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More Worry, More Problems

Episode 18 of the Fuel the Fire Podcast hosted by Shanon Safi, RD, LDN.

How often do you feel dragged down by the weight of negativity? Are you someone who succumbs to worry or fixates on worst case scenarios? In this episode, Shanon shares how her recent obstacles stalled her, how she’s reevaluated, and how you can also overcome with positivity & joy in the face of adversity.

In this episode we talk about: How Shanon is learning the important balance between avoidance, overthinking, and taking ownership over problems (4:45) Are you manifesting negativity? (12:04) What is the difference in your masculine and feminine energies in how you handle situations? (17:35) How can you bring more positivity to your life? (19:05) The rundown (35:34)

Episode Transcript:

   Change is only going to happen in your reality when you have a healthy relationship with yourself. But if you have a toxic relationship with yourself, you are never going to be able to get out of the reality that you are currently experiencing. Hello, hello! Welcome to another episode of the Fuel a Fire Soul podcast with your host, Shannon Safi.

Pardon me, I am a little sick. stuffy. I don't know if you can hear it through the microphone. I caught a little bit of a cold probably because I wasn't properly nourishing and taking care of my body. I think every time that I don't sleep properly or I don't eat properly for an extended period of time.

I always get sick, so, you know, what you're doing, all those little things that don't really seem like it, you know, it's not just around, like, you know, I think sometimes we think, well, I wasn't around anyone that was sick, and then we want to blame someone else for making us sick, and therefore we chalk it up to, ah, I must have touched a germ somewhere.

But, seriously, I think it has so much more to do with how you're taking care of yourself, whether you're getting sick or not. So yeah, keep that in mind. The reason that I was not properly taking care of myself is because I decided to take a road trip. I was just, like, emotionally going through so much, and it felt, like, really right to just step away from it and just, like, process everything that I was going through.

So, I went on a road trip. I went from Phoenix to Georgia. I guess, Arizona to Georgia, and it was quite an adventure. But through that, you know, I slept on... Some floors. I uncomfortably slept a little bit in a car. slEpt somewhere different every night for like five consecutive days. And then was just adjusting to a new environment and helping a friend.

You know, I don't even want to say helping, really, just existing alongside of a friend who's also going through. This transitionary phase of their life. So it was just, yeah, it was fun. It was a time. And I learned a lot about myself, a lot about my friend and just gained a whole new shift, I would say, like an elevation in how I was perceiving things.

One of the biggest lessons from that trip, not only. I mean, I should say, aside from me learning that I really need to focus on taking care of my health, even in those times, it was also a big emotional lesson, and like, who is responsible for my emotions? And so that's kind of what led to me wanting to record this episode.

With this, you know, more worry, more problems, let me tell you how strong we manifest things even if we're not consciously trying to manifest something. So I think sometimes people assume this like, oh, I'm like bad at manifestation or like manifestations like hokey. But the truth is we are always constantly pulling things into our orbit based upon the energy that we are putting out there into the earth.

And if you are putting out worry, and a lot of negative energy, and you're very fixated on negative things, you're going to continue to attract a lot more negative experiences for yourself. The thing is you know, these dark emotions... that we experience, they're inevitable. You can't avoid them. So I'm not sitting here saying that, like, oh, you can just have happy emotions and positive emotions all the time.

That's not the truth. It's really when we are faced with these heavy emotions, can we just... Embrace them, experience them, process them, integrate, and move forward. It's that, that little process there that is really important for you to continue to elevate yourself and to be able to take care of yourself properly and to be in a good mindset so that you don't stay in this downward spiral for too long and prolong your suffering.

I've done that countless times, and I've realized, like, time and time again, when I catch myself in that spiral, and like, now that I've been consciously thinking about it, I can kind of get myself out of it sooner than I could before. And it's, it's not something that's perfect. You're not gonna just, like, figure this out, and then, like, never have problems again, or never feel challenged again.

You're going to continue to face challenges and it's really just about how you're going through them, working through them and integrating them into your life to make it something that you're actually growing from and benefiting from rather than just simply suffering from. Today, I wanted to get into some different things that can kind of help with this, but first I want to talk about this whole principle of more worry, more problems, because it showed up in my life in so many ways, like, you know, I wasn't even seeing how, like, this one foundational thing was the same thing that was going into my work, that was going into my relationships.

And so when you think of it that way, it becomes a lot more. Important to focus on because, you know, I, I always feel this. It's like, if you're seeing an issue in one aspect of your life, that it probably is just festering somewhere else in your life. So, if it is like, Jumping out at you. Like, for me, it was like work was just smacking me in the face with worry, and I realized, like, this more worry, more problems, like, I'm glad that I caught it in my work first, because then it spared me from further suffering.

In other quadrants of my life, but then when I was realizing, like, the frustration and this buildup, it was like, you know, it's like, I always say, it's like, this was the lesson that I needed to learn in this time, so it was good that I took a look at all the quadrants of my life because this was allowing me to see that, like, hey, to get to the next stage of where you want to be, here is the lesson that you need to learn.

It's gonna be the same thing that's kind of like, Throwing all things off. When you really kind of, like, dig deeper and deeper to the root of what your experience is right now, you're going to find that it's, like, this one big lesson for this chapter. You know, I almost think of it as, like, you're a student of your own life, like you always want to be studying your patterns in order to be able to break the cycle and enter something that's more conducive, more expansive to your consciousness, to your awareness, to your personal development and your growth.

What was happening with me was and I'll, I'll start to uncover more, but I'm still, again, like, in the process of figuring things out with work. I finally took a step forward and decided what some of the new services that I want to offer will be. But part of what was holding me back was was, and some of you already know, and if you listened to previous episodes, I've shared a little bit about it.

So with insurance, what was happening is we were using insurance to cover services for fuel the fire. So you were able to use this to get nutrition services with the company, with my company. And what had happened was the insurance company came back and said, Hey, we took a look at two years of what you had been doing.

And they, this was, like, from three years ago, so they went back, like, three years. To look at essentially like claims that we had submitted and they took a look and said, Hey, you know, We don't think that you should be spending more than 15 minutes with a client. Therefore, we want payment back from all of those sessions because they shouldn't have gone over 15 minutes.

That just, it was just like this huge. I couldn't believe it was really happening. I couldn't believe it was even legal for them to request this. I, you know, just, it just shattered my world, because if this was true, if moving forward, this is all they're willing to reimburse for you know, it just As, you know, it kind of played out in the fall, like the following months after was that just, I like, I couldn't sustain the business because so many people were going to drop off.

So many people did drop off because of that change. And so I went from having this like amazing business that I sacrificed my whole life for to having like literally almost nothing and being in the negatives, you know, at this stage when it's like I built my life around. This, all, it just was like, it just shook my entire foundation, and it was so hard to get myself out of the negative thoughts because essentially, I was trying to fight it.

I have been trying to fight it. I'm still in the process of trying to fight it, and it's such a long process, and I was just letting it drain me because I just, I wanted to know what was happening. Like, can I Potentially like save myself from having to pay this money, or am I really going to have to pay this money like I, you know, I think that was just stifling me like I couldn't move forward.

I'm like, do I need to sell my house? Do I need to sell the business? Do I need to sell my kidneys? Like I'm like, you know, it's just it was so overwhelming and I felt like I couldn't take a step forward without knowing what was going on with that. I took the steps that I had to at the time, like I took quick action steps, like I, you know, and part of me wishes that I took a minute to breathe and make a better, I don't want to say make a better decision because I made the best decision that I thought I could at the time, but I, you know, looking back, if, you know, if this situation, which I hope does not happen again Because I have made the decision to walk away from insurance, but if I face anything even similar or anything that just is a huge, like, shake up, it's not the best to make decisions when you're in, like, the shaken stage.

Because I just jumped in rush to try to figure things out to make sure that there wasn't a glitch or a bump in what was going on with work, but... You know, it just, just a slew of problems continued to feel like they were happening because I was just sitting in my suffering for way too long. I think it's good.

I think it was important that I gave myself some grace and let myself kind of sit through this because I was, you know, I was trying to avoid sitting with these emotions because I didn't want it to be more worry, more problems. I was trying to not worry, but the thing was, is I was really just avoiding.

the emotions that were tied to this scenario and the reason as to why they were happening. And so I finally was like, okay, you need to slow down and take this time to sit with yourself and process what needs to be processed and take care of yourself and not get totally lost and absorbed. into this, because what was starting to happen was it was affecting everything else in my life.

I couldn't show up for my friendships. I couldn't show up for my family. I couldn't show up for my employees. I just, like, I couldn't even show up for me. And so there was just no way I was going to be able to give to anyone if I wasn't. giving to myself first. And I had to let go of the fears that I have, that I had, maybe a little bit still have, I guess slip of the tongue there might be something that I'm still trying to process through, but slowly letting go of those fears and realizing that I am in control of my emotional state and I need to remind myself that.

I am the one that is going to dictate what comes next through what emotional energy I'm putting out. So once I'm, you know, I had to sit and like work through those negative emotions, but if all I was doing was just like sitting there and, you know, essentially letting my brain continue to keep going to worst case scenario, worst case scenario, worst case scenario, inevitably I would just continue to manifest.

Worst case scenario, after worst case scenario, after worst case scenario. Because my mind was just being sucked down that hole and I was allowing it to happen. I was allowing it to happen. And that's where you have to take ownership over your stuff because it's like you have to see that you are choosing.

To manifest more problems, they're not coincidentally happening to you, you have to see your role in it because if you don't see your role in it, you will never be able to have a better outcome because all you're going to be doing is putting fate into something external and saying like, Oh, it's not in my hands.

It's not in my hands. It's not in my hands. And what happens when you do that is you continue to allow More negativity to come into your life. There are, like, you have to choose to have faith through these scenarios, and to keep trying to put yourself in the proper position by, like, giving yourself space to allow for good to come in.

But if you don't make space for good, you will continue to sit in that bed for longer, and it will feel much worse. So, what I kind of mean by that, to make that a little bit more clear, so for example, what I was doing is I was just being a potato and, you know, I was processing the emotions, and then I got stuck in this worry, and it was, you know, and again, I, it's completely, it was completely my choice, but what was happening is I had heavy influence from a couple of people that were really emotionally charged about my experience with this, and what's It made it so much harder for me to not worry, because I was absorbing their fear, their worry, and then I was starting to take responsibility for their emotions.

When that's where the problem was really happening, where it's just like, hey, I'm responsible for my emotions, they're responsible for their emotions. But then it became like, it was just so bleed, it was just bleeding together. So then it was like, well, this is hard, but I can't even go to this person that I trust because if I tell them I'm stressed, then they're going to become even more stressed and they're already super stressed about me being stressed.

So it was just like this, like. Fiery, chaotic, just like, just nothing was getting better because it was just like stress reflecting stress, deflecting stress, and deflecting emotion, and deflecting responsibility for this, and just, you know, putting the blame on someone else, and it was just, it was not helping, so that was showing me, like, a boundary that I needed to set in that relationship and say, hey, this is my experience, and when this initially happened, Strangely, like I was not as upset as I became as the process continued to be dragged out.

So initially I was like, yeah, this is happening for a reason. I needed to redirect my business. And then I let these negative emotions overtake me and I let myself take on, and because of my previous conditioning, where it became the norm to become responsible to. Be in control of other people's emotions.

Like, you know, I was conditioned to think that things were, like, always my fault, and that I, you know, all of my decisions were directly affecting someone else's emotional state, and so I became this, like, disgusting people pleaser. Like, I was so heavy on the people pleasing side, because I learned that that's how I had to survive, and that's what I needed to do to be liked.

That's what I needed to do to make people happy. That's what I needed to do In order for the world to be okay. But then when I took a step back from that, and I'm seeing now, and I'm like, 29 years later, that that's not right. That's not the way. You're responsible for your emotions. People are responsible for their emotions.

And all you can do is tell the truth. That's what you have to do. You just have to be honest. And so, with that person, I said, hey. Listen, this situation is for me to deal with and you have to trust that I'm strong enough to make the choices that I need to make in order for this situation to move forward.

And so regardless of what the outcome is, it is my responsibility and it is not your responsibility. So, therefore, your emotional experience, I'm no longer going to absorb and make my emotional experience. Because, deep down, you know, it's like, I could sit here and worry about it and not sleep and stop taking care of myself and cry and be mopey and lock myself in my house until I get an outcome, but then I just, you know, then it's just like, then I'm not in the moment.

Then I'm basically making the problem worse for myself because I'm just like, accepting defeat. rather than saying, like, hey, I can still be present and in this moment and have a good life experience and not let this control what's happening now. Because ultimately, like, I, it's gonna be months, who knows, maybe even next year until I get a decision as to what's happening with that.

But I had to say, like, okay, I'm sitting way too far in my feminine where it's just Rest and being passive. And I needed to step back into rebalancing that masculine feminine energy that I was just kind of like losing. And so like the feminine, that's your like rest, recover. Your masculine is the doing.

So I went from, you know, with the business where it was, I was like so strong in my masculine, so deep in the masculine because I was like, do, do, do, do, do. And then when I, like, hit that wall of, like, burnout, I went completely to the opposite end of being, like, so deep into that feminine where it was, like, all rest, rest, rest, and I, you know, I was, like, wow, I need to kind of find that balance again and be able to bring myself to move forward with this, and that was going to be through this, like, you know, putting up that proper boundary and taking responsibility for my own emotions and also knowing that, like, just because someone else is having this emotional experience doesn't mean that I'm responsible for taking it on and catering my life to make their emotional experience better at the cost of my own.

So that's, you know, part of what led to me going on that trip and taking that adventure, because I was like, Wow, I need to detach from all of this. It's not getting any better until I make steps towards making this better. This is... For me, this is my doing this is what I need to do next. So what are the things?

This is what you're gonna get to take home and apply today. So what are the things that will help kind of Put you back into that positive state so that you can start Attracting more positivity back into your life and to be able to manifest something that feels good The first thing I want to say is like, you know, happiness is It's a state that you can choose to turn on, you can choose to turn off, and it is something that in this very moment you can choose to do regardless of what you are experiencing.

So that's really important to remember. If you have some emotions. To process, that's a part of it. You need to let some of those emotions go, and you need to process those emotions, but it doesn't mean you can't still experience some level of contentment through this, even when you are experiencing challenging emotions.

So the first thing, you know, going from that, like, mopey, sad, depressed feeling Shannon to Shannon that's gonna start getting better and take care of herself again properly, you know, it's like coming back to the bases. So the first thing I had to look at was like, am I sleeping properly? Am I eating properly?

Am I moving properly? Those three things, I think, you know, regardless of what's going on in my life, those need to be In balance. Because that, that's my health. If my health isn't where it needs to be, it, just nothing else is gonna be good. So it's super important for you to focus on that first. So, if, for example, like, you know, if you're finding yourself like, oh, I feel like crap, and, you know, what's gonna make me feel better, is just like, ordering some Chinese food, fast food, pizza, whatever.

If you keep doing that, you're, you're lowering your vibration. You're putting yourself further into that negative state because now you're not even giving yourself the proper nutrients that your body needs to even function in a healthy, So, first thing, always, I always say food first, always food first, I'm always going to say that.

Take care of yourself through what you're eating. Cook a healthy meal. That's going to feel so good doing something for you. So number one, nourishing meal, putting that at the top of my list. Number two. I'm putting this before movement. Sleep. Sleep is so important. If you are so worried that you are not sleeping, that's where you need to do the thing that's going to help you to sleep at night.

And you want to be careful with that. I would approach it holistically. I would not approach it through taking a medication. It's maybe a temporary fix, but ultimately, I would always say approach it holistically first, and To do that, there's so many holistic approaches to improving your sleep. Some examples, like, I have an acupressure sleep mat.

So, like, I'll lay on that for, like, a minute, and that will kind of, like, it's, if you don't know what that is, it's, like, it's a little mat, and it has, like, little prickly plastic prickly things. I don't even know exactly how to describe it. So it's, like, not acupuncture, it's acupressure. So these little prickles are almost like these little plastic pieces.

They're not gonna puncture the skin. But it does enough to actually enhance your sleep. So if I lay on that a little bit, it'll kind of help put my mind at ease, relax my central nervous system and take you out of that fight or flight mode so that you can enter your sleep more restfully. You can do like a sleep meditation.

That's a really good one to do. You want to have an established, like, bedtime routine in general to make sure that your sleep is good. Getting off your phone at night, that's really gonna help. I, my sleep is always horrible when I'm laying in bed looking at my phone right before I go to sleep. Always horrible.

Like, I, it just, that is such a huge factor that goes into my sleep. So, you know, I, I, in a great, perfect world, I would stop looking at my phone at least 30 minutes before sleeping. You know, that's definitely one I'm still working on, but definitely, like, a big thing I'm trying to do is to stop letting it even be next to me at night.

So like, putting it across the room and literally creating physical space between me and the cell phone. Yeah, and what are you putting into your brain right before sleep? You don't want to be sitting there worrying about your thoughts while trying to sleep, that's definitely 100 percent gonna keep you up at night and probably manifest into your dreams, therefore further disrupting your sleep.

So yeah, make that sleep good, girl, guy, man, woman, person, individual, dog, cat, animal, whatever you are. Make that a focus. All right, so nourishing meal, then amazing sleep, and then next movement. Yes, movement. This is such a big one, and I want you, again, like, and I say this a lot, like, don't close off the door to what movement could be for you.

There, movement is movement, okay? I don't care if you're counting your cleaning as movement, that is movement. So anything that you are on your feet, physically moving your body, doing things, that's great. That is movement. Not every day needs to be a gym workout. No days need to be a gym workout. You could do everything from home, from outside, like You don't need to make it super complicated.

And that's what's really important to remember, is you need to bring down the barrier to these activities. Because sometimes, like, we hype up these things like they have to be super complicated. Like, I'm not telling you to cook a five course meal all from scratch. I'm not telling you that you have to go to the gym two hours a day.

I'm not telling you that you need to do every perfect sleep hygiene practice in order for you to get... Good sleep. I'm telling you to take one small step towards all of these things. Or maybe you pick a few things, and you take little steps towards that. Any little step in this direction is going to help you start to feel lighter.

If you take it all on all at once, it can feel really overwhelming, so that's why I recommend Baby steps. Like, if you're just eating one giant takeout meal a day, then start by saying, like, Okay, can I make a really simple breakfast? Like, can I just, like, cook eggs sometimes? Or, like, can I just, like, bake, like, an oatmeal bake and just have that ready to go for the week?

Something small. Something that's not going to take a whole lot of effort. Or if it's even as simple as just like, can I just like, make whatever I'm gonna make at home instead of like, ordering out? Because typically what you're gonna make at home is gonna be at least a little bit better for you than a lot of times what you're ordering out.

Or if you're ordering out, can I at least choose something that feels a little bit better in my body? Like, whatever that little step is, take that little step. So with movement, my favorite thing is to like, go for a walk. Which goes into my next step of being outside. Even if it's like, freezing out, go outside.

Just go outside. There is so much wisdom in nature. If you guys could see me right now, I'm like, throwing my hands in the air, like, praising nature, like, yes, nature, go play, go do it, go be out there. All of my tips are actually bleeding together as I continue to just speak, because another one of my tips is go play.

That is such a big one, too, because, you know, Going back to nature, it's, we are nature. I think sometimes we feel or forget that we are part of nature as humans. Like, we are not separate from nature. Nature cannot lie. Nature always tells you the truth. It is... Filled with wisdom, there are countless, countless, infinite lessons that you can learn through observing nature.

So when you're feeling stuck and you don't know what the next step is, I always recommend go outside, go for a walk, go observe something outside. There's something that's going to come to you. And that disconnecting piece, that's another one. So remove yourself, experience solitude, sit alone with your thoughts.

Sitting alone with your thoughts is hard for so many people, but it is so necessary. If you don't give yourself the opportunity to sit alone with you, you can never improve your relationship with yourself and you will continue to experience the world the same way that you are experiencing it right now.

And if you want change, You have to sit with yourself. Because change is only going to happen in your reality when you have a healthy relationship with yourself. But if you have a toxic relationship with yourself, you are never going to be able to get out of the reality that you are currently experiencing.

And to me, it always comes back to self. Because if I have a toxic relationship with someone else, all that's doing is mirroring what's unhealed in me. And so it's never someone else's fault. It always comes back to you. Come back to yourself. Always come back to yourself. Give yourself that opportunity to disconnect.

You know, when I go for walks, occasionally I'll take my phone. Most times I don't. If I'm going outside, I prefer to not take my phone. You know, and it depends, so like if I've walked plenty, or I've already meditated that day, and for some reason that day I feel inspired to take my phone, or I want to listen to a podcast, that's okay.

However, I require myself to have a minimum of five hours, but usually like five hours a week of disconnection, but it's usually a lot more now, especially because the more I do it, the more I'm seeing like, Oh, that feels so good to disconnect from everything. Like I feel like a human again. When I disconnect, I feel like I can be present when I disconnect.

I understand myself better when I disconnect. Just life is better when I disconnect. Being constantly connected. It's not, it's not conducive to good health. It's not conducive to positive mental health. You need to let go of some of these worries that are so tied within our phones. Like let that go. Let that go.

Disconnect. Have some solitude. Sit with yourself. Talk with yourself. Understand yourself. Figure out who you are. Figure out what you want. Because if you don't even know what you want or who you are or why you are what you are, It's gonna be really hard to let go of worry and problems. So yeah, go outside.

Move your body. Disconnect. Cook a nourishing meal. Go play! Go have some fun! Remember what makes you happy. Remember what brings you joy, I should say. Joy. We're looking at joy. Like, am I just not doing anything that brings me joy? How can I expect myself to be happy if I'm not giving any space for joy in my life?

Do the little things that make you feel good, that make you giggle. Oh, laughter! That's a good one, too, with the go play, like, laugh! Oh my gosh, laugh! It's, it's so important. It's funny, because I'll have times, and like, I'll say it to my friends, where I'm like, Dude, I haven't laughed. Let's do something that's gonna make us laugh.

And we're like, dude, yeah, I haven't laughed all week! And it's funny how it's just like, laughter is so important. Like, I always, whenever I have like a really deep, deep... Belly laugh. I'm like, oh, this is medicine! Like, that just rejuvenates me. It's like, that feels so good in my body, and I'm like, oh man.

Yeah, this is it! Joy! This is what I need in my life, and I don't have to wait for something to happen to bring me joy. I can choose it. I can make space for it. It's in my control. So, yeah, here we go. The last couple, they're all gonna go together. Breathwork, meditation, and emotional practice. So when you're in your, like, snow globe mode, and you need to bring yourself back down into a grounded state, what always helps me is breathwork.

Because no matter what, you are with yourself. Your body is always right there with you. So take a moment, control your breathing. And you will see how it really calms you down. In the new course that I'll be launching, and even if you start working with me now, I'm actually going through the certification process as we speak.

And I'll be able to guide you in breath work and EFT, which is like a tapping. So these things help relax your central nervous system. So when you're activated and you're in that fight or flight mode, You need to kind of bring yourself out of that in order to make decisions that are again conducive for your health, for your benefit.

Breathwork can be as simple as just, like, taking a few deep breaths. I always like to put my hand on my heart when I do it, because that kind of helps me connect to my heart, because usually, when I'm feeling anxious or stressed, my heart is, like, beating really fast. So I like to kind of feel that and experience that, putting my hand on my heart, bringing awareness back into my body, and allowing myself to...

Relax and let go of some of that, because that emotional experience is not going to help me. Like, that anxiety that's just, like, pumping through my chest, you know, nothing great is gonna come from this rapid heart rate unless I'm being chased by a bear. Sure, that'll call me to run, but in a moment when I'm just sitting in my house and my heart rate is pounding, that's not really benefiting me.

So it's just, like, an over activation of my central nervous system. So you kind of need to bring that down. And yeah, like a couple of deep breaths and so the meditation piece kind of goes along with the emotional practice piece because that meditation that again, that's, that should relax you. You should come into that space and be able to relax your nervous system.

And like, again, meditation doesn't need to be anything crazy. Maybe you just close your eyes for 60 seconds every morning. Focus on your breathing. Set a timer. Make it that simple. Like I said, low barrier. Don't make it complicated. Doesn't need to be 17 hours long. Just make it super simple. And for me, it's like, the smaller I made it, and now the longer that I've been doing it, like, to me, I always say, like, I'd rather you do it for 60 seconds every day instead of one hour once a week.

Start with 60 seconds every day. You will see such a dramatic shift happen, because you will never not have time for 60 seconds, but you could always end up making an excuse as to why you can't do something for an hour. So, trust me. Low barrier, 60 seconds, start small, and you will see that time grow because you're gonna love what it does for you.

That goes into the emotional practice. So now that you have processed those negative emotions through your meditation, through talking to friends, or whatever you needed to do, through moving, connecting with nature, seeing what needs to come through, you can finally allow yourself to to work into that positive mindset again, and that positive space where you're channeling positive emotion.

And so one thing that I love to do is think about feelings that I want to bring back into my life and start doing the things that bring those back into my life, but I call it emotional practice because what I'll do is I'll actually sit down. And I have a list of words, a list of things. And so I'll, I'll read these words, these emotions, activities, whatever it might be, and I'll sit there and I will let myself feel what it feels like to experience that emotion or that thing.

And so through that, it kind of like raises your vibration. It raises your energy level and you start to feel good again. Like it feels good to feel good. Like you're choosing to feel good. You're choosing these positive thoughts and this will really help rewire your brain. Because if you choose to sit in the negative thoughts, all you're doing is like producing more negative thoughts and going deeper down this rabbit hole.

Versus if you're choosing to think about these positive emotions, you're going to find yourself a lot more expansive and a lot more drawn to the things that are going to continue to invoke these emotions. And so that's a really beautiful part of that puzzle that kind of brings us all full circle so that now you know, how do I take steps to bring more positivity into my life?

So yeah, that's where we're going to leave it off. So recap, cook a nourishing meal, go move, take care of your sleep, go outside, disconnect, meditate, breath work, go play, and finally, practice those positive emotions. Bring that back into your life. Sit with those good feelings and remember what brings them about because you've probably experienced so many good emotions and so you need to just keep allowing yourself to feel them.

And if you haven't experienced those good emotions or you feel like I just haven't hit that high range of positive emotion That might be a sign that you have some negative ones that you need to process because by not processing the negative ones It's gonna keep you from experiencing the positive ones We will only know good and bad through contrast, so you have to sit at least a little bit and process those negative emotions.

I'm not telling you to avoid them. I'm telling you to process them. I'm not telling you to drown and sit in them and seep in them indefinitely. You want to process, integrate, release. Woo! So yeah, I hope this finds you well. I hope this gives you less worry, less problems. I hope you have more joy. And more happiness, and more fun, and bring yourself to take that next step.

This is going to help you break through. A lot of times we experience so much turbulence around the time where we are ready to elevate into something greater. And so you have to see your part in all of this, take control, and make steps to bring yourself into that higher, next stage, more elevated. You have good things coming for you.

Don't forget that. You've experienced some really amazing days already, probably, and guess what? You get to experience more, and they're only going to keep getting better and better. The more... You apply these principles. So yeah. Thank you guys for listening today. I've been really loving the conversations that have been opening up when you guys DM me about your thoughts on these podcast episodes.

Like I, I love it and it, you know, I want you to keep challenging my thoughts. Like I love when someone challenges my view because what that's really doing is making me really think about why I'm saying what I'm saying. Why I'm choosing to believe what I'm choosing to believe, and it will either push me further into my beliefs and become more confident in what I know, or it will challenge me and say, Hey, maybe there's a perspective that I did not consider when saying this, or maybe there's a reality that I wasn't aware of and I need to work that into my beliefs so that I can continue to share a more positive message that's going to help people through their evolution and through the stages of change.

Whatever you have to say. I freaking love to hear it. I welcome it. I want to hear all of it, so thank you so much guys. Thank you for listening. If you're wondering where to dmm me, it's fuel, the underscore fire on Instagram. It's where I love to hang out, so hit me up. Alright guys, have a good day. Love you.




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