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How to Connect to Your Soul and Explore Your Spirituality

Episode 21 of the Fuel the Fire Podcast hosted by Shanon Safi, RD, LDN.

When you think of spirituality, what do you think of? Many of us link religion to spirituality, but they can be two completely separate belief systems. In reality, connecting to your spirit is one of the integral parts of healing your body. In this episode Shanon talks about her own exploration into spirituality, how she connects to it, and the ways it can dramatically shift your life.

In this episode we talk about:

Shanon’s exploration in religion from childhood to adulthood and learning the difference between religion and spirituality. (01:18)

How can you explore the many avenues of spirituality? What can it do for you? (10:09)

Are you letting yourself be free to be you; free from judgment and your own ego? Here’s how it may hold you back. (21:51)

Connecting to your mind, body, and emotional processing is integral to easing change. (29:57)

Episode Transcript:

  Everyone kind of knows there's a little bit of external judgment from the world around this. So, if I speak and feel confident in my spirituality, my only hope is that what I'm saying is giving them permission to explore that in themselves and open up to it as well. Hello, hello. Welcome back to another episode of the Fuel Fire.

Life has been really wild recently. I don't know if anyone else has been feeling this energy, but I'm seeing so many things from my past really pop up and almost like challenging me and showing me where I still need to grow and reminding me of what I need to let go of. Also highlighting the progress that I've made.

You know, I know a little bit about astrology, it does intrigue me, and all of the alignments of the stars and all of this. I'm not sure if we're even in a space where people would be feeling this, but if I'm feeling it, I think maybe there's one other person out there at least that's feeling it. So, it's been making me think a lot more about where I'm at and the things that I really need to, like, speak up about more.

Or like, not afraid to speak my truth, and... Acknowledge where I'm at with things and kind of just like allow myself to follow the path that's in the highest alignment for myself and be okay with letting go of what's no longer in alignment with me, you know, especially one thing that I've been thinking about a little bit more.

So, the concept of spirituality, I have spoken on this before on social media because it's something that I've been challenged a lot with in my personal relationships. When I speak about my spirituality, I think I'll use my mom as an example in this because when I kind of talk to her about, you know, the fact that I've been spending a lot more time meditating, sitting with my thoughts and my feelings and really taking this time to reconnect to my body, she was having a really hard time understanding that spirituality and religion are two separate things.

But regardless, kind of what I was hearing from her or, you know, the reading in between the lines of the things that she's saying and how I'm interpreting it and how she's intending for me to interpret it, I think she must have had some kind of wounding around religion. And I think this is really common for a lot of people because, you know, it could be partially because I'm a product of my mother and, you know, some of that was passed on to me.

I think religion has always been this kind of, like, weird, unspoken of topic in my family, just because my family was never particularly religious. So, we do celebrate Christian holidays, and so if I had to say that I was a religion, my parents did raise me under the premise that we were Greek Orthodox. So, through that, again, it was really just kind of like holiday celebrations.

As a kid, my parents did not go to church, but my grandmother would always go to church and she still does always go to church. For whatever reason honestly, okay, if I really had to guess what reason I loved going to church with my grandma, like she would actually... Come pick me up and I have memories of this from my parents first house when we lived there And I must have been like four or five or something something very young So I have many memories of my grandma coming to pick me up and taking me to church with her and if anyone else Listening is Orthodox or even Catholic I think it's similar the masses are two hours long and because of the church I went to was predominantly people who spoke Arabic and Half of the mass was in Arabic and half of it was in English.

And so, as a child I was raised bilingually, but the spiritual terms and a lot of that was just really hard for me to understand. I would say I probably didn't understand most of it. And then when you add the fact that they're singing it in like melodic tunes, I was literally so lost most of the time and I didn't really know what I was even experiencing.

And especially as a child, no idea what was going on. I loved the fact that after mass, there was always a gathering in the basement of the church and people would bring all types of snacks and desserts and foods. So, I think my child self probably just liked hanging out with my grandma and then getting to eat really delicious things after church.

And I also loved the bread, the holy bread. Just, yeah, big fan of that bread. So, I think I was probably going to church for the food and the love. And I don't think I was actually walking away with any true lessons because again, just too young to really understand. So, as I got older, I really. I didn't spend time going to church, especially when we moved, because when we lived at that first house, I was very close to my grandmother, so it made it very convenient for her to pick me up.

When we moved to our new house, that just wasn't as convenient, so she wasn't taking me to church anymore. And because my parents didn't ever push it or really encourage it or support it in general, just kind of detached from it. I look back and I also remember, you know, the concept of like God, it was like my parents use it almost as like a fear tactic to get me to do things or to like teach me a lesson.

And I remember this one specifically, like, you know, if I would try to lie to my mom and my mom would say like, oh, if you lie, God's going to cut your tongue off. So don't lie. And so, it would almost be like this. Threat. Like I should be afraid to disobey God. And so that created such an interesting dynamic and relationship with religion and my concept of what it meant.

And I do also remember having a neighbor who. Was very religious, and they tried to really encourage me to take a look at that, probably because I was a little bit of a wild child, and they were probably thinking I needed God. And my parents would probably have said the same thing, because I, I was a little bit of a, a wild child.

However, they did a great job disciplining me, so that definitely toned down as I entered, like, middle school and stuff. But yeah, it was, it was like a tactic, like that's, that was kind of my relationship. So, I didn't really love that. I think at times, like I did feel safe kind of just feeling like there was a greater power, someone that I could pray to, someone that I could ask for help.

And just like having the comfort of just feeling like there was something greater out there was still really helpful to me throughout my life. Even though in the religious sense, I don't feel like I really felt A safety in religion because of how it was used and my upbringing. So fast forward to my later years.

So, starting with college well, I should say grad school, really. I went to grad school in Louisiana and when I was there in the South, like religion is such a big thing. So, when I was going there, a lot of the girls that I went to school with would go to church every Sunday. And they were non-denominational churches, and I felt like, oh, like, that could be something that I could get into, because...

They'll share lessons that are just really open and aren't even necessarily Something that you really had to be super religious to get something out of so I thought they were really good just like reminders of how to be a good human being and share love and be Compassionate and considerate and loving towards not only yourself, but other individuals, of course So I did have a nice time Experiencing that and that kind of brought me back into exploring my spirituality a little bit more because I felt like a little bit safer in that environment and I was detached and removed, almost like living in another world, being in Louisiana, coming from Pennsylvania, I felt like it was just a time for me to explore things in a different way.

That kind of got my brain thinking, and I tried to read a little bit of the Bible to get a better understanding. I don't think I ever actually made it the whole way through, but I remember kind of becoming a little bitter again because of certain things that I was reading that I was taking very literally.

And so again, that caused a little bit of a riff with my connection with religion. So, when I moved back home after finishing school. Again, it was kind of like, this feeling of like, there has to be something greater than... Me, like we can't all just be existing with nothing more because then you start to think about, well, like, you know, what happens to our bodies after we die?

Is there really a heaven? Is there really a hell? What is this greater being that is having a part in what our reality is? And so, when you start to ask these questions, it brings up a lot of thoughts. And sometimes it's really scary to think about because. You know, I don't know if you can really definitively prove, because again, spirituality is just like a belief.

So, I don't know, you know, people, I think, say things like, oh, well, there's evidence that God is real, and there's evidence of aliens, and there's evidence of this, and whatever power you want to believe in. I also think this evidence, we can draw a lot of conclusions based off of what we want to see from quote unquote evidence that we are experiencing.

And so really ultimately, I see it as like, I'm in my lane exploring my spirituality and everyone else is free to believe whatever they want to believe. I recommend exploring this thought and seeing how you feel about it and what kind of connection. You feel you have because I think especially in the journey of making change in your life and evolving and stepping into something new, I think it's important to start by acknowledging where you're at and what you believe in truthfully about our existence as humans.

This is going to give you something to come back to and allow you to really step into something greater because I think, you know, with the way I've been using it, so I really see spirituality as this deeper sense of connection to myself and through that it allows me to see How we are all deeply connected, even part of your life purpose and like the meaning of life and the motivation to living and moving forward and being a human and doing these different things.

I think it's important to acknowledge what you feel your purpose is or the purpose of this all is in order to move forward in general. So, I think. You know, when it comes to finding your source of motivation, that's a really important part of the process of what I talk about when I work with my clients.

Because you really need to see what it is that you're working towards and like, why you want to be working towards anything in general. Because when you don't really have any sense of like, motivation or purpose, that keeps us stuck a lot of the times. So that's why exploring your spirituality has become such an important part of doing work with my clients.

And that's why I encourage it so much because I've seen how much finding that purpose allows a person to evolve and have faith that even though they don't know what's coming, they know what they need to let go of and the faith that something greater is going to come through. If you have that faith that there is a greater plan or someone else that is on your side with this and that you will be prosperous, it's gonna be a lot easier to make moves, especially when we don't know what's coming next.

That is one of the big things that I'm experiencing right now, is really just that shedding of my old self and allowing myself to step. forward and let go of those old parts with absolutely no idea what's to come next. And if I didn't have any sense of spirituality or faith, it would make it so much harder, and it would probably take me a lot longer.

Or, you know, I would even probably be sitting in my discomfort for It could be indefinite, honestly, if we don't have the faith that something could be better and that something of a greater power is helping us co-create a better reality. So, when it comes to how you can start exploring this, so if it's something that you've never really done or never really considered.

There's a lot of different ways you can start to come about like your thoughts and your feelings on this and kind of seeing what your personal connection is. So, a lot of times I feel like when I talk about this, so much of it comes back to meditation. Spending time alone, I think is just such a crucial part of this.

And I know naturally some people have a resistance towards spending time alone because you really have to face all of your thoughts and your feelings, especially the ones that scare you. And so when we are alone. All these thoughts and emotions start to come up and we have to sit with them. And I'm going to use this example about resistance and I think some of you might be able to relate to it.

So, for example, to me, when, you know, I have friends that will say like, Oh my gosh, I'm so bored. And I honestly don't think I've really ever experienced Boredom, because I like listening to the thoughts that come up in my mind, and even if I was like sitting in a room by myself, completely alone with literally absolutely nothing, like if I was just like locked in a box, you know, again, probably not too, too long, because I feel like that's not.

Totally great for a human. But, you know, if we're talking about, like, you know, even quarantine, like, that's a great example. I did not mind being quarantined for however long at the beginning of COVID when that started. It was just an opportunity for me to actually give myself permission to sit with my thoughts and start to process all of the thoughts and feelings That need to arise in order for me to let go of them and integrate them, integrate new thoughts and emotions, or integrate the lessons learned from what I needed to release in order to move forward and progress in my life and stop repeating patterns.

There is so much comfort in repeating patterns, but I'll come back to that. Cause I'm going to finish off on the. boredom tangent. Again, I'll, I tend to like get myself off topic if you guys haven't gathered that yet from listening to a few podcasts. But yeah, so with that, it's like, to me, you need to be able to sit with yourself in order to allow yourself the space and the freedom to explore what spirituality means to you.

So, spending alone time is the first step to this. It's like clearing space for you to be alone with you because spirituality. Requires you to go within, it's really great. If you take in information and listen to other people's thoughts on spirituality to kind of, give you some nuggets to think about, however, ultimately for you to really process and allow yourself to connect deeper to your own spirit, to your own soul, you have to spend that alone time.

That has become a daily practice for me. And so, during that alone time, there's different things that I'll do just depending on the day and what really comes up. Typically, I will meditate every day and that's my moment or that's my time, however long I need that day. I try to do it early enough so that I don't have to rush myself.

I prefer to have it like be open ended so I can sit in my meditation for as long as I need to today, or for as long as I need to that day. What I'll do there is really just kind of like do a body scan. I like to think about it through my chakras as well. So, I'll usually start with my crown chakra. I'll scan through my body first just to kind of acknowledge where there's tension being held and a lot of times that tension is symbolic of something deeper or something greater.

It can be sure from like feeling soreness from a workout or something like that. However, Now, the way I treat my workouts, I try not to do things that create soreness, because that's not necessarily a sign that you had a great workout. It probably just means you pushed yourself a little bit too hard or haven't been moving enough.

So, in general, the tension being held in my body, it's usually showing me something. So, I try to channel some more light and energy towards that, and again, that in itself has kind of, like, reaffirmed my sense of connection to something greater and the power of my own mind and channeling energy and how useful that can be in my own healing.

So, after I scan through my body, then again, I'll go back through my chakras. So, I really focus, especially in the beginning with the crown chakra, because that is your connection to spirit or something greater or whatever you choose to believe is out there. And I really try to focus on opening up that channel so I can allow whatever needs to come through to come through.

Because when you think of just like random things that pop into your head, I don't think of them as random. As we think they are, I think they're usually connected or brought in for a reason, whether it's through patterns that we've subconsciously noticed and processed that have allowed that thought to come through, or again, it's just, we are a channel from spirit, from aliens, or like I said, whatever you, wherever you're at and whatever you choose to believe.

right now, but I'm going to refer to it as spirit or universe God, all of these things I'll use typically interchangeably. And so, through that connection, through that channel, as we kind of clear it, it allows us to again, enter it unbiasedly. So, it's like, okay, I'm going to allow whatever needs to come through to come through.

And that's helped me allow myself to observe my thoughts without judgment. Because I'm like, hey, this is a co-creative process. So not only is it me, it's also spirit. And so, a lot of time that's going to shed some clarity on what the next step you need to take is. And again, you want to think of it as, you know, one step at a time, you're not going to get the big picture, like spirit or whatever's greater than you.

They're always going to see more than you can see. During that time, and that's where faith comes into play, you really just need to trust that whatever you're receiving during that time is for your highest and greatest good. And sometimes those thoughts that come up don't always logically make sense.

And again, that's just going back to faith. It's just a knowing it's an inner knowing that no one can really tell you is wrong. It's a matter of just like that deep sense of connection and you're, you're going to feel that in your body. And it's really hard to explain until you feel it. And it's, it's really not something that I think can be defined as a feeling.

You know, people say things like, oh, I just knew it in my gut. I just had this feeling in my gut. Or I even think of it as just like, if a channel has really opened up for me, a lot of times I'll feel it. Like in my heart. So, I feel this like warmth and expansion in the center of my chest and I'm like, yes Like when I sit with that thought After I meditate a little bit and really feel into it.

I'm like, yes, this feels like proper guidance versus if my thoughts are coming up and I'm my heart is racing and I'm feeling like My breath or my lungs are tightening a little bit. That's probably not a message from spirit. That's not a Your spirituality, that's really your fear. That's your ego taking over and blocking you from receiving what is trying to come through to you.

So, when you're having uncomfortable feelings like that, it's not a sign of spirit necessarily, because spirit is this like feeling of alignment, this connection, this sense of love, the sense of safety, the sense of knowing. So that's what you really want to be channeling. And when you're having these thoughts.

Come through to you. That's what you want to be feeling. And if you're not feeling that you really need to bring down, calm down your central nervous system so that you can allow yourself to really connect in this takes practice. This is not something where you're going to sit down the first time and just suddenly like understand your connection to spirit and your spirituality.

Like this takes, I don't even know if I can really give it a timeline necessarily, because everyone's going to be different, especially depending on how much resistance you have built up around this or how much needs to come undone or how unconscious we are of certain things. It takes time for awareness to come through and for your spirituality to develop.

And again, I think it's through daily practice that it's really going to allow that. To come through. That's why I think that giving yourself an hour every single day, especially starting off is going to be so helpful. And I'm not saying you need to sit in meditation for an hour, but giving yourself an hour dedicated.

to yourself in that day to do whatever needs to be done for you to be at a calm state and have your day feel good to you so that you can be in flow. Because a big part of this is like allowing yourself the space to just be you with no judgment attached to that. There is so much judgment around religion and spirituality and how your powers that I think it keeps people from allowing themselves to explore it.

And I see a lot of the times, too, where initially, like, if I am talking with someone and I have never expressed my connection to spirit or my spirituality with them, I always feel this, like, initial, like, nervousness. I'm like, okay, I'm about to say this and I don't know how they're gonna take it. I don't want them to judge me, but if they do, that's okay, because this is my truth and I just need to speak it.

So, it's like that little internal dialogue that I think a lot of us have around sharing a lot of things that were, we haven't shared before or vulnerable moments. But I always just reassure myself. I'm like, okay. The best thing that you can do is speak your truth. You might feel like there could be judgment coming from them about it, but everyone kind of knows there's a little bit of external judgment from the world or others in the world around this.

So, if I speak and feel confident in my spirituality, in my connection, my only hope is that they say that what I'm saying is giving them permission to explore that in themselves and open up to it as well. I think the more that we speak on our feelings and our experiences and our truth, especially around spirituality, the more others will give themselves permission to explore that as well.

The more we do that, the collective is just going to elevate and we'll be a lot more aware and more connected to each other. A lot of the disconnection in the world, I feel like, comes from our denial of our own spirituality and that we are spiritual beings and we get stuck in that ego mode and like operating from our ego where it's like, oh, I'm worried about what people think of the way I look.

I'm worried about it. How people will see, you know, whatever car I drive or whatever job I have or whatever race that I am and all of these things that really don't matter when it comes to our deeper connection as humans, as souls, as spirits, we need to let a lot of that ego stuff Go in order to connect.

And I think now with like social media and media in general, we get so easily caught up in a lot of those things that keep us from being connected and almost like create fear in ourselves from exploring our spirituality. And that has been a big part, like, in my life, where I'm seeing, like, this unbecoming of who I am the further I get into my spirituality, because I was so tied to, like, the boxes that people put me in, or the boxes that I wanted to put myself in, because it gave me a sense of identity, it gave me a sense of uniqueness.

It made me feel important. And I realized that these things that I was giving so much power to were really not the things that I was supposed to be giving power to. It was really that internal journey that I needed to give more energy to. And just again, coming back to like speaking my truth. So, through this exploration.

For me and through my journey and what's essentially happening is I'm letting go a lot of the things that like my ego felt so much comfort in. And that is just like so much easier said than done. I'm still trying to let go of things. And like deep down, it's like, I know it's the thing to do, but it is so, so scary.

It really is. Like literally last night, I just like let it all out. And I cried because I. I was seeing myself, like, letting go of things that I have so much attachment to, but not a healthy type of attachment. It was just like a sense of comfort that was created around my identity and my ego. And those things don't define me.

They're not meant to define me. And they're actually blocking me from really living out what I'm meant to and blocking me from things that are better than the reality I'm currently experiencing. The biggest thing that I'm really letting go of is like that identity as like this dietitian fit chick. And I know that sounds so silly, but it's like my ego felt so much comfort in that.

And I felt like, Oh, like that's just who I am. Like I'm this girl that like lifts heavy weights and eats really quote unquote clean, which I don't say that term anymore, but like, it was just like these things that I just felt so much comfort in and I felt. Like in control of, and it felt like it was giving my ego power, but I didn't realize it really wasn't coming from a soul level.

And I'm like, that's not my identity. That's not who I am. And it's not what I want to continue to be because that is a very like ego driven persona that I was putting out there. And the thing is, I wasn't even. Aware of that until I really stepped into the space of my spirituality and focused on connecting to myself and my body.

It was through that deeper connection to my body that I really actually started to... Like, love myself in a way that I've never loved myself before, and like, to have compassion for myself and forgiveness for myself, all of that came through this exploration, and that's really what I've been trying to teach and really show people, and that's why I'm really moving away from Teaching people about weight loss, because, you know, it's really not about that.

It's really a connection to yourself that you need to focus on. That's going to allow for the healing. What your external body looks like is nothing more than just showing you that there's something deeper, something more internal that you need to focus on. isn't in alignment. And that's why you're having a tough time with regulating your weight or your urges to eat or your desire to eat certain things very often doesn't have much to do with gaining more knowledge about the external world.

It's more about you taking that time to connect to yourself. And so that's why I just don't want to focus on weight loss or even nutrition because Nutrition is just one of the small tools that you need for you to be in full alignment. It's obviously important to eat healthy, but it's not the one thing that's going to solve all of your problems.

It's really, you know, like I said, just a small tool that you can use. To properly nurture your body, it's a very important tool because obviously you're using it every day, but it's not about like maximizing your calories and getting like all these diet products and tricks into making your body think that it's full when it's not and all of this stuff.

It's really just about being aware and seeing this as like. A gift and seeing it as something that should be cherished and, you know, we should be mindful and thankful for these things rather than taking it for granted or having like a hatred towards it because it's not doing what we want for it to do for our bodies.

And that's a lot of times in that diet mindset. That's where I was seeing it go. And I really saw. You know, especially in a lot of my clients in the past where there was just this disconnection from what their body was telling them, it was like, I need to override what my body and my soul are telling me because I need to fit into this role into this certain body identity that society is going to accept and make me feel good about rather than saying like internally.

Let those thoughts and emotions drive me and understand what they're actually trying to tell me and understand what I need to process and see that there is a disconnection and really focus on that as a means to healing and accomplishing your goals and achieving something that means more than just an external validation.

So, yeah, that kind of gives you an idea of why spirituality. Is so important in this process and why I'm moving more and more towards it as being a crucial role of this expiration the deeper work, it will always come back to that no matter what, and even in your health in general, and I've talked about this in a previous episode, your unprocessed emotions will come out to it.

Become like disease and imbalance within your body, you know, when even through school, it was always like, sure, DNA, like, I'm trying to remember what the three factors were. Like one's like genetics, one's lifestyle, and maybe the third was like environment. So, you have these three things that affect your quote unquote, like disease state.

And I beg to differ. I believe spirit and emotional processing is a big part of it. And I see it through so many of my clients that I've worked with that have embraced the message that I've always been about and have worked with me in the transformation programs that I've started offering a few years ago.

It's not only mindset. It has so much more to even do with like emotional processing, all of these thoughts and feelings that we have suppressed. Like they're not meant to be suppressed. And it's through that deeper connection, which is what spirituality is, that's going to allow you to release all of that stored tension and emotion.

And it's just going to bring down the resistance you have to taking care of yourself. You're going to have like a completely new sense of motivation to take care of yourself and to do all these things that you might currently feel resistance towards. So if you have so much resistance towards any kind of movement or resistance towards eating things that nourish your body, a lot of times it's because we are not connected to our bodies and because we have no deeper sense of motivation as to why we should really do these things.

We tend to allow our motivation to be external things. And again, the spirituality. It really shows you how important it is internally to connect and that's where you're going to find your motivation. When you understand the purpose of your existence a little bit more, all of these things in your life don't have to change for you to start feeling like you're living your purpose and.

in alignment with your purpose. So, for example, you know, people tend to tie their purpose to existing to either their family or their career. So, it's like, oh, my purpose is to be a mom or my purpose is to have this job. And while yes, like that can align for a lot of people, that's excellent. And if you want some more alignment there, you absolutely have every right to do so.

However, all of those things don't need to change in order for you. Like, you know, if you're single and unsure of what you're doing with your career, like you can still have a really deep sense of purpose and being in alignment. So, for me, what that means, especially now when we're in this transition of the business and I'm not a mom.

So, things like that where it's just like, okay, do I think that those things would be nice if I, they came to fruition? Like, sure. Yeah. I have positive thoughts around those things and they sound very beautiful, but me being in my purpose right now is nothing more than speaking my truth and allowing myself to really connect to my soul and my spirit and my body.

And through that, I'm able to understand my purpose and be in alignment with that and take action daily. Every step of the way, I can kind of check myself like, hey, is this an alignment? Hey, is, does this feel like this is part of my reason for existing as a human? And so those things are so important and it doesn't need to be.

External things, right? Like let go of the thought that you need to have the right job in order for your life to feel good. Let go of the pressure that you're putting on yourself for the external world to need to be right for you to even like live in alignment. You just need to let that go and embrace your spirituality and your deeper connection to yourself and that higher power.

And through that, your days are going to feel better regardless of where you're at. Things may need to change in your reality, but that doesn't mean you can't feel good through that process of change. And by feeling good, I also want you to let go of the idea that feeling good necessarily means happy emotions.

They might be difficult emotions, but it feels good to process them and sit within them. It sounds silly, but it's like, I like to cry because that is, that's me releasing something like it's like, this is going to be a silly example. Like when you have to pee so badly and you finally pee. You are like, oh, you're letting it go.

And you're like, Oh God, what a relief. That feels so nice. And it's like the same thing here. It's like, you just have to like, let that release happen. And the release itself is really good, even if it is a negative emotion. So again, just be whatever needs to come through, let that come through and give it the space to, and that's going to be your deeper sense of connection and.

Purpose, and you're going to feel so much more in alignment. So, it's really just a matter of surrendering to this and knowing that something greater will come if you follow what your body is telling you to do. But if you're really blocked from your body and your spirit, it's going to be really hard to follow that.

And yeah, that's why my program exists, because it's something that we all need help with. It's hard to do it completely on your own when you don't have the guidance or the experience with something like this. And it really does take support because as humans, we need each other. That's part of this existence.

So, to think that you can completely do it on your own, that thought, you also need to let go. It's yes, like you do need to spend time alone. However, another part of the process is like through connecting to others and through messages that are going to be sent to you through other people, through nature, and to just be open to receiving and open to giving equally as much.

So yeah, hopefully after hearing that you feel a little bit more motivation and inspiration to start really connecting with yourself and your soul and, and just knowing that like wherever you're at, it's okay. You know, don't feel any pressure. You're not behind. You're not ahead either. Everyone's like right where they need to be, wherever they're at.

Even if it doesn't feel ideal, you're exactly where you need to be right now. So just reassure yourself that and give yourself permission to explore what you want to explore so that you can understand yourself more, love your life more. Connect deeper, have more meaningful relationships, and just embrace this existence for what it is and see the beauty, truthfully see the beauty that is all around us every single day at every single moment.

There's so much beauty, just let yourself see it. Wow. All right, guys, if you had a great takeaway or feel like someone else could really benefit from hearing this podcast episode, please share it and send me some feedback. If you feel inspired to, I greatly appreciate it. If you've been enjoying these episodes too, I would love it.

If you left a review podcast grow and it helps me to connect to others. It helps you to connect to others and it will help you open up to finding other podcasts, even that are similar to this. There's so much knowledge and wisdom out there. Yeah, keep spreading it, keep sharing it, keep connecting, keep sending love.

Yeah, all around, always a good thing. Thanks for listening guys. I appreciate you so much. Love you. Bye.

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