being rejected, so I like I, like, I want to cover all the bases where it's like, okay, like, heck yeah, come here and, like, let's talk about whatever it is that you need to talk about and still focus on taking care of your body, and that's where, like, the health piece comes in, where, like, it's, your body is your vessel, and you have to take care of that, and I believe in that message, and that's never changed.

Regardless, it's, like, knowing I wanted to help people and knowing that I want people to take care of their bodies, like, Ultimately, like, that will never change. Like, I'm so firm in those beliefs. And it's just like, you know, being able to say, like, hey, like, if we want to have a retreat, like, let's have a retreat.

And, like, let's all get together and talk about our feelings and connect. Or, you know, like, I really want to get into the weird stuff. Like, the crystals that I do for myself and, like, sound baths and, like, all these cool experiences that I've been having that have been such cool tools and, like, powerful shifts.

that I've felt and experienced that, like, I used to resist. Like, I used to think this stuff was, like, fake, like, three years ago. Like, I remember thinking, like, what are rocks gonna do for me? Like, what's some sounds and noises gonna do for me? And, like, now in this place, I'm like, wow, this stuff is so powerful.

And I see its purpose. And, like, I see the point of, like, diving in and exploring your trauma and your wounds. And, like, yeah, I, you know. That's the thing, where it's just like, that's what I'm so into right now, and like, Kat's so into her thing, and both of us are right for being into our own thing. Like, I don't see it as like, oh, anybody's making a mistake here.

I think it's just like, everyone's making the right choice by stepping into themselves, and like, ultimately, like, that's what we both want for everyone, so of course we'd want that for each other. Mm hmm. I agree, and it's like, everyone, like, You know, I don't know what's going to happen in the next year or what's going to happen, you know, with your, my career or where I'm going to take it, you know, but I feel like really passionately about, you know, kind of expanding and being So, yeah.

More, you know, in tune with the nutrition side of things and learning about, you know, how, what I do, you know, like I do track my food and I do think that's like my form of like, you know, I don't know how to say that, like, just that's what I do to stay on track and that's how I've been successful over the past few years and like training and like the gym, like that's really important.

Like that's my life, you know? So I just want to be like, My authentic self in that way, like, this is how I do it so let me teach you how so you can be successful, you know, so, that's where I'm coming from too, and I just, you know, I'm good at that, so, I wanna be doing what I'm good at and what I feel like I know I can, Teach people on a different level and, you know, like go into a little bit of the mindset stuff, but you know There's also a big nutrition piece.

I think is lacking in everyone So it's like just learning a little bit more into that end of things. Yeah. Yeah I think it's so cool like like everyone has their own role and I think we all have our own gifts and like We touched on this before together when we were talking where you know Like, someone else having a gift doesn't take away from the fact that you have one yourself.

Just because you don't have the same gift, it, it doesn't mean that anyone is less important or less capable. Like, you're just, we're all different. And that's just the part of being human. Like, we're not supposed to have the same gifts. If, like I said, if we had all the same gifts, like, life would be kind of weird.

We'd all be dieticians. Like, that's just not how life works. So, like, we, we all have. Something about us, and like, again, like, that's part of this process, is like, finding that thing about yourself and letting that shine, so that you can come forward and like, be who you're meant to be, and like, fulfill that, and, you know, maybe that is through nutrition, so like, Kat's gonna light people up and show people about nutrition, and that person's gonna get permission, be like, wow, I've always been Wanted people to understand how important nutrition is and you've inspired me to follow that and so like Whatever you feel really called to teach or share or do has an equally important role in Society and just like for the greater good because I think sometimes what we forget is like yes I think it's important to have boundaries and take care of yourself and fill yourself up first but there's also that component of we're all humans living on this planet and If you just think about yourself 100 percent of the time and never consider anyone else, I think we're missing the point of life, too, because I think connections are a really important part of this.

And if you can do something in your lifetime for the greater good, I think that's freaking beautiful, and you should do that, because I think that's part of... art purposes. Like, everyone has something to contribute to the universe or to themselves and to their families and to strangers, and you have the power to decide what that is, but you have to like explore and find that thing in yourself and see what that is so that you can.

Yeah, and I think, like, too, I was reading. I was reading. Ooh, I love to hear it. I know. I never read, but shout out to Marie. She gave me the book, Everything is Figureoutable. I don't know if you've ever heard of that. But it was a very motivational book. I only read books if they're, like, gonna benefit me in some way, shape, or form.

But I was reading, like, the chapter on, like, fear and, like, You know, fear is a good thing. Like, this is so scary from Shannon's end, from my end, like, but it's a good thing to be scared and, like, kind of trust yourself and, like, just figure it out. Like, how are you gonna do the thing you want to do? Like, what are you kind of holding yourself back on?

And like, what are some steps on getting there? So it's like, you have to, fear is a good sign, I guess you can say but don't let it hold you back necessarily. So that's kind of, You know, I've definitely been living in fear for the past two weeks because I really didn't know what was going to happen.

And I knew what I wanted to do, but I didn't know how it was going to happen. So, you know, you just have to like, trust that everything is going to work out and like, use the fear to kind of propel you forward. Yeah, you know, I think fear, there's good fears in Bad fears in a sense where I mean, I hate to say anything's inherently bad.

I don't actually feel like anything in it of itself is bad Just in the sense where like yeah You can use fear to show you like fear might show you the things that you really care about Like if you're losing something That means you really care about that thing. Or, I mean, you could fear losing something, and it's more because you're lacking trust in yourself.

Or, um, lacking trust in your message or your vision. And so I think it's analyzing, like, Or maybe I'm just afraid because I don't know what's coming. But, like, none of us know what's coming. So you kind of come back to that space where it's like, I know that the last, the end of the day, like, I have to just keep Honoring myself and trust that that's going to guide me and connect back to my intuition and say like, what's my intuition telling me just like silencing all the noise outside and thinking about that and saying like, okay, like my soul is trying to guide me and I need to hear it and follow that.

And like, if I do that, it automatically is going to be okay for myself and for others. I think as long as you always choose your soul, because I think the soul is so pure, your soul can't wish bad things. Your soul always knows what it wants, and it's really just our ego, our brains, making us feel like we can't trust that.

So I think it's important to remember. You have to honor your soul, and honoring your soul equals honoring everyone around you. So don't feel selfish about it, because I do think that's another thing where it's like, we fear hurting other people. Like, that fear is so real. And you don't have to hurt other people in this process, though sometimes it feels like we are going to, but kind of like this, it's like we thought we were going to hurt each other, and then we had a conversation where like, holy shit, we just freed each other.

Mhm. It was really beautiful. Yeah, and I'm glad it, like, happened the way it did. Like, you know. Everything happens for a reason, I think, and it's you know, the more you, like, even just kind of talking, we kind of, like, mentioned, like, well, Shannon kind of, like, mentioned maybe, like, doing your own thing or, like, something like that, and right when she said that, like, my thought process instantly started going in that direction, because I think deep down that's what I wanted to do, and once I started talking to people about it, like, so many Signs, I'm not kidding, like, so many things have happened in the last week, like, giving me, like, validation, like, that this is, this is the right decision, like, do your thing, like, you're, everything's gonna be fine in the end, you and Shannon are still gonna be friends, you know, it's still gonna be, everything's gonna be fine, but it's, like, time to take the next step, and, like, seriously, so many things this week have happened.

So once you start thinking about something or talking about something, The more things that really pop up or opportunities come up in your life. Yeah. I, I mean, that's definitely like a good way to look at it in the sense where like, again, like the universe, your intuition, your soul, like that's going to start showing you, like showing you.

What to move towards, like, I think it can work in both ways, like, once you're really focused on something, you're gonna see a lot of other things that reflect that, so you wanna make sure you're focusing on something good, something positive because if we get stuck in the negative loop of like, okay, if I keep focusing on trying to make something work that doesn't feel like it's working right now, Like, in certain cases, yeah, it's good to push through that, but that's because your underlying deep down feeling is saying, like, yeah, you need to push for it.

But if your underlying deep down feeling is saying, like, this isn't right for me, or, like, something feels off, but I can't really pinpoint it, I don't know what it is, I think you need to explore that until... You figure out what it is that needs to shift for you. Because I see this a lot where it's just like, I'm like, oh, I'm like, I'm not 100 percent in, but I'm not 100 percent out.

But like, I'm not 100 percent in, but I'm also not totally out. And like, those are the decisions where you need to just be 100 percent out. Because if you're not 100 percent in, um, like, I mean, either way, like, you just have to make a choice. Because if you're all in, And you fail, and then you realize, holy shit, that was not what I expected, and that is not what I wanted.

Like, at least now you know. Versus, if you go the route of like, being all out, and you're like, wow, I'm really yearning for it, and like, I can't let it go, then like, go back, you know? Like, I I think sometimes we think making a decision makes, is like, has to be so permanent, but it really doesn't. You know, like you can go for something, take a risk, take a chance, and know that regardless, your future self will figure out a way to make things okay again, so long as you choose to.

Cool. I was like, I don't know if I have anything else to say, but yeah, that was, this is a crazy episode for sure. Yeah, I hope that you guys just kind of, like, hear this and, again, like, give yourself permission to follow what you want and step into that version of yourself and, like, honor that always. And...

The people around you will support you, no matter what you choose. And maybe that's not all the time, but if there are people that don't support you, then like, maybe it's that time that they're no longer part of your journey, or you guys are walking different paths. And you can just wave from a distance every once in a while.

But, yeah, because of this, so like, there'll be a little shift since the podcast is called Fuel Fire Soul, and I feel like that encompasses what I'm going for, you'll probably see like a little shift. Of Fuel the Fire, just turning into Fuel Fire Soul, so I already changed the Instagram handle. Now it's just gonna be pretty consistent, so for any of the listeners that are trying to find me on Instagram, it's gonna be Fuel Fire Soul.

Kat, I'm not sure... I have no plan right now. Stay tuned. I'M not sure exactly what I'm doing with social media, or anything like that, but I will keep you all updated. Yeah, so when we have it now, yeah, or right now my Instagram is kattt2 sorry, kattt underscore Nicole. Just follow me on there and I'm sure one day I will start something else or maybe I'll just keep that growing.

Yeah, so don't worry, you'll know where to find us and Instagram, I will definitely fill you guys in and keep you updated. But with that being said... This is not a goodbye. This is just a, just a parting of, or just two people walking their paths. I don't even, I'm just, I don't even know what I'm saying. I don't know.

It's fine. We're not saying goodbye at all. I'll probably pop on here once in a while. Maybe if I'm feeling inspired to. Yeah. So yeah, I, from here on out, I guess I will be. The host of Fuel Fire Soul, and I will miss you, and now I feel sad because we have to take a new photo. I have to take a new photo.

I'm not ready for that. You do have to take a new photo. The picture has to change. It was so good, though. It just cropped me out. It's fine. How awkward would it be? Like, your hands are like... Clap the apple. Your butt cheek is in there, and it's just like... It's fine. She used to be here. Yes, but... Yeah, I'll pop in probably once in a while if I'm feeling inspired or if Shannon wants to have me on here to talk to someone instead of herself.

I'm still here. I'm still around. So, it's definitely not goodbye. Yeah, and how ironic I was thinking about this of all the episodes, I did not reference a single book, and on Kat's last episode, she referenced a book. That is insane. The book, only book I've read in ten years, and I put it out there. I love it.

So we will put Kat's book reference in the show notes. Oh my god, I'm so smart. So educated. So educated. I'm here for it. I love your education and your blossoming. Yes, beautiful. Thanks. Well, awesome guys. Don't forget, we really freaking love you. Send us some feedback. Again, like, we love to hear your guys thoughts on what you want to hear in future episodes too.

But also, I'm just gonna keep talking about things that just come up in my life and happen, because a lot of times we just talk about things that we see all the time that need to be talked about. And so, yeah, naturally that comes up, but I'd love to hear from you guys. Tell me things, say hello and stay tuned for the launch of our new programs coming out.

So maybe they might even be out by the time this episode drops. Who knows? We've got a lot of work to do, but yep. Well, we're signing off. Love you. Love you. Bye.



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