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Moving to Mexico and Business By Design with Jessica Latimer

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Episode 35 of the Fuel the Fire Podcast hosted by Shanon Safi, RD, LDN.

Often we get stuck in our daily routines. This can happen for many reasons whether that be responsibility, stability, or comfort, but sometimes we are stuck despite knowing we want different. We ignore our intuition that is wanting more for us. Meet Jessica Latimer, a coach who has been there just the same until she decided to pursue her desires. Shanon and Jessica sit down to talk about her transitional period, moving to Mexico, embracing the new, and supporting your desires.

In This Episode: Jessica and Shanon talk about embracing change, the excitement of new experiences, and finding who you are when going solo (3:15) The freedom of a career pivot and the people met along the way (16:24) The power behind support, coaching, and your own intuition (25:22) What’s coming up next for Jessica? (32:43) Follow Jessica on Instagram @jessica_latimer_

Episode Transcript:

I think we learn a lot about ourselves through solo travel and putting yourself in experiences that you're not used to or in groups of people you might not normally be around. Hello, hello,

welcome to the fuel fire soul podcast with your host, Shannon Saffy. Today's episode, we have a very special guest. It is my friend Jessica Latimer. So I met Jessica through a coaching certification program. And that is how we connect it. She is from Tennessee. So it's been really cool to connect with people virtually. And what she does, she helps people build a business that's more in alignment with themselves and their values. And she's really there to support you through the entrepreneurial journey and the self exploration journey that that truly is, she is such an inspiration. And she has built a really beautiful thing and is continuing to blossom. So I'm really excited for you to listen to your episode and her amazing nomadic journey that she is currently on. And I hope it inspires you as much as it inspires me. Hello, Hello, we are here with Jess, I'm so excited to open up this conversation and let you guys know a little bit more about her and how we connected. So to begin, Jess, I would love and the audience would love to hear a little bit about you outside of your career.

Okay, outside of my career, I love that I am from Nashville, Tennessee, originally I grew up here. And I just recently decided to go on this nomadic journey in the last year or so. So I've made some changes in my life, my career included in those changes. But as part of that unraveling and pivoting, I'm now living part time in Mexico. So I've been in Cape Town on rue near to loom and Cancun for the last seven or eight months. I'm currently back in Nashville, just for the summer. But that is what's really alive in my spirit right now. And like what is the most exciting about my current reality outside of my career?

I think it's great that you took that bold action and decided to make that move, because that's something that I would probably say most people wouldn't do. So I love that you really had it any to take the leap.

Yeah, it was honestly something I had thought about for a couple of years. But something I thought would come later in life. I feel like it was also a big initiation into my purpose. Within a couple months time, the house I was living in was going to be sold, I went through a pretty difficult breakup. And then I lost my career, like my salaried position, all within three months time. So it really felt like everything was being cleared away that could have kept me from actually taking that leap and doing the thing. All the while I had enrolled in QC A, which is actually how you and I connected. So like that whole period in my life was just really, really pivotal. Like I said, things were being cleared out of the way. And it was like, Okay, now I actually have the opportunity to do the thing I've been saying I want to do and there's nothing holding me back. It's it's the time. So I made the decision pretty abruptly within maybe a month's time, and then started selling all my things. And yeah, by the end of September of last year, I was living in Mexico, running my businesses from there and just kind of traveling around enjoying life. It's been a good change of pace. It's been a lot of fun. That's awesome.

Yeah, I think it always feels like it's so abrupt that we're making this decision. But at the same time, it's something that unconsciously, like you said, or maybe even consciously that was always brewing within us. But we just didn't know when the divine timing of the universe was gonna bring us that opportunity or that impulse to really act on it.

That's exactly right. That's so true. I had actually started looking at a new place to live here in Nashville and had signed a lease on a place and thought like, Oh, I'm just gonna get a new place to live and I sat on it for a day or two and I'm just like, this isn't the this is the obvious like comfortable choice, but it's not the most expansive or exciting choice. And so I just decided in that moment, like I've got to do what's most expansive and exciting because I think Think that's how we evolve. That's how we grow. That's how we learn. And yeah, I was just ready for a change. Like I said, I grew up in Nashville and have lived here my entire life. So it was just like ready for I was ready to see something different, meet new people and experience something new. So

I love it. How are you settling in now that you've been in Mexico for it's not been quite a year, but it was like about three quarters of a year, or maybe less,

just about, um, so my lease just ended in Mexico. And I had, it's time for me to renew my passport. So that's why I'm here back in Nashville for the summer. But I love it. It was such an easy transition. For me, I was most recently in Playa Del Carmen, which is pretty accessible to the airport, there's shopping, there's Walmart, like it felt like the stepping stone between like full nomadic life and moving out of the country at the same time, because it is very, just Americanized and modern. And like, I didn't feel like huge culture shock going there because I was pretty comfortable there to begin with.

Awesome. Do you know where you want to go next? Or is that like, so you're not set on going back to Mexico? Exactly. Your

I am gonna go back to Mexico this year, because I want to host a group retreat at the end of the year. And then I've been teasing the idea of some VIP like one on one retreats. And I'm you know, gonna officially start selling those in the next couple of weeks. So my plan is to go back to the same area of Mexico probably spend like September to maybe March of next year, another six months or so. And then who knows, I don't know what's after

that. There's something thrilling about just leaving the future sort of open like that, and not being really attached to any specific outcome. That's

that was a part of it, too. And in selling all of my things, it was like, I realized how much I actually was attached to in things and people and relationships. And it's like, let's clear all of that out and get to back to like the truth of me and what I desire. And what I actually need, I heard a saying that was like, the less you need, the more you you'll have. And that really stuck with me. And so I got down to a couple of totes, I've got stairs, like stored at my parents house. And just two suitcases of things. And I've really, really minimized everything, which opens the world up for me, I can go anywhere at anytime now. And like it feels very free. I just feel very free in all of that. That's awesome.

Yeah, I like just hearing you talk about it gets me excited. Just like wow, that's, that's just so awesome. Because I feel like there's like I can definitely relate to that. There's a part of me that has always had that curiosity. And I've taken baby steps because in the back of my head, I feel a lot of pressure from my family to stay. They were really strong opinion about this, like, free spirit. Part of me, too. Like last year, I went to Hawaii for a month. And it was like that. It's been on my mind. And then one day I just was like, You know what? Book it go and then doing it? Yes, yeah. But then I ended up getting it cut back a little bit because I got this crazy tooth infection. And then I was like universe, why are you doing this to me and like, I just I just wanted to be home because I was just a lot of pain. And there's just that craving of like being home when you're not feeling your best self and I really didn't know anyone. And I thought by that point that I would have like made friends but where I was staying like everyone was just passing through. So nothing was really super grounding me. And like I also had no plans because like I don't want like do I even try to make better friends? Like I couldn't even find friends to make friends. It was just a whole thing. But regardless, yeah, I've only done like, baby steps towards it. So when I hear you talk about it, I'm like, wow, I

just I think it's huge. Even going to Hawaii by yourself for a month is like something a lot of people would be afraid of or would it you know, take the steps and actually doing it and I think we learn a lot about ourselves through solo travel and yeah, putting yourself in experiences that you're not used to or in groups of people you might not normally be around and so it is difficult though, if you encounter a situation where you're not feeling your best like you said you had a toothache. I think the first month I was in Mexico, I hurt my ribs somehow I don't know Oh, but I like was in a lot of pain in my body and coughing hurt sitting up her. And immediately I was like, I've got to book a flight to go home, I'm like, where's home, this is home now. Like, I've got to start to learn how I can tolerate this or deal with things or find local people. And so it really stretched me really pushed my boundaries and my edges and even more so because I speak Spanish, but not fluently. And so like, that's another thing that I was learning at the same time is, is trying to learn the language and like, really put myself in Mexico, like I'm a part of, you know, the culture and living there as a local. So there's just a big learning curve, a lot of new experiences, sometimes uncomfortable, but I really felt like you said the most homesick or like, what am I doing when I wasn't feeling well, other than that it felt very, very easy easeful to be there. And even I made a couple of friends kind of randomly, it was always like, happenstance, perfect time, perfect place. This really aligned humans, I didn't meet a ton of people. But the people I did seem very, very aligned. So even that felt nice. And it's been something that I've enjoyed the last few months. It's so beautiful,

how you're just so connected with the universe, and just having that divine awareness of the ability to just like surrender to what will be when it will be, and to allow that to just be part of your experience, and bring in things that you couldn't have consciously created. Or it's like that one level of it's like, my human brain can only perceive x, but like, what's really going to happen is why and you have to be open to that to come into your life, which is really a skill in itself.

Hmm, it really is. There's, it's like a sacral like intuitive knowing, right? Like constantly connecting with yourself, checking in with yourself feeling your feelings and being guided by how that feels. Just like I mentioned, I decided not to go forward with the lease in Nashville. That was a really like sacred knowing I couldn't logically explain it to anyone. And trust me, it came with plenty of pushback from my family, like, my family doesn't travel at all. Nobody has their passport, they're not coming to see me. So it was a really big deal for my family included. But it was a decision that was more of a knowing for me, I couldn't explain it. I couldn't think my way through it. I just knew it was time for me to go and that was my next obvious choice. And the same way I'll be guided at the start of next year when it's time for me to make another move. It's like all know where I'm supposed to go from that place. But right now, in this moment, it might not even be a thought in my reality. What is possible for me by the time next March rolls around who freakin knows where or where I'll be guided and that's fun. That's the freedom that like, feels so exciting. It's just like trusting that I'm guided and knowing that I'll be where I'm supposed to be when I'm supposed to be there.

Yeah, so what is it that you feel like you learned about yourself or specifically that you experienced? Because of going to Mexico that you feel like wouldn't have been the same had you stayed in Tennessee?

I love that question. Thank you so much. Um, a big piece of it was I don't want to use codependency because that feels a little bit heavier but like codependency in relationships, and that's friendships family, just like the attachment to the people around me. Kept me in I'm going to say like a bubble and go into Mexico by myself really pushed me into scenarios, going to networking events by myself going out to eat by myself, which is something I wouldn't typically do here going to have a drink by myself like whatever the thing is, if I wanted to do it I was there alone. So I I was doing all of the things I wanted to do by myself. Which in turn is like pointing me in this direction of like my truest self it's there's no one else I'm consulting with no one I'm inviting I'm going whether I want to go or not. And that's something I wouldn't have done typically just being here in Nashville. It's like if I wanted to do something, I'd invite a friend and if they said no then I probably wouldn't go I would just like okay, no one wants to go or no one wants to go out with cheat with me so that alone and now I actually enjoy like solo dates are going taking myself to a nice dinner like, it's shifted that perspective a lot just being there by myself.

I can relate to that in the sense that, you know, when you're surrounded by people, you get used to flowing with what you've been flowing with and doing what you're used to doing. And you forget to ask yourself, like, is this the most exciting thing for me? Do I truly love this? Does this feel expansive? Do I feel like this is taking me in the direction that my heart my soul really wants to take me? And one day, you just kind of wake up? And you're like, you started to ask yourself all these questions of like, who am I? What am I doing? What am I moving towards? What do I really want it? Like? What actually feels good to me? Like, do I can I even recognize the things that excite me? Or am I so conditioned in my current habits and my current self, that I wouldn't even be able to know the opportunity that I really want if it smacked me in the face. And so it's getting away from all of that to allow for the space for you to start to ask yourself, like, like, I don't have to check in with anyone, I don't have the choice to check in with anyone. And so right now, it's like, Hey, meet me, do you want this? Or do you want something different? And you start to learn yourself in a whole new way?

Exactly. Yes. You nailed it. Exactly. So

how now does your career love that you let go of that previous job that you had in your previous career? And how did you really come to it?

Yeah, thank you for that question. As well, I was fortunate enough that I had started my first business while also working for my former employer. So when I got let go, I had already built my business up to a place where I was sustained in that, and at the same time, was starting to work with other purpose driven entrepreneurs in starting their own business. So this is the same time I've pivoted into coaching. And being outside of my normal bubble, and being outside of Nashville really allowed me to like, go all in on the coaching business and let the interior design business, which is my first business kind of slowed down to a place where I'm more hands off. And things are able to be primarily run online. So it's opened up a lot of time, freedom, location freedom, I have, I still have people here in Nashville that are helping me with things like on site or in person, but for the most part, it's really allowed me to just pour into me take really good care of me and be of better service to the clients that I am working with one on one in coaching. So it was like I said, I think an initiation into this bigger purpose of helping people letting the design business kind of slow down to a place where it's still supportive, but I'm not in that hustle and grind and gogogo mentality that I had found myself in in the past few years. So that's the biggest change for sure.

Yeah. And that that's like another reason we connected. So background, Jess and I actually met through our coaching certification program. During that time, I you know, I would say actually, during the program, we didn't really, like get a chance to interact much at all. But it was really after we finished like the first six months of it. And then I don't know, like, I was just like, I just liked your vibe. Like I think we followed each other on social media. And I was like, like, I like how to like this girl's kind of live in the way that I'm like, I'm wanting to live. So like, I should just like say, what's up?

I'm so glad that you're right. We had a couple of like brief interactions, and I knew I liked you, right. Like, I knew there was something more to this relationship, but we didn't get a lot of opportunity to connect one on one previously. So yeah, when we started connecting more on social media, it was like an obvious yes, we're gonna start connecting more working together in some capacity. And it's been so much fun to like, let this friendship develop. And like you said, we've got a lot of like parallels in how we came to the place where we are now with our coaching certification being kind of the path that brought us together.

Yeah, and I think If that just goes to show during the coaching certification, for example, it's just like this impulse, this desire that we had this realization that we had that we wanted to help people on a deeper level. And while we are passionate about other things outside of like coaching, specifically, it's still really important to have that foundation to really know how to help people, because people are still people, no matter what kind of problems they're facing. And it's really important to have those proper foundational tools to know how to communicate, to know how to help people release beliefs, and emotions, and trauma and all of this. And so you know, anyone can go into coaching program and be like, I'm going to coach people more on nutrition, I'm going to coach people on fitness, or I'm going to coach new moms or whatever that thing might be. So it was exciting that you also had that business mentality. And on top of that, the level of desiring that freedom, specifically and being able to build a community, but still move and like kind of like feel that urge and your spirit to see a new way of living to have these different experiences. And it's, it's really inspiring for people just to like, witness it. And I think that's part of what sort of magnetically draws people into your space. And I think because we both have that really similar mindset, and I know, it's like, every time we we chat, it's like you say something, I'm like, I felt that too. Oh, my God, I want to do that. Oh, my God, we love this. And it's just like, we're just like, I don't know, like getting so high on this like vibe that we're just so excited about all these things. Yes. And so yeah, I just, I just love that is and it's just like a testament to like, you know, don't be afraid to put yourself out there because like right now with who you're surrounded by, it might feel like you're really alone and what you want, because I know, I felt that I was like, No one in my current circle really gets it like they get it, but they don't really get it. Like they're hearing me, but are they really feeling me? Are they really understanding me? And so just by like taking that step, and doing the program and allowing ourselves to connect to other people, and, you know, it's like that weird phase in like adult life where you think it's like uncomfortable to make new friends where you're like, oh, how do you just like, make friends randomly on the internet? Like, I don't know, like, it just happens in some ways. And just to be open to that. And to know that, like, we think it's scary, we might think it's weird, but it's really not as scary or weird. And like, you just have to be okay with like, the possibility that things don't pan out. But like, what if they do,

what if they do, that's it, what if they do and then putting yourself in those spaces that are new for you like the coaching program, or like moving to Mexico, you're naturally going to start attracting in people that are more similar in that way. So through the coaching program, I've gained like five new best friends, it feels like and through move into Mexico, I met 20 or 30 other people, solo female travelers moving through Mexico, which when I'm here in Nashville is an insane idea to most people. But when I'm in Mexico, it's like every other person I meet is kind of on a similar journey. And so it's like, yeah, if those desires are on your heart, if that's something that you want to do, even if you have to do it alone, it's so important to still follow that because you will naturally be aligned with the people that are going to understand that path, like you will start to meet people along the path that you're more aligned with in that way. And this is just another testament to that, like we would have probably never met any other way. Or maybe we would have who knows. But like, that's what brought us together. And I know that this is just the beginning of this relationship developing like just in the conversations that we've had, how we are already supporting each other in business and in what we want to bring to life and the vision that we have for each other like for our ourselves and the collective. There's there's no way that this is where it ends with us like you and I have so much work to do. And I'm just really excited to see your journey, my journey, how our journeys collide, and like, yeah, all of this feels so good and so juicy to share with the world. And I'm just really grateful for both of us taking that chance and taking the risk taking the leap and doing the thing just because it felt like what we wanted to do and here we are. Yeah,

ah, I love everything that you said. And for sure. Like the feeling is so mutual like I yeah, I'm excited to see where things go. And yeah, this like Loki feels us like professing your love together to each other. Like we did like every time basically we meet we're like, I'm so glad that we I just love you so much. So funny, but I like freakin love it. Yeah, yeah, it's so fun and it just like, it just kind of shows you that, yeah, there's just so much more to what you can really see in your surrounding. And even though it's like really scary because without a doubt, like so much fear comes up when you make these decisions like, even though it's on your heart even though you know, this is what you want to do, it doesn't come without bringing up a lot of your limiting beliefs a lot of your biggest fears, even like any huge life choice is going to do that. But it's your willingness to hold space for yourself and find the right resources to support you through it. And unbiased resources specifically. Because people are going to try to pull you in the direction that they want you unless there you know, like there are certain people that just don't do that. But that's where I think when we do need advice, you sort of tend to go to the person that you know is going to tell you the thing that you want to hear. Or you go to the person that's like, okay, they're not going to shame me or judge me for having this feeling. So this is who I'm gonna go to. And yeah, not everyone has an unbiased friend, sometimes it's really hard. But as a coach, you kind of learn like, it's not our duty to tell anyone what to do, it's, it's just our responsibility to be a mirror and reflect back to them the power that they have within themselves to do the thing that is truly their intuition guiding them and to be able to detach that and hear that not getting, like interfered with by your logic brain or your conditioning, which again, is like a very unique skill and takes time to learn, which is why I love that we did the certification again. But still, it's like it can be the coaching industry is unregulated in many ways, because like anyone can just decide to be a coach. But yeah, that's why I just like, it's really powerful to be with a coach that is trained to be a coach, especially when they're supporting you in something like your business, which is usually something that's really like close to your heart and something that you're really passionate about. And yeah, it can, it can be really painful to have someone influence that in a way that's not in alignment for you that they're just saying, because like, this is what they know, or this is their limited perspective, but to really find the right support so that they're helping you reclaim your power to walk the path that you're meant to, rather than telling you what path to walk.

That's exactly it. Like, nobody knows better than themselves. No coach, no mentor, no expert in any industry actually knows more about you than you do. And so that's why it is so important to work with a coach that is in integrity with you. Just guiding yourself we, like you said are meant to just reflect back ask really empowering questions and like, Let them guide themselves back to where to to, to alignment, or to home or to wherever they're meant to be guided. Versus this is the way I did it. This is how you should do it. And that way of coaching just doesn't resonate with me at all, I don't know if you've worked with a coach that that coached in that way. But it starts to feel it can feel like icky to get off of a call and you're like, well, that's not how I would do it. And that doesn't feel so good for me and then constantly checking in with yourself like, well, they're the expert, but but actually I know what's best for me because I'm always tuning back into myself my intuition and just checking in with me to see if that is the best way forward. Right. And so, yeah, I love that that was such a big part of the coaching certification that we both got because yeah, we're we're not the expert in anyone else's life but our own.

Yeah, I can think of times specifically where I've had coaches like so like I want to preface this with like, it is very possible for someone that's not you to look at your life and kind of see something that you're not seeing like that, like you're getting a different perspective and that's really beautiful. But as a coach, it can be a really negative experience where the person that can actually set them backwards. Sometimes, if you're saying too much of what you see that they can't, they don't have the consciousness to wrap their head around yet. Because it can just create a disempowering feeling within the person. And it's not always conscious, because like, I'm putting myself in a situation or back to the situation where I had a coach that was like, Hey, this is what's going on with you. And like, sometimes it would resonate. But then sometimes I was just like, I feel like you might be projecting onto me. Yeah, like, that's not how I feel. And like, that's not true for me. But what what would happen is I'm like, Well, I really respect this person, I paid this person. So I'm gonna take this as the truth, because maybe they're seeing something I'm not seeing. And it would sometimes lead me down a path that wasn't really right. But then I just struggled more and was more confused. And it put things in my head that I was trying to force to be true with solutions that weren't actually going to fix the real problem. So yeah, it can be it can be really dangerous with people. If you're not like, yeah, if you're not having that awareness to know that it's not your job to tell people, but it's your job to just like, support them in finding that for themselves.

Exactly. Yes. Yeah. We've had a similar experience, then because yeah, it just, you can leave the coaching call feeling very disempowered. I like that word that you use, where in the style of coaching that I'm using, and I think you as well is, our primary goal is to empower the clients, whatever that means for them, to make better choices to follow the path. Like it's empowering them on their journey, and to leave a coaching call feeling disempowered is, is the last thing we want?

Yeah, yeah. Especially because the other person isn't even going to know that's what's really happening, like, you know, because you're just following the person that you came into this container really trusting. And it's not that they have ill intentions. I don't think it rarely ever is ill intended. But it can sometimes have that effect. It's good to be aware of that and work with someone that you like 100%, fully in your gut trust.

And that, you know, is guiding you back to like your highest self and the best intention for you and the collective and everyone involved.

Oh, yeah, I feel like we could just like, go so long talking about this. Because yeah, it's just like, we've all feel really strongly about it and the importance of it, hence why we're doing what we're doing. So yeah, I love that. Yeah. So the last question, I want to ask you, before we wrap up, what is something right now that you are really looking forward to? I know, you gave us some teasers in the beginning. But yeah, what's like the one thing that you are most excited about right now in this moment? Okay.

There's a lot of things come into mind. Thank you for this question. I have mentioned already the retreats. But that part, that part feels very live for me right now, because there was this shift to primarily carrying my businesses online. And that's been great while I've been traveling and been in Mexico, and at the same time, I'm really desiring for myself and for other people to bring back this like in person experience where you can actually connect in person. And so that's why I'm so excited about hosting a group retreat into Luma. At the end of the year, I'm excited about opening up the doors for the VIP experiences so that people can come down and spend five days with me in Mexico with like, some healing experiences, some local flair, some adventure, some excursions, but also 12 to 15 hours of coaching so that like we are diving into their business, and maybe it's a launch plan, or maybe it's creating a new offer, or whatever that looks like like we're diving into a specific goal for their business, while also having this like really luxury experience for Mexico. So that is so exciting. I'm working on planning some of the itineraries and getting that out there. And yeah, that feels most exciting. Right now I'm in the States for the summer, which is also very exciting. I'm in Tennessee right now. I'm going to visit some family in Houston. I just got back from Florida. Ah, so I'm just traveling around the summer kind of bouncing around visiting family. And then by the fall, I'll be back in Mexico to start hosting this in person experiences. And I'm so excited about that.

I love it. Yeah. And we're gonna definitely have to talk more about that. Because I know we're both kind of in the same boat there. Am I Yeah, who knows? What could come of this conversation? Yeah, exactly. Exactly. Awesome. So if people want to continue to connect with you and love what they heard, where can they find you?

Yeah, Instagram is gonna probably be the best place. It's just my name, Jessica underscore Latimer. And I'm also on Facebook, but I'm primarily using Instagram right now. And that's definitely where I share the most. So yeah, find me there.

Beautiful. And we'll link that in the show notes too. Everyone has access to it and can check your stuff out and to stay up to date on her upcoming events. You gotta just want to say, God, thank you. I want to thank you for being here. This is such a great conversation. And yeah, anytime we talk, I feel really lit up. And I hope people felt that same energy just from listening to this episode.

Yes, always, every time I get off the call with you, I have so much energy moving. It's so much fun. So thanks for having me. I really, really appreciate it. I loved our conversation, and I will talk to you soon. Beautiful. Thank

you. Thanks so much for listening to today's episode. If you're enjoying listening to this podcast, I have a special gift for you. If you leave a review, and send me a screenshot, I will send you something personally in the mail. Just to show you how much I appreciate your help in helping me spread the empowerment across the world and showing other women the magic that they have within themselves just the same way you be. If you're enjoying this episode, then I would love it if you took a screenshot and posted it on your story on Instagram and tag me at fuel the underscore fire. Let's chat about it. I love to hear your thoughts and your feedback. I'm here to support you in any way that I can. I love you guys so much. And I'm excited to keep coming at you with some new guests new information and new techniques to keep blowing your mind and making you feel in vincible thanks for listening. I love you. Bye



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