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Supporting Women in Leadership & Business

Episode 33 of the Fuel the Fire Podcast hosted by Shanon Safi, RD, LDN.

It’s hard enough to embrace your feminine in the world, but what about in the workplace or in your own business? Societally, we’re taught that it’s a weakness, but what if it’s actually one of your greatest strengths? In this episode, Shanon walks us through her passion in supporting and boosting women in leadership roles, from those in every day life all the way to entrepreneurs-- from encouraging inherent abilities, nursing your soul from the inside out, to embracing what makes you stand out.

In This Episode: Shanon’s call to boosting women and their inherent ability to lead (01:58) Leadership is more than what you do physically, it requires inner work (08:39) You don’t need to shy away from your feminine power for people to listen and see you! (11:42) How you can get extra help along the way (16:23)

Episode Transcript:

 It helps people to know what that journey looks like, especially when they want to walk the same path that you do. But they don't have anyone to share that with to communicate that with and guide them in the way that they feel safe being guided. Hello, hello. Welcome to the fuel fire soul podcast with your host, Shannon Saffy. So today, I wanted to get into this new one on one coaching program that I'm offering, really, it's kind of like a launch of everything that I truly deeply feel called to offer. So if you've been following along with just my path, and essentially my unbecoming over the past year and a half, the point that I'm at now is really starting to feel confident moving forward, it's really taking quite some time for me to get really clear on exactly what it was that I wanted to birth into the world and do for my business. I definitely we will wobbled for quite some time going back and forth. Mainly because I was struggling to articulate my message. I knew sort of what I wanted to do. Like I always knew that I wanted to be a coach. And then I like speaking, but I didn't exactly feel clear on how I was going to deliver that message. So pretty much what I'll do today is talk a little bit about where I'm at now and the service that I want to offer so that you can get a clearer idea and exactly like what I'm stepping into to give you guys clarity, because now I actually can now that I feel like I have more clarity, which is really beautiful. It has been quite the process to really feel clear on exactly what it is and how I was going to share that message and in what way and what exactly I wanted to include. So we'll kind of start with number one, I've always had this really big vision, like if you asked me what I want to be when I grow up, like I really see myself on a stage like I love the idea of being a public speaker, a motivational speaker, that gets me really excited. Obviously, me having a podcast, I love to speak, I love to tell stories, I love to share my message. And I'm very open to being vulnerable with it and just kind of like telling it how it is and being truthful, which is something that took me some time to step into, I definitely wasn't always able to be fully transparent with what I was experiencing what I was struggling with. And now I'm realizing that it's important to share that with people. It helps people to know what that challenge or what that journey looks like, especially when you are a step ahead of them. And they want to walk the same path that you do, but they don't have anyone to share that with to communicate that with and guide them in the way that they feel safe, being guided. So essentially, that's what I really want to do is really, you know, truly public speak and be a coach, the exact realm I wanted to coach. And that's what I was really trying to narrow down like, what's my niche, like, who am I here to serve? Exactly. I always knew that it was women, for sure. And now I'm really feeling called to essentially be a coach a life and success coach for women and leadership. And that also includes female entrepreneurs. And women in leadership, it can mean so many things like it can be you're in a leadership position in your work. Or maybe you're in an organization and you're in a leadership role. What I really love is human relationships. To me, it's about the way we connect with people, the way we articulate ourselves, the way we can see other people and let them know that they're being seen, that allows us to be good leaders to be a strong leader. And I really want to share that with people. I think it's so fun to navigate that because it's not something that you're really taught anywhere unless you go out there and seek it, which is why I'm here. How you navigate leadership is very different, especially in this paradigm where more women are stepping into leadership roles. And you're seeing women achieve things that just weren't done yet in previous years. And I'm totally here for that movement of like seeing women step up and become leaders because I do believe that women can be such powerful leaders. I think it's because we are so more comfortable. And this is generally speaking right like obviously case by case basis. It varies. But typically women like if you think about just the divine feminine in general, we're more in touch With our intuition more in touch with our emotions, and this allows us to see people in a different way. Because a lot of us are whether we like to admit it or not, in some ways controlled by our emotions, obviously, it's a beautiful goal to really work to liberate yourself from that like full control. But at the same time, you can't really escape your emotions, you have to experience them, you have to process them. And you have to acknowledge that they're beautiful, right? Emotions are part of that journey, they're part of the experience. So it's really important to address them. And especially when I see women in higher up positions, what tends to happen is they try to suppress their emotions more because you almost feel obligated to to show the men that you can achieve. And so I think it used to be perceived and definitely still now perceived by certain people or people that are maybe not with a new paradigm yet, but that women are too emotional to lead. And the truth is, like, that's our strength in leading is that we're aware of emotions, okay, to lead a productive team takes more than just knowing strategy. Men tend to think more logically and women, we try to keep up with that right and use our logic brain, however, our strength is hidden our emotional brain to to bring the emotions and tied in with logic and to be able to see people's genuine strengths, and where they need to be supported, and to empower them so that they can show up. And that right way, is exactly what makes a woman a beautiful leader. But I'm going off on a tangent here, I'm starting to stray away from what I initially wanted to discuss. This is really me sharing that I want to help women feel truly empowered in leadership roles, because I really want to see that happen. And the other piece that I'm still trying to figure out is if I want to mix more of spirituality into it, I think being able to connect with your intuition is really important, especially when it comes to leadership, you have to make decisions that sometimes defy logic to get the team and yourself to where you know that you can be. And if you rely too heavily on logic, you can sometimes miss that. Because the logical decision isn't always the right decision. And especially where we really prioritize logic in this country and America, we really need to bring in that intuitive guidance and intuitive sense. So to start, my first point is just kind of talking about really, how I want to support women in leadership and female entrepreneurs. A big piece to this, I believe, is doing really like a whole person check. I've always thought it was so so important to prioritize looking at someone's entire life, and not just one aspect. So if I came in, and I was just like, how am I going to make you a better leader, I'm going to actually miss all the pieces that would truly make you a better leader. What I want to do is come in and we're going to look at your whole life. Where are you fulfilled? Where are you not fully feeling fulfilled, that was quite a tongue twister,

you have to start seeing that we are whole humans, right? What happens outside of work can easily influence what's happening inside of work, especially when you're an entrepreneur. Because typically, entrepreneurs are somehow tied in with their work, especially solopreneurs. Like, that's a new popular term that a lot of people have been using. When you're really pouring your soul into your business, it's important to really check all the quadrants of your life, and make sure that you're having that imbalance, so that you can show up and do the job that you know you're capable of doing. However, if there's something that's out of alignment, it can easily throw off everything else. So for example, I'll use I'll use the example of myself. When I was in a relationship, and I, well, I'm currently in a relationship also in the past, when, with my relationships, if they weren't going well, it would 100% affect the way I was showing up for my business 100% Because, you know, so much of my life was just so like, I really wanted a partner I really wanted to be with someone, but like work had to come first I had to put that before everything. I always had to focus on that. But sometimes I didn't want to focus on work, I wanted to focus on my relationship, but the anxiety driving me to focus all of my energy on my work would block me from being able to take care of my romantic relationships. So in those times, I wouldn't be able to give to my business fully and I couldn't give it to my relationship fully. So I was just pretty much hurting everything. And then from that Wouldn't it just snowballed into other quadrants where it's like, oh, my gosh, I don't want to work out. And, you know, I feel like eating a pint of Ben and Jerry's to make me feel better. It throws you off everywhere. So that's why if you just ignore that part when you're coaching someone in a leadership role, and you just ignore the fact that they're human, you know, like those other aspects are so important, which is why I went back and studied and got my certification for life and success coaching, which I do believe being certified is such a beautiful thing. Having that certification and the proper education on how to coach I think is so important. That's a story for another day. But yeah, through that process, I learned so much. And now I'm equipped to really help people in the way that I've always wanted to, and to be able to speak to people in the way that I've always wanted to. So the challenges that women in leadership face, it can go really deep, like anxiety, self doubt, imposter syndrome, all of these things can get in the way of trying to build a successful business, or excel in your career. So if we're having a lot of self doubt, if we're not able to listen to our intuition, if we're not feeling like we're good enough to be in that role, that's totally gonna stop us from being able to move up there, just you know, the where the imposter syndrome comes from, or the self doubt comes from, that can go really deep for a lot of us. Maybe it is in your identity as a woman, maybe it's something with your upbringing, previous bosses, anything like that. So it's really important to be able to address that and figure it out, so that you can truly heal it and step up and be in the role that you know you're capable of being in. Next, having self awareness and the personal development piece to this again, really key if you're not able to see yourself and be aware, and to be able to see past other people's traumas, and your own traumas, you can get stuck in a vicious cycles in your work, and not really be able to guide people and lead people in a truly aligned way without feeling like you need force or anything that just feels too much like you're being way too heavy in your masculine, right, a feminine leader, you're allowed to tap into your feminine powers to do that everything doesn't have to be force and aggression to get where you need to go. You don't have to talk in a louder tone to get people what you want them to do. Like you can be in your power just as you are through embodying what it means to be a feminine leader. That means to stand in your power, that means to be able to flow. That means tapping into what your body is telling you. There's so much beauty to embodying your feminine in these roles, rather than shying away from it like you are a woman you can be exactly that. That is part of your gift, allow that to show. So being able to really have that awareness come into your body and allow that to develop, allow that to strengthen that is really going to help you develop the skills and create a community of people that are motivated and ready to move with you. Next, the benefits of being a purpose driven entrepreneur slash leader, there are so many to it. So if you're really proud about that, you should be right. The beauty is that you get to put your values into your work. And that is to be seen. A lot of times we shy away from putting ourselves truly our hearts and our souls into our work into our business. Because we think oh no, again, logic brain comes in. And it stops us from putting that into our work because we think it's supposed to be a certain way, or we're supposed to follow certain rules. But you're here to step into that innovation to make it something different. Like you're in this new paradigm, you get to step up. And like true, amazing, powerful leaders don't shy away from the message within them that they're called to share. But that's why it's so important to develop that within yourself, to know your purpose, to know your values to give yourself permission to push some boundaries with anyone that's higher up or push the boundaries with societal norms. Get out there, take a risk, you can do it and you're going to feel so empowered when you do especially when you show up in your power in your essence in your competence. You bring that message forward. People will love that. I know it's scary, like, you know your nervous system, like freak out when you're trying to do it. But practice work with a coach be guided that's what I'm here to help you do. With this. I'm so excited to really feel We'll settled in on this, it has always been my dream to really bring this out and share this message with the world. I always saw this as some point my trajectory, but I was too afraid to really step in and start providing that because of a lot of these things that I talked about, I had to work through them. So I was on this journey, trying to step into my feminine power, trying to be a great leader, trying to improve my self awareness, my personal development, get in touch with my soul purpose, all of that really needed to happen. And I needed to build the confidence to start putting myself out there in this way. And the wild part is like a lot of my mentors and friends always said they saw it in me, but I needed to truly see it in myself and embody it. embodiment is a big piece of this work. And that's what I feel like a lot of programs are missing. And that's what I'm so excited to bring into my coaching. So for the women that have done the body and soul freedom, that was part of it, having that embodiment and being able to heal your nervous system, relax your nervous system, deactivate it, I'm not sure if deactivates the right word, but to be able to really tap into the body and move through your emotions and truly integrate what you're learning takes more than just using your logic mind. And so yeah, now my services have expanded. So working with me in a private one on one container, we would go through a lot of these different things for you, we would really take a holistic approach. We're looking at every aspect of your life, what your goals are what you want, and we're helping you strengthen what needs to be strengthened, and to integrate the shadows that we might be denying within ourselves. Okay, every part of you is beautiful. And so that's something that we have to acknowledge even some of these parts of ourselves that we're afraid to bring out can actually be some of our greatest strengths. Along with this, I would also love, love, love. So if you are interested in having me come speak or run a workshop, you guys know I love to do meditation, I love to do motivational speaking. I love speaking of all sorts to be honest. So yeah, if you're interested in that, I would love to be a part of it. So if you are ready, if you'd like to work together, I'm going to put the link in the show notes for the application to work with me one on one. If you have any inquiries on public speaking or seminars, you can either email me or DM me privately on Instagram, that's probably the best way to do it. And so yeah, I look forward to connecting more with you and being able to share this message even more and hopefully get on my mission and eventually grow a team to really continue to push this further and reach more people.

Thanks so much for listening to this episode. If you haven't already, check out the last episode is a sole purpose meditation, I was really happy to share that with you guys. And hopefully, I'm going to have some more cool freebies for you. keep tuning in. If you enjoyed this episode, I would love and appreciate it if you could either write a review on this podcast, or take a screenshot posted on Instagram and tag me at fuel the underscore fire. It really helps to get the message out there to reach more women empower more people, and to share that ripple effect to keep letting it go further and further so that we can all be empowered and really empower the collective and start to show this world how impactful strong and amazing women are. And keep turning things around for the collective to keep putting more good into this planet into the Earth into our communities. All right, talk to you later. See you guys in a couple weeks.



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