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Soul Purpose Meditation

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Episode 32 of the Fuel the Fire Podcast hosted by Shanon Safi, RD, LDN.

Step out of your body and into your soul. Join Shanon in this guided meditation to clear your headspace, connect with your inner self, and step into a new mindset of self-love and confidence. Perfectly sized for the start of your day or a pick me up in-between!

Episode Transcript:

 Hello, hello, welcome to the fuel fire a soul podcast with your host, Shannon Saffy. Today, I thought I would switch it up and give you guys a little bit of a taste. One of my favorite activities to do during one on one sessions with clients. Something I really enjoy sharing with people is the power of meditation and intention setting. So this was a meditation that I recorded with one of my clients. She is such a beautiful human really trying to live in her soul's purpose and pursue her passion. I wanted to share this meditation with you guys, so that you can tap into some of the magic that was just live channeling. So really just being in the moment being present with the individual connecting to their energy, and being able to share just the right words, trusting my intuition to express exactly what it is that I need to express and mirror back to the person so that they feel comfortable and can really start to just like sink into the comfort of their own body and trust whatever guidance comes through for them. So I hope you enjoy this recording. It's about to begin so quickly you take a pause and just get yourself situated whether you want to be seated upright in a comfortable position, or if you want to be laying down. So as you begin this meditation, just relax, turn off all distractions, make sure that you are in peace for 20 minutes. Just close your eyes and listen to the words and let yourself be guided. Don't try to resist whatever comes up. Just keep bringing yourself back to your breath back to your body and you will be a okay and get to experience the magic that meditation is all right enjoy

began at the top of the head and allow those muscles to relax. Feel the relaxation moving down through the head through the back of the skull into the neck where all the muscles relax and just melt into the back of your pillow.

Relax the facial muscles removing tension from the eyes releasing the tension from the mouth letting the jaw drop ever so slightly. Let that relaxation move down through the throat now to the shoulders as they melt back and all of that tension in the shoulders just melts away

start to feel the relaxation moved down both of your arms from the shoulders to the elbows to the wrists and all the way down to each fingertip. releasing all of the tension all of the pressure and just letting yourself melt deeper

now release the tension in the upper back down to the mid back all the way down to the lower back. Allow your chest to sink deeper and deeper into that relaxation

now release the tension and emotion from your hips. let yourself sink deeper and deeper into your relaxation now all that tension is released from the thighs, the quads and the hamstrings, to the knees, so much tension in your knees, just release it now the calves just let it all melt away all the way down through the ankles, through the foot and each and every one single toe. Your entire body is so relaxed, so deeply, deeply relaxed. Now I want you envision a white light, encapsulating your body this white light is bringing you power, love, purpose in deep, deep relaxation

this light is protecting you from any energy that's not in alignment with your higher self. Surrender all of your worries and fears and trust. You are divinely guided and protected

you begin to step into your soul's purpose and release any of the fears or worries

you are walking the path and you are so so confident

Imagine yourself as a lioness in the jungle. Every step you take is with intention. Power, incompetence. You pounce when you're ready to pounce. You rest when you need to rest because you trust that your intuition will always guide you when it's time to move. And when it's time to relax. A lioness knows her power you know your power your power goes beyond the room that you're in, beyond the building that you're in, beyond your neighborhood, beyond the city, beyond this state beyond this country, beyond this world you are infinite your abundance is infinite. Everywhere you turn your head you see abundance

all you need to do to receive this abundance is to open your eyes. Open your palms and walk in your purpose

you are so clear walking the path that you know that is for your higher self and the highest good of all

you have a beautiful gift to share with the world and it's time to step up and be the leader that you know your soul was meant to be.

really strict feel that energy go through your entire body. Starting from your toes, your feet, your legs. The further you go up, the more power you feel, the more alive you feel, the more awake you feel. Through your hips through your heart, your head, net powers radiating into the sky into the divine. You are so so connected to the most infinite power source. This entire universe and beyond

now, as I count up with every number, you're going to feel more confident, more alive, more awake more in your power than you have ever felt before. One you start to feel that energy coursing through your body too. You're starting to feel lighter and lighter. Three, you feel so confident you can feel it in your entire body for you are so powerful so aligned five you're so connected, so divinely guided six, everything is happening and it's perfect timing. Seven you're surrendering, trusting knowing eight you're feeling that power surge and you can tell that that vibration is going through the walls. Nine you can feel it. You can really feel it. Every part of your being feel so confident so alive. And 10 You're up you're up you're awake, you're alive. So energized feeling it's starting to move starting to loose in the eyes. starting to roll the body. Roll the wrists, roll the ankles, come back into the room. Come back into the moment into your body. Now you are ready to take on the day, moment by moment with purpose with power. With competence. You are ready to step into your infinite potential.

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