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Movement is Medicine in Buti Yoga with Kristina Rosario

Episode 31 of the Fuel the Fire Podcast hosted by Shanon Safi, RD, LDN.

Have you been looking for a routine to get yourself moving and hyped up? Are you looking for something that will release your emotions and set a foundation for self-love? Maybe you've been searching for a group of people that will uplift you and cheer you on! Buti yoga is a practice that will give you all of that and so much more!

In this episode, Shanon is joined by Kristina 'Tina' Rosario, a fellow certified Buti Yoga instructor, as they talk about the beauty behind Buti, their discovery and journey into certifications, and the deep transformations they've undergone & witnessed.

In This Episode: Tina’s passion to teach and serve translates to work and finding Buti (4:51) What is Buti yoga? (19:48) The ‘No-Judgement’ Zone: Buti’s benefits and release for every gender identity, energy, and lifestyle (25:51) Tina and Shanon share how Buti has helped them transform from the inside-out (36:19)

Episode Transcript:

 moving your body in certain ways that it feels like sexy you know come in my power after I do booty every part of me is just like God, I love this body. I've been looking for something that makes me feel this no person. No thing no outfit could ever make me feel this. Hello, hello, welcome to the fuel fire soul podcast with your host, Shannon Saffy. Today, we have a very special person as a guest. Her name is Christina Rosario, and she is actually one of my closest friends, we go way back to the beginning of middle school. When she first moved to my town, she was the new girl in school. And we've been friends ever since we used to joke and call each other twins because we played soccer together and people would mix us up all the time. So I'm so happy to have her on here. And we are going to be talking about the power of booty yoga. Booty yoga is something that we did offer when fuel the fire was an in person business at our original location 4060 Broadway in Allentown, Pennsylvania, having Tina on and being able to talk about this is really exciting for me, because my life shifted so much when I really prioritize the practice of booty yoga. If you guys didn't know, I am a certified instructor in booty yoga, this specific type of yoga is rooted in really helping you feel more empowered. It's a theme is movement is medicine. And it really is, so many of the movements are really unique. And there's dance mixed into this form of yoga, and primal movements. All of this together allows for beautiful healing, emotional releases, and life changing effects. I'm so happy to bring this conversation to you so that you can kind of open up to the possibility and the magic that movement can truly be in your life, and allow you to start to think about moving with a different purpose. So in this conversation, Christina, aka Tina, and I will get into the power in it. And of course, when you put two best friends in a room, we're probably going to start to get a little bit goofy and go way off tangent. But I am excited to bring you this because it's really been life changing for me and parts of what we talk about are incorporated into the programs that I offer now. So if you're unfamiliar with embodiment practices, this is going to be a little bit of an introduction to it. And if you're even more curious, set up a free consultation with me to chat about my coaching programs. So I just released my new coaching program, which is really just a refined version of the original one that I had released. So this is called Mind Body Soul harmony. It's a hybrid coaching program that really empowers you, and allows you to start to connect to the power of the body, heal your relationship with your body, and heal your relationship with your emotions. These principles create powerful, strong shifts, the women that have gone through the first round of it, have absolutely loved it. I've gotten such great feedback from the group coaching sessions, and even some of the one on one coaching that goes on during this group session. You also get the opportunity to chat with me in between sessions, all on a beautiful little app that is held in your hand with all of the course information, additional modules, videos to really help you heal your body, heal your emotions, and truly feel in control of your life and in your power. So if you're a little curious, like I said, You should sign up for a free consultation with me. We'll provide the link in the show notes so you can check it out. And yes, So with No further ado, here is the amazing fun conversation with Christina. Hello, we are here with Christina Rosario. I'm so excited to open up this conversation so you guys can get to know her and understand the magic that booty is


So Christina, who also goes by Tina, I'm going to end up saying Tina most of this time because that's what I call you. So just so you guys are aware who I'm referencing, there's not a third person in this room. There's not so me. So Tina, tell the audience a little bit about yourself outside of booty.

Wow. Okay. So my name is Christina some people know me as Tina where to start? with that question. So I live in Allentown, and I'm a nurse, classically trained nurse, I guess. I've been a nurse since 2014. When I graduated from Bloomsburg University, and I've worked in hospital, I've worked in a doctor's office. And now I most recently work to educate newer nurses. So newly graduated, nurses. So that's what I do, I guess outside of booty, love to travel, hang out, my friends be outside the beach, all those things to eat, like to eat to good food, good food, new restaurants. And, yeah,

I love it. Tell them a little bit. I know even with nursing recently, you did kind of make a transition in what your role is.

So last, I kind of get messed up with COVID. And all the years, it's a blur. But basically COVID forced me to have some more time, I think everyone did. And I had the opportunity to go back to school. So I did that. And I got my master's in nursing education. And I finished with that degree last June, so June 2022. And I had a great opportunity to join my department of education. So it was a, it was a really big transition, I was very used to working in clinical practice. So once a nurse always a nurse, if you're a nurse, you know that. So it was a big transition for me to go from patient care to now just educating. So I'm on the complete forefront, the before front and the after front, I think of what nurses do at the bedside or in the doctor's office. But that was really, really huge for me, because I just feel like I'm such a people person, like I like being around people and caring for people. So this is a completely different type of caring for people, because I can't actually physically touch the people, you know, I'm, I'm caring for the nurses that are then caring for these individuals like on the front line, so to speak.

And I think that's really cool. Because you get to have a greater impact. Like you were able to take what you learned from your personal experience as a nurse, and go one step above that. And now that you know, like the ins and outs, and you're in this new role, I feel like it gives you the ability to really understand what they're going through and even just be a better leader, because you kind of like worked your way up in that sense. And you have a lot more perspective. Sometimes higher up roles haven't actually like work their way up. And so sometimes they kind of lose the peace of hey, like what's actually impacting people like what are their lives actually, like?

Yeah, and that's an important aspect of what I do now, because I work with a lot of the newly licensed nurses, so they're within a year of their practice. And it's really important to keep that perspective. And I'm not too far off from it, you know, I'm about nine years into being a nurse now. So it's, it's still I keep it close to me, because I, I remember those feelings of you know, triumph and also despair at the same time and feeling a little bit loss of control and not knowing where to go next, or how to handle a certain, you know, clinical situation. So it's definitely important. And you said something that a lot of professional development specialists and nurse educators told me because I had that same question. When I asked, I asked us in my interview, I said, How do you? How do you feel except went away from clinical, like the clinical side and they said, you're able to touch so many more lives? And you said just exactly like how they responded to me with that question, or just find it interesting.

I love that. Yeah, cuz that's like a really good way to look at it. Because sometimes it feels like you're losing that personal touch, but you're actually expanding your reach. So it's kind of Yeah, it's just like a different energy, I imagine.

Yeah. Yep. That surely is. Yeah.

I love that. So yeah, what's one thing that really led you into this career with nursing and then also to fold? What led you to booty? That's a such a big question. I know. Let's start with one I'm sorry to three sometimes. Well, sometimes

it's hard. I'm like, Why? Why did I become a nurse? You know, what it what was I doing? I always say, if I wasn't a nurse, I'd be a teacher. And now I get to be both. Yeah, so that's really cool. You know, from a personal perspective, but, you know, I always really cared for people deeply and I wanted them to like be their best self, their favorite self, which can transpire into both of those questions there. And you know, nursing is kind of where I found my niche. I had a lot of opportunities through high school, too. get, you know, more exposure to the nursing realm and just, you know, the medical field in general. So I'm really fortunate and you know, I look back, I'm like, wow, like I really had some good opportunities. That helped me to kind of find the path I wanted to be. I can't lie like going into college. I'm like, one of the first in my family to go to college. So I had no idea what that was about either dealing with my family, no idea what nursing school quote, unquote, was, like, you hear about it now. Like, you know, tell horrible this and that. And yeah, it was kind of brutal, looking back, like it was extremely stressful. I think that caused myself a stomach ulcer at one point after I've graduated. But what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, I guess. And when I look back at those times, to have like, wow, that was grueling. But I felt really prepared for what I was about to go into, as, you know, a professional nurse when I am the nurse now, it's not just like, Oh, she's a student. No, I'm the nurse now. So I felt really prepared for that. And really, you know, just caring about people, but I always knew, like, there's gotta be more to this, there's gotta be more out there, there's got to be more that I can do. There's has to be like a different perspective, a different avenue. And I also kind of getting to like the booty side of things. Now, I always liked like, being athletic, you know, we played soccer together. I also played field hockey in high school. So we were all like, I was always like, you know, athletic, and the fitness type of thing. I also really like to dance. So this is kind of setting setting the background for everything now. I was never a classically trained dancer, but like, put on some music. And I'll be the first one out there dancing. Don't know what steps I'm doing. You know how to time it kind of make it ups go with the flow. But that that also gives a little background of booty, I guess. Yeah, I remember like doing Zumba classes. And I was like, Oh, I really want to do this one day. Like, I want to be the one teaching the class like I love this, like look at everyone having so much fun and like they're being active and they're just like loving their life. And I wanted to do that one day. So long story short, you know, things kind of shift around graduated from college. Gonna start my nursing career pretty soon, but I definitely took that summer off because girlfriend needed some time off and some fun. And I got trained in some like fitness platforms, insanity. And that's kind of where the group fitness started to take off. Shortly after that I got certified in another type of hit training. And then there I go teaching hit training two times a week stalking my nurse schedule. So I can teach classes that like local gyms, when I'm not working so nurse by day or nurse by night at that point, because I was a night shift, nurse by night and fitness instructor by day. And that just kind of kept evolving. And then you know, there was just certain friends in my life. And they actually introduced me to yoga. I mean, sure everyone's heard the word yoga. But did I practice it or know what it was? Was I exposed to it like through some of like my college friend groups? No, not at home. So I really got exposed through to have two friends I hold very dear to my heart. And you know, I just kind of started practicing on my own or like watching videos and then randomly started going to yoga studios around the area. And I really loved hot yoga, just because it was intense. And I love the intensity of it. And you know, it feels pretty good when you leave the class and the fresh air just hits you in the face. Like wow, I guess you could see me you could see me being a little theatrical without my hands, the whoosh, whoosh, the host of the air. So just gotten more involved in yoga and practicing and just really, you know, liking it still teaching like my fitness classes. And then one day, I was sad because of a situation that happened in my life. And I just felt like crap, you know, like the world was ending. Although it was most definitely not ending whatsoever. It was probably opening up for me. But needless to say, I was really upset down in the dumps was not feeling confident. I was not feeling beautiful was not feeling like myself at all didn't want to do anything. I'm sure we all can relate to this at this point. And I was scrolling I don't remember if it was Facebook or Instagram. I don't I don't really remember when I got an Instagram like when it became like a big thing. It might have been Instagram at this point. But there was an ad for booty yoga. And all I heard was like this heavy bass and was like and this this woman who at the time I had no idea who it was but she was the creator of booty yoga, was just moving her body and it was yoga but it was also like dancing and then she was like stomping around and I was like what is this? You I can say that now because they have tick tock, but I was like, wow, what is this? Like? How do I do it? Where is it at? Where do I find more? So of course, I clicked and that, you know, rabbit hole down. And then I went on their website and I was like, Oh, I can learn this, I can get certified and like, what, what's better in life? Let's go do it, why not? And got my spark back a little bit there. And they were hosting a training. It was November around November, when that happens. I remember I got on a Black Friday sale, and I was extra hype, because I got it for a cheaper price. And they were holding a training maybe an hour and a half and feasterville. And I called up my girlfriend, Sabina, and I was like, Hey, can I stay at your parents house? Because they lived right there. I was like, Can I see your parents house for like this random weekend? She was like, Yeah, sure. Okay. I was like, great. Thank you so much. And she had like, no idea what I was doing. And then I went down for my training never took class in my life. Mind. You. Never knew of this booty yoga before or didn't know anyone that did it. I think I YouTubed it at that point. Because I didn't know what else to do. And I was like, okay, like, wow, okay, I can get behind this. And yeah, just showed up a training like, Hello, how's everyone, you know, I'm here. And there was so many people that like, I've been doing booty for years, or, you know, I take classes with so and so. And I was like, this is a thing. I was like, I thought I just discovered this, you know, like, what is this? What's going on. So a little bit intimidating. And also, I was very new, and like the yoga practice too. And it's it is, you know, it is a yoga. So a little bit intimidating in that regard, too, because I definitely felt very strong and like the just being in the body and flowing through. And like the power aspects because I was like, trained and like certified in, like the hit training. So like, I felt really confident in those. But the yoga is I think, where my my, you know, my limitations were. Nonetheless, I had that three day training, I did put a demo together. I was so nervous that night. I remember being in like, my, you know, my my friend's like bedroom and I'm like hopping around and doing all this and like trying to listen to music that I've never even heard before. Because there's you know, nice genre of music and a good like, I say a hearty genre of music because it like goes from A to Z. And I'm listening to all the songs and like I've never heard any of them before. I'm trying to find the right song. And we had our demo day on that Sunday. I don't think I could even sit on the toilet. I was so sore. Because like it is dead. You know it too. It is an intense training. And you know by day one I'm like still excited like waking up on Saturday morning like oh my god like I didn't even know that muscle my butt cheek existed. Because it but it's there. I feel it and I can barely walk and then and then our master trainers like alright, we're going down them last night and I was like, Girl, I don't think I'm gonna be able to get up. Yeah, because Oh, yeah, so really sore, went into demo day, killed that curse. I'm gonna not kill that ish. I killed. I felt like I killed it. But if you asked me what I did, I have no idea like complete demo blackout. I just remember. My first song was powerful. And he like started and I was like, inhale, lift your hands and then nothing I don't remember a single thing and I remember at one point I was like going ham and I don't even know if everyone was still with me at that point. But like I felt I had the power in me that right that moment. So I was good. I was just I was just going and my master trainer Becky, who I you know I still keep in touch with to this day. She just wrote like fire on my email. Because I am looking back or like the feeling afterwards. I definitely felt like fire in that moment and a lot of power and lo and behold I hit all the poses I was supposed to hit and I cued pretty well and I had a pest that day so I was really excited had no idea what I was doing with it yet because like so I'm like I thought this was like new I thought I just saw it like no one else knew about it but people knew about it already.

So that's like my journey of becoming booty yoga certified what'd I miss?

You gave us a lot of juicy good bands because I know even started with what got you into nursing and we transitioned into talking about booty which i i really love and I want more people to know about it because me too. Yeah, like even though it's relatively known, I think there's also still a lot of people that Have like even people in the yoga community that have no idea about what it is. And it's so unique, so different. And it's truly just, I don't know, like, it's really hard to encapsulate. And I know we haven't really fully explained it yet. But if you're not familiar with booty, Tina touched on it a little bit. So it's a mix of yoga and dance and primal movements spiraling and shaking. And all of this is intentional movement that is meant to help you just like recalibrate, releasing motions, process things, without even needing to use your brain to do it. And you, you just experience yourself on a completely different level. I'm like getting chills talking about it. Because even when we introduced it at fuel to fire, when the business was in person, I know I didn't do a good job enough of like, promoting it, because we were I was just like, so focused on other aspects of the business. But that was truly like, my favorite piece to it. Because it was just, it was just medicinal. And like, I just think about the people that did show up and time after time, like Megan and I just think about how she said, I've never felt so confident about myself, like, I could actually take my shirt off in a workout and like, feel really good.

I remember that day too. And, you know, a lot of times I think I would teach and like, you know, my pant my flowy pants or like my leggings and like a sports bra just because it felt comfortable for me. But as you alluded to, like not everyone is at that comfortability level. But I remember that day, when when Meg just like she was hot, and she took off her shirt, and she had a sports bra on and I remember seeing it I didn't, I didn't say anything all we were like in the motion. And then onwards, I was like us, all I do is it was such it was such like a depiction of like the embodiment of changing from the inside out. And like, that's one of the things in booty, you know, like, we help you change from the inside out through this movement through this practice. And, you know, really through this, this mindset that you get into, and it's very, very freeing.

Yeah, I agree. And, you know, I learned about it through you. And I was really excited to be able to have you teach that at fuel and like, get to see what it was really about. And I genuinely at the time when I was like, Yeah, Tina come to champion, like, I had no idea that it was going to like, take me down the path that I'm at today. Like, like, I was in my like meathead phase, where I was just like, oh, I lift weights. And like, that's like all I did. And so the idea and I think that concept of like the dance and the flow, like intimidates a lot of people, because they're like, I'm not good at dancing. I'm not comfortable in my body. And I felt the same way where I was just like, oh, like, I like dancing, which like Arabic music, like, you know, that was the only dancing that I really felt comfortable doing. And so we do we put Arabic music in the playlist. Yeah, no exclusively teach with only Arabic music. But yeah, so I really love that. And I love how it has influenced me. And it was like after showing up like every Monday night we'd be doing this. And it was like two years later. And then I don't know what exactly, I think I just got so into it. And then I was like, I think this is what it was. So Kelly, my cousin in law. She mentioned I think like she was really interested in it, too. And there was a training that was coming up in Pennsylvania or maybe you told me about it.

Yeah, because I think I was like just pushing everyone to get started. Like, just go it's amazing, because so like training weekend just to give everyone a little background like training weekend is truly transformative, whether you intend or plan on teaching this practice like instructing it and guiding others, like, you know, in a classical class format or not. It's awesome. And I know you can speak on that I know many others to speak and I know Kelly, you can speak on that. It's it's just, it's awesome. And I love going back and auditing training. So that's just me like I'm certified but I'm sitting in just to kind of refresh, regain insight and perspective with different master trainers and we were talking about this earlier like each trader even has their own little flavor too that they bring to it which is so awesome because like sometimes you need a little bit of this and sometimes you did a little bit. But training we're going in and of itself is just so amazing. And you learn a lot about yourself and you learn your strengths and your weaknesses and you just learned something different and good. Truly good for your body and your mind and like your insides your whole insides. I definitely probably said something like you guys should go Yeah, look, there's this one, there's this one, I think I was always looking at them just because I liked going back and being there too, with, you know, whoever was certifying, and it's a special feeling to to be there and back just with a lot of innovative mindsets, too, and just different ways of movement, because I think we all do this, like we kind of just fall into our same patterns of movement. And until we're exposed to someone that moves a little bit differently, we're like, Oh, I forgot I could do that. You know, and it opens up that pathway.

Yeah, like that. It really the experience of just like being wholly dedicated to something for a duration of time. I think. It's just really beautiful. Like, you're not thinking about anything other than movement and connecting with these women. Or men. Yeah, there's a lot of booty boys out there. Yeah, don't be scared. Yeah, I made my boyfriend try it once. And he actually loved it. To my surprise, like, I was like, No way. He's gonna think this is so weird. And then like, after class, I like looked at him. And I was like, like, just ready for him to like, be like, that was horrible. Why'd you make me do and he was like,

I would do that again. i. So, you know, from people that identify as male, they love it. They really do. I really don't think that I've met a male that didn't enjoy that hour. Now, you know, is it their cup of tea? They would do it every week? That's, you know, a fair question. But there are a number of males that like would come consistently, every week, on time, ready, and like, Yo, T, I'm ready for this, you know, and I applaud that, because a lot of times, like you think of it's a woman dominant type of thing. But as much as it's feminine, it taps into your masculine to, and you can even hear it, like through the music, like some songs are just more heavy in the masculine type of thing. And then, and then we get there, you know, and then some are more feminine and a little more fluid or softer. And we get there too. So it really is for both gender identities.

Yeah, because even part of what booty is, it's like the dance between the masculine and feminine. So it's awakening both parts of you, because everyone is both. And typically, we lean further into one or the other. And that's okay. It's just, sometimes we can lose that balance, because we identify as a certain gender. So then we feel like, Oh, well, I should be someone who's more in my feminine because I'm a female, or like, I should be more in my masculine because I'm a male, and then that can actually create toxicity in our lives. And booty is really just like bringing both together and activating both aspects to awaken parts of yourself that lie dormant otherwise. So it's like you're you like really do start to like, remember who you are in a different way and like to feel free. And I think dance in and of itself, just when we have those moments of like free flow where you're like, Okay, shake your body, let it move how it needs to move. Like, in those moments, it's just that time to like, get out of your head, and you're like, I'm just in my body right now. Which is I think, like, the most powerful part of booty is like you are like you are in your body, you can't be anywhere else during the practice literally can't. Yeah, you're you're like, you just really can't. And so that's something that especially in America, like we are very like living in our heads like that we're pushed to kind of do that for like most people that I coach, I should say, because obviously, there's like a huge population that I do not go to this country. But it's just like a lot of us do have jobs, a lot of my listeners, I think can relate because we work and our work is in our heads and like we have to make the effort to move because it's just not something that's incorporated into our days. And like booty allows you to move in ways that are so different. And it really releases a lot of tension that you're holding in your body. Like, I especially think of it in my hips and in my heart too. So it's like the spiraling that we do, like you hold so much tension and trauma in your hip region. And when you take the time to open that up and release physically, like you get an emotional release from that and I think a lot of people are finally starting to open up to the fact that there's a connection between our emotions and our physical body and how we hold on to trauma and like how our selves don't forget these things, even though your mental brain might block it out or ignore it or be able to like process it differently, but like it's in your body until you move it out.

Yeah, those are my favorite type of classes. You know, not when I'm teaching well when I'm receiving on the receiving end, and the classes where I just like kind of sobbed through my shavasana those are the best classes like most memorable memorable in the sense that, like, I know, I'm like letting so many things go not rememberable. Like, I've remembered everything I just did, because I don't. And that is a lot of what I hear with some of my, like students to that come many of times, it's maybe their first or second time and, you know, one person will say, like, Oh man, I kind of cried at the end. And, um, there's another human, that's like, I did too. And I look at them, and I just smile, I'm like, You got the fullness of what you didn't know that you came for. And to me, it, like lights me up inside in a good way that I'm like, I like I kind of feel like I did my job. Although I don't view it as a job. You know, I just I always say, like, I'm just driving the bus here, guys, like, you guys can lean a lead where it goes, because booty too is like an energy exchange. So like, if the group is just like, it needs to be more slow, low flow, like, we kind of go that way, if there's a lot of energy in the room, you definitely feel it. And then and then we go kind of ham, you know, ham, and in the strategic way, of course, but I truly just, I really feel like I'm like I did, I did the job tonight, like I was able to guide this group of, of people that came into where they didn't know they needed to that they're able to release and leave in a lighter sentence, you know, mentally, physically, emotionally. And it's nice to just have those little small conversations after class. And it's nice when people open up about it too. And they're transparent, because, you know, like, I know, sometimes like, if I'm crying, I try to just be like, like, you know, hold it back a little bit, or, like, try to be really quiet or like, I'll like, I'll wear the tear before anyone can see it, you know, type of thing, until you become very, very comfortable in your body. But I think it's beautiful when people, you know, really just let it happen. And there has been times to when people you know, they have a really big emotional release. And like, they almost don't, I don't think they expected it. And they don't know how to handle it afterwards. And they kind of like can kind of almost like push it away. And that happened once and there was another yoga teacher there. And, you know, she was just like, I think we should go outside and just like sink our feet into the ground and kind of ground down. And we all did that together. And I think it was a really like beautiful moment for that individual and for all of us to just like show that we're supporting and connecting. And that moment because yeah, sometimes it that booty bliss, like hits you and it can come out and crying or laughter sometimes too. But if you've kind of even remotely experienced it, you know that it's like the best the best feeling in the world. And you do really feel lighter.

Yeah, that was so beautifully said and really cool that you get to share that experience with the community because a big part of booty is the community and you get so connected with the people that you routinely practice with, because you're all like, it feels like you're all in on this secret. And like you get to experience the power of it. And it just opens up your heart in a way that's so different than I feel like any other types of practices where you know, again, because booty has that intention of that medicine like medicinal release. Yeah, movement is medicine. Yeah. And I, I just really love that as a whole. And yeah, people that don't know that's going to happen will tend to resist stay because they're like, Oh, I What kind of weirdo is gonna cry at a yoga session, you know? And so people? Yeah. Yeah, you like build up all this shame or like embarrassment around, like having this emotional experience, but it's part of it. And like when people like everyone's there to support you, and that vulnerability, like goes a long way because, like, even through the noises that we make, like, you know, if you're supposed to get vocal during booty, like if you feel like use your breath, use your sound, and giving yourself permission to do that. You liberate other people. Like it sounds so silly, but I like especially before I had such trouble using my voice. And so when I did my practice, like I never made noise, like I just wouldn't, because I'm like, I'm gonna be the silent mouse. Like, I don't know, like, I don't want anyone to hear my breathing. It's so uncomfortable. But now I'm like, No, I'm gonna I'm gonna be really loud. Yeah, like, I use my whole lungs. Yeah. And so like that. It's like when you do that you really do help give other people permission to do it, too. And so it's like, yeah, be the one to step out into it. First be the one to use your voice like you might feel kind of weird because no one else is. But everyone's like, maybe like I bet you everyone's like having that moment where like, Should I do it? Should I do it? Yeah, like you kind of have that like before you let out your first like, yeah, like, you hesitate and you're like, Okay, no, no, no. Okay, then adapt to it. No, okay, no, I lost my shot and it was like you're in your head and you're like,

just gotta let it let it go out of your head and just let it fly out of your, your throat type of thing. Yeah, yeah. And sometimes I do feel that, you know, as I'm guiding everyone through a class, like, I can almost feel that people are like holding back. And I say, I'm like, you use your voice, let it out like and, and, you know, whether it happens or not, I want to create that space, like you said, to just open it up and say, like, it's okay. And like to liberate someone else to be like, it's okay to use your voice louder. Who or how, or, you know, like, you know, how it is like, you run up a hill and at the top of like, it's just that same thing. And sometimes, like, those sounds just come out. And sometimes I'm the only one making them in some classes, you know, I still do it. Yeah. And sometimes I'm like, oh, man, I'm only I'm only one you know, looking around like you guys there. But you know, everyone has a different comfortability with, with everything in life. And it's beautiful when people kind of bust out of their shell a little bit. And I think, definitely, like, we kind of talked about this, but you know, as you see someone kind of transform and they're like a regular, that keeps coming back and back because they know they like crave it. They crave the movement and the energy and the love that goes around that room when we're all there. And they keep coming back and keep coming back. And when you kind of see that transformation. It's really as a beautiful thing.

Yeah, with you. So what would you say was the biggest transformation you personally had through booty through that experience?

Wow. Okay, give me a second. Now that I'm trying to think of what to say, but I just feel like there's so many cheer for you. I think the self confidence hands down is one of them. I don't mean self confidence, like, Oh, I feel good in a sports bra and little booty shorts. That's not what I mean. It's just, it's just being confident and who I am. Like, and you know, like that, like, every chakra, you know, I felt rooted, I felt purpose. I felt like I had intention. It just gives me so much confidence in who I am. And why I'm on this earth of God. I feel like I'm gonna cry. Let it out. Yeah, I just feel confident really, and confidence in, you know, you know, when you see confidence, you're like, wow, like, the crystal confident, you know, I just, I feel that and I tried to carry it with me. And I think booty helped me to have that. And like I said, you know, like, Cannot I don't know, if I found booty, or it found me at the right time, you know, like that, that whole dance. I always say it found me because I was scrolling. You know, I was I felt very broken at that time with what I was going through. And like I said, it's not earth shattering. But for me, it was and I felt very broken. It just made me feel very whole again. And we talked a little bit and touched on like the community aspect. And one of the things in a booty class, like you have to make moment, a moment, at least a moment or a few moments of community. And that's the whole premise to know that like you're together, whether it's just like everyone's clapping their hands together. Like you have to make that time for community. And there really is a whole community that's that does booty which I didn't know at that time, way back when. But you know, East Coast, the West Coast, even around the world, I've been on certain certification and trainings and continuing education and there's someone in like Switzerland, we're like, oh, what time is it there? She's like, it's 2am. But here we are, you know, like ready to go. So it's really cool. That booty is even around the world now. So there's just there's just always something for someone and sometimes you don't even know what you're about to receive when you step foot into a booty yoga class or hot booty class are any any of the format's really?

Yeah, I love that. And I can really relate to that. I feel like that's really what it does is like you're you're going to find something from it. And I feel like, like it always finds you in the moment that you're about to have, like you're being called to go deeper or to have a transformation. Yeah. Because even around the time when I got certified that was when I decided to like let go of my my business that like worked so many years to build up. And I was so scared and I felt like really uncertain about what the future was going to bring. And then it was like why am I going to go do this yoga certification when like, my life is like in shambles. I should be doing more to like figure this out. But at the same time, I was just like, no, like, I want to do this now. And I think I ended up moving up my certification. I went to New Mexico to do it, which was like 10 times more of a heightening experience just like being in the magic of New Mexico which like, I don't If I'm obsessed with New Mexico because of the booty or if I'm obsessed with New Mexico, I

need to go. Because you told me about it like 15 times, yeah, like, I need to go there next.

Like the girls that I got certified with, like, I really look at them as sisters like, we, like, we still talk and stuff and like, I want to go stay with them. And when I went down there, and I think that's like the really cool part of it. But absolutely, like hands down. Like, I just remember, like, I was the only person not from New Mexico, in that training. So I was like that token girl, which, like everyone was just trying to, like, make me feel welcome. Because so many of them like already knew each other. But yeah, I just like automatically felt like I was just embraced. And, like, I definitely, like I cried on the first day, like I just was so sick, so many different emotions go through you. And like competence was a big thing for me, especially in my body. Like, to me that was always like, an unconscious struggle that I was having, like I knew, you know, I I just always had like, like, always just preoccupied with, like, how I look. And I think with booty, when I move when I'm in class, like, I'm not worried about how I look like I think in the beginning, I really was because when you do yoga, it's like, you have roles and like, you know, it's like, you know, it's not a it's not pretty, it gets something where it's just like, you're like, oh, I don't I shouldn't show this or like, you know, but you can't really hide it. And for me, like I like yeah, it was like another thing where it's like, yeah, it would start when I started doing videos, like wearing T shirts and leggings. And then like now I just want to wear like little shorts and like a little sports bra. Because it's an opportunity for me to feel my whole body. Like during the practice, like I like I love the feeling of touching my own skin because it's really helped me feel so much more connected to my body and feel confident like in my skin, which was like, I just see that a lot for a lot of other people to where it's, it's like moving your body in certain ways that just like it feels like sexy. You know, like, I feel like I'm in my power. Like, I'm fine. Like, nobody can mess with me like I'm bad. Like, I really do feel that like when after I do booty. I'm just like, every part of me is just like, God, I love this body. And like I've been looking for something that makes me feel this like No, no person. No thing no outfit could ever make me feel this. But like this practice made me feel this and layer that again, like it's on the inside. Yeah. 100% Like it's it is it's in you. And it's like that's what I love about it because it's to me like your body has so much medicine like like, just waiting to be like tapped into. And that's like one of the ways that you can do it. So yeah, I frickin I love it,

too. And I was so excited when you know, you went out to your certification weekend and Kelly went out to hers to Kelly was local. So I was able to go there for the middle day like Saturday, the master class in the morning, Emily, was there. Another great master trainer that I have the privilege of getting to know a little bit and yeah, it's awesome. And then I think what was it last summer, we road tripped. Two stairs studio who says a new master trainer. And there was a few people there too. It's like it was just it was awesome to move with all of them too. Because again, we said there's like a little bit of flavor with each you know, Master Trainer. So to be able to like tap into like their flavor was so awesome. Now I'm like forgetting who was there.

I'm forgetting your name. And there were two other master trainers there.

They're both great, though. I loved being there. And I just remember there's this one movement we did with like our arm behind our back. And I was like, why it was so intentional. And like, I knew what I was opening up and strengthening at that moment, which was awesome, because I had never done that before. And like just even little like movements with the risks, sometimes switching the risks. Like there's just so much intention through all of it, and you don't even know what you're doing at the time. And you know, it's moving quickly and dynamically. So you can't explain it all the time. But there's, there's definitely, like, just love and energy there.

I think that's what's fun, because every teacher it's like it's an intuitive practice. So it's not like orchestrated, or which throws people off because usually yoga is like very organized, like do this side. And now you do this side. And like with booty. I remember being so concerned that when I teach like I'm not gonna remember to do the other side because you're not supposed to do sides consecutively. But you just you just have to trust yourself and you just do it like you don't like you're just like, Oh yeah, it's that time to do that other thing like you just comes to you, you know, like you don't really have to try to remember that's like another beautiful part of the practice is it's such a good way to, like, build trust in yourself. Oh, yeah. Like, be guided by your inner like, you just know that like when you need to know you're gonna know and you don't have to worry about it

you just reminded me that's another thing that came to me like as I transformed is like learning how to trust myself. Because yes, like you're worried about am I giving everyone a balanced class, you know that I hit I did warrior two on this side that I did I cut it on the other side. And there's definitely times in class. I'm like, Wait, did we do this side? Because like, it just felt good for me to go into that. But also, I was like, I've been here before, was it on the left or on the right and most times, you know, like, you'll be there like my sister just like, you're good. I'm like, okay, great, great. Okay, back to what we were doing, you know, even though I'm already doing it. But it really did enable me to find that trust in myself. And sometimes you don't know you're about to hit like, you know, close, close it off. You know, if I did on the right, I'm doing on the left, but you're in a pose or in Austin, or you're dynamically moving. And then you just flow right into it. You're like, oh, yeah, I meant, yep. I meant to do this right now. You know, and you mentioned a lot about it being an intuitive practice, and it definitely is. So for our listeners that don't know, booty, you know, it's not pre planned. It's not written down beforehand. I don't we don't have a script in front of us that says, like, we're doing, you know, this pose, this asana that's going to flow into this. I definitely think like, I listen to music, and I'm like, oh, it'd be dope to like, hit, you know, this type of series through that, or like a warrior two series, or, you know, to kind of get like, a little like German on the ground through this song. I can't say that happens in a class, you know, but I could be in my, in my car gym, and on the way to class. I'm like, yeah, yeah. And then during class, I'm, like, completely different happens. So it's not like written down formulated, we really just flow to the music and the energy that's in the room, too. So you know, when the music gets high and heavy bass and heavy hitting, or probably do something that's, you know, a little more powerful, maybe like burpees. And when it's a little slower, we might be flowing through like a warrior to to a side angle, and really like opening up the side bodies and slowing down some of those movements that we're doing. And that's another big beautiful part of a booty, too. It's also allowed me to be very creative, in a sense, and like, go into different asanas and poses and sequence them together, that I could not have thought of that unless I was in that moment at the exact time with those people in that room and not think and not thinking. And it sounds weird saying that, like I don't think as an instructor, I definitely think I'm always thinking like what's coming next and like, the beats in the song and like when the beat drops and like the next song that's coming up, because you definitely have to, like know your music. But sometimes it just comes without thought. Yeah, you know,

you're just like feeling into the next step. You know, you're like, Okay, right now, in this moment, like I know beats about to come like, to that beat from this position, I just want to move this way. You just let it happen. So it's just, like, you're in that constant like feedback of like, mind body, it's just like, back and forth so quickly,

definitely. And I can honestly say, I have no other thoughts in the world during like that hour hour 15 Or sometimes, you know, 50 minute class. No other thought I could have a lot of a whole lot of thoughts when I'm like, Okay, guys, easy seat, or half lotus are crisscross applesauce, and, you know, pressing play, and the music starts. I could have a lot of thoughts right then but you know, take a deep breath. And I don't know if it's the same for you, but I can't think of I don't think of anything except for like, my body and what I'm doing. Yeah, I can really get lost. You can

and I think it's good to sometimes like, just like you forget about time you forget about everything that's not there. And if a thought like there have been times where like if I'm coming to class after, like, if I just had like worked right up into the second I was leaving for class, like sometimes, because I didn't fully have an energetic clothes on my work because I felt rushed to like change really quickly, then get in the car and get to class. Like when I do that, sometimes I'll have thoughts like pop up and then I just come back and I'm like, Okay, be more intentional with your movement, like the fact that you can allow a thought to come in means like, you're not being as intentional with everything that you're doing with your body. I like that. Yeah, so it's like it might be it depends on when the moment comes. Or like when we're slapping the mat. I'm like, Alright, slap them at heart or hit your chest hard or like, like wake your body up, like come back into this vehicle. You know, and it's yeah, it's like a good reminder. In because I think it's normal. It's like human nature. It's gonna happen like you're, you might have like, I'm sure there people that find that they do yoga and they have all these thoughts come up and they're like, what's wrong with me? And like, yeah, like, there's nothing wrong with you. That's normal. Like, that's like, same with meditation. Like, it's, you're gonna have thoughts come up, it's just a matter of like, okay, once you notice you're getting back into your head to yourself back into your body, right? Like, how

do you deal with that? When that thought comes in? Like, do you let it stay there? Just be like, uh, huh, hold up five minutes, you know, or 10, maybe 55 more minutes?

Yeah, it's like, Alright, back to my breathing back to my breathing. And it's like, oh, I saved myself just back to my breathing or like back to my movement or like, whatever it might be like, it's okay. Like it's going to happen. It's just a matter of continuously pulling yourself back in and knowing that it's going to happen and being okay with that it's going to happen. And the less resistance you have to it, it's like, the easier it is to put yourself back in your body. Oh, I'm doing that thing where I'm getting my head. Come back. Yeah, it's like you have to like hate yourself or shame yourself for it, which a lot of people do and then just want to quit

shore. Yeah, this is too hard. Yeah, I can't do this. I can't get a mindset. I can't focus. It's true. So true. I like that advice that you gave.

Thanks. All right. See, we're coming up on time. So I just wanted to say do you have any last takeaway that you want to like? Just like a one liner?

Yeah, come to class.

That's it. I love that perfect. Awesome to hear people really enjoy this conversation. What's a way that people can connect with you online? Like, where do you like to hang out in the internet space?

Okay, so I would say connect with me in person at class? Yes. Because so I always tell people, you know, booty, I can try to explain it, but I cannot explain the feelings that you will have, you know, during, before, during and after. And I love asking people like, what do you think, you know, how do you feel? And they're like, Wow, and I said, and then I always asked, Did you look up anything before you came? And a lot of times, we're like, well, like, you know, I kind of looked kind of this and they're like, but not really, they're like, but it was completely. It was anything like I didn't expect, you know, and I was like good or bad. And they're like, Good, great. You know, so definitely connecting in person is always better, because then we can have that like one on one or like, you know, just feeling the energy of like everyone that comes to the class that day. But I also do have an Instagram, Tina, underscore tone underscore, I also have a personal account, Tina, jazz, too. But a lot of the yoga is primarily posted on Tina tone. And you can see like, I have some videos up there, just like some sped up time lapses of all the classes. And just so you can kind of see how the body flows around. If you're one of those. It's like, I need to know what I'm getting into. I can definitely do that. I have another video up there. It's just of me, but just doing a lot of like the different dynamic stuff we do in booty. Again, if you need to know what's coming before you come. But yeah, definitely come out. Find me find Shannon. If Kelly's teaching soon find Kelly, if you can't find one of us, it doesn't work for your schedule. I'm definitely one to be driving New Jersey to Philly to go see some of our booty yoga friends and our master trainers. There's definitely you know, trainings going on all the time all over the world, East Coast, West Coast. So I'm definitely want to be like, Hey, who wants to hop in the car? Let's go. Because I love just being with people and moving with people. And you don't have that connection. Whether it's a half day full day or a couple of hours. It's definitely a lovely time. So I'd say in person. That's the best way.

Yes. Yeah. For anyone that's like not from this area, too. Like there's foodies all over the United States. Oh, yeah. Yeah, you'll find you'll absolutely find places like I was in a random city in Texas. And I thought no way. And no, yeah, there was a place I had moody. But yeah, I think I told someone the other day, I think it was telling the story of how you and I, like drove three hours to go to like this gym in this restaurant. And they're like, what's wrong with you?

Like Connecticut?

Yeah, I'm with you. I love a good trip for a good, good cause.

Yeah, food, love it. It was really pretty food guys, just so you know. We would do

nothing less. Awesome. Thanks so much for listening.

Thanks for having me. Come see you guys soon.

Thanks so much for listening to today's episode. If you're enjoying listening to this podcast, I have a special gift for you. If you leave a review, and send me a screenshot, I will send you something personally in the mail. Just to show you how much I appreciate your help in helping me spread the empowerment across the world and showing other women the magic that they have within themselves, just the same way you do be. If you're enjoying this episode, then I would love it. If you took a screenshot and posted it on your story on Instagram, and tag me at fuel that underscore fire. Let's have a conversation about it. Let's chat about it. I love to hear your thoughts and your feedback. I'm here to support you in any way that I can. I love you guys so much. And I'm excited to keep coming at you with some new guests new information and new techniques to keep blowing your mind and making you feel invincible. Thanks for listening. I love you. Bye



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