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The Power of Intuition & Feminine Embodiment Work with Amy Natalie

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Episode 34 of the Fuel the Fire Podcast hosted by Shanon Safi, RD, LDN.

We all have those little feelings inside of us that sometimes we ignore. Sometimes we call them red flags, green flags, or sometimes we even write them off as nothing. What if we listened to those feelings and our intuition?

What if we connected to our body the way that it connects to our mind?

Amy Natalie is a feminine embodiment guide who has created a space for women everywhere that teaches exactly those things.

Join Shanon and Amy as they talking about connection, community, and what it is to be an embodied woman in life and career.

In This Episode: Amy Natalie speaks on breaking the mold and how we can connect to our intuition (04:00) Shanon and Amy discuss stepping into your inner spirit and managing the fear (14:52) Practicing feminine embodiment work to heal your inside and out (21:12) What living as an embodied woman would look like for you (30:15) How Amy created a space online for community and connection for all women (38:15)

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Episode Transcript:

Everything that I have dreamt of even beyond what I've dreamt up is a result of living in that frequency of alignment. And instead of letting that fear hold me back, it's like, what would my best life look like? And how can I read that?

Hello, hello, welcome to the fuel fire soul podcast with your host, Shannon Saffy. Today we have a very special guest joining us. This is my mentor, Amy Natalie. She is a feminine embodiment guide and just all around a world class coach. Today in our conversation, we really focused on intuition, feminine embodiment work, and what it means to live as an embodied woman in relationships and career, this conversation was just so beautiful. So if you're someone that has struggled with connecting to your body, trusting your intuition, or has just had any fear around jumping into your spiritual path, or going through a spiritual awakening, this episode is for you. We talk a lot about what that journey looks like. And she shared so much about her personal story, which I really love. She's so relatable, and her voice is just so soothing. So I'm excited for you guys to listen in and gain some wisdom from this conversation. Enjoy. Hello, I am here with Amy, Natalie. And all just started off by having Amy tell you a little bit about herself outside of her career.

Thank you for having me, I am really grateful to be here and excited for this conversation and to see what comes through. Who am I outside of my career. I'm a spiritual seeker, just like I'm really desire or like on the path of self actualization and becoming like the best version of myself. And for me that really looks like how can I create a life that feels really in alignment with my soul. And that really is a life that feels fulfilling, as well as playful and pleasurable. And that feels good, right? Like getting out of kind of like that default mode and living in fear or living in that place of contraction, misalignment. And, yeah, let's see, I also love to dance. It's been a passion of mine since I was a little girl. And it's something that I lost touch with for many years in my early 20s. And it really is something that has come back into my life in a big way over the last few years as I've been on my own embodiment journey, which I'm sure we'll talk a little bit more about today. But yeah, even like, moving to Asheville, North Carolina, which is where I live now, I moved here about a year and a half ago. And living in this place. Like I didn't know when I moved here that there would be such a big ecstatic dance community and a big pole dancing community and that there would be opportunities and stuff like a small town for me to really be engaged with dance as much as I am. So I'm feeling really grateful to have communities in spaces where I can play and where I can be in the exploration of dance and movement. And not just from a place of like, you know, going out and dancing at like a club or at a bar, but like actually being using dance as medicine using dance as a form of healing and self expression and connection and as a form of prayer, really. So yeah, that's something that's really lighting me up and that I feel really passionate about.

I love that. I really admire the way you just let your soul truly lead you and guide you to what it is that you feel called to. And you don't let that fear hold you back from stepping into it and exploring things that maybe we take for granted or we use in a different way and allowing yourself to just insert your spirituality into it and really make it authentic and true to you.

Thank you. Yeah, it's been quite a journey to live from that place for most of my adult life. And yeah, for most of my life, I've lived not according to that that way, right? And it resulted in a lot of depression and anxiety manifested in my physical health. And I feel like my soul has really guided me in this direction. And when I listen to Who my intuition when I allow it to guide me even though it feels scary a lot of the time, like, there's a lot of decisions that bring up so much fear. I know that when I'm living in alignment with my soul, and when I'm listening to my intuitive guidance, that's where the magic is that where everything that I have dreamt of even beyond what I've jumped up, like the life that I have today, is a result of living in that frequency of alignment. And instead of letting that fear, hold me back, or letting my inner critic hold me back, it's like, okay, what would my best life look like? And how can I lean into that and create that?

Yeah, I know, really being able to hear and trust and know what your intuition sounds like, has been something that I've really been trying to embody. So I would really love to just hear your perspective on, like, maybe the some of the practices or ways that you can connect deeper to your intuition. And to know that that's what you're hearing?

Mm hmm. Yeah, I get this question a lot. It's one of the the biggest questions that I get. And I feel like it's, it's something that specifically for women, like so many women don't trust themselves, and don't trust their intuition. And, you know, we all have this inner guidance system called her intuition, everyone has it. So even if you don't feel super connected to it, I want you to know that you have it and that it's something that you can strengthen with practice. And, you know, we're taught in our Western culture, to not listen to our intuition, we are taught to listen to our logical mind to do what is safe, what secure to do the calculated steps, that we can tell exactly what the outcome is going to be or kind of know that the outcome is going to be there. So for example, we're really led to just follow this kind of formula, essentially, for success, where it's like, okay, go to a good college, study something that's going to get you into a specific career path, and then work your way up the ladder, or like, yeah, get the promotion and get the certain job title so that you have enough money to essentially buy a house and retire, right. And then built into that we also have these societal messages of like, get married before the age of 30, and have 2.5 kids and like, kind of just like perscription, that we're taught, and it's what everyone is doing. And it's kind of like this default mode. But what happens is when we're conforming to that, and when we're guided towards that, you know, we get these messages from religion, we get it from our parents, we get it from various places in society, that that's like the only way right, that's the right way. That's the only way. And it's simply not true. And oftentimes, our soul is guiding us in different ways that don't conform to this societal formula for success. That is really a fear based narrative, right. And so when we suppress our intuition, when we ignore our intuition, which may be guiding you to follow your passions, or it may be guiding you to leave a relationship or to move to a different place, right, like all these things that inherently seem like they have more risk to them. When we suppress that inner voice, we start to have symptoms that show us that we're out of alignment. And some of those symptoms include, like I shared earlier, anxiety, depression, chronic health issues, weight gain, auto immune conditions, fertility issues, like there's so many ways that it impacts us. And the way that we can learn how to trust our intuition more is learning how to listen to it, because it's always speaking to us, it's always there. And our intuition lives in our body, our ego lives in our mind, and we're so used to just listening to what the mind is telling us like that mind chatter we call it like the monkey mind, and attaching on to the thoughts and the fears that our mind gives us that we often don't have that quiet space to tune in and listen to our intuition. So I like to describe your intuition as the voice of your soul. And it is more of this subtle whisper that requires us to get quiet and to create space in order to hear what it's saying to us. And intuition speaks to us in a lot of different ways. For some people, it speaks to them through a voice, right? Where are they hear a sound that's called Claire audience is where they are hearing a voice in their head, or they're hearing a voice come through, and they're like, Wait, where did that message come from? Right? For some people, it's more of a feeling, which is like feeling the sensations in their body, if you've ever had like chills when someone or like goosebumps when someone tells you something, and it really resonates. Or you have an idea, and it brings up the sensation of like inspiration or excitement in your body that's more like Clairsentience that's in the body. And then there's another type of intuition, that's clear cognizance, where it's just like, I just know that that's true. And that's more of that gut feeling of like this feels right. And the more that we can kind of get familiar of how your intuition speaks to you, the easier it will be to start to listen to it. So when I teach on intuition I teach on, okay, what is the voice of your ego sound like? And what is the voice of your intuition sound like, and the more that we can fine tune that and understand those two voices, the easier it will be to start to follow your own intuitive guidance. And it's never actually easy. It's always scary. Like, that's just the nature of it, your intuition is always guiding you outside of your comfort zone is guiding you down the path of the unknown. It's guiding you to do things differently. And your ego is trying to keep you safe. It's trying to keep you in your safe zone. So anytime you try and follow your intuition. Initially, you get that excitement, you get that inspiration. And then right after that, you're going to have a lot of fear. The fear is going to be like, Nope, you can't do that. What if this happens? What if you fail? What if people laugh at you? What if you're not good enough? What if, what if, what if, right? And being able to notice, oh, that's my fear? How can I come back to my intuition? How can I come back to my truth, and not let fear be in the driver's seat? So you asked for, like, how can we strengthen it one is having a daily practice, where you're spending time with your soul. And I call this a devotional practice, where every day you take time, ideally in the morning, because before you get into your day, and things get crazy and busy, it's like taking that time to be with your soul to connect with yourself to ground your energy. Before you answer your emails, or start connecting with other people and get into the busyness and the autopilot of the day. It's like, can you take that time in the morning to meditate or to journal or to get some type of movement in or spend time in nature, like whatever you need to feel more connected to yourself. And when we do that, the more we do that, the louder our intuitive voice becomes. And a lot of people are scared to do that. Because they're afraid that if they slow down, then their intuition will guide them to do something different. And the fear in that is if I do something different, it feels scary. And what if it doesn't work? Right? So slowing down, taking that time with yourself in the morning, or throughout other times of the day. And another piece is really like asking for intuitive guidance. So asking, like, what is my next step for my career path? What is my next step in getting clarity around this relationship issue that I'm having? What is my next step on my healing journey? Like, please show me the way, right. And when we start to ask these questions, we let our higher self know that we're listening, that we're paying attention that we want to have guidance, and we're inviting that intuitive wisdom to come through. So those are a few ways that that I would recommend to start to strengthen your intuition. And you can start with small choices, like you don't have to make huge decisions right away. I really feel like we have to build trust with smaller decisions. So this could be even like, okay, like, how should I work out today? Like, what's the best form of exercise for my body today? What should I eat for lunch today? Right? Like, what do I feel like? Because intuition is feeling based. It's not like what should I do? It's like what would feel best for me? Right? And so those are the ways that we can start to build trust in these small small capacities. And then once we get to these bigger decisions, it gets easier because we've learned how to trust ourselves with these smaller decisions.

You brought up so many good points. And I guess probably just from the beginning one, the one That kind of clicked. So with where my business was before being so focused on nutrition and fitness, a big reason why I felt like things had to change was because I just started to realize what people need is to trust their body more. And the way I was teaching before was very disconnected in the sense that it was more like people are seeking information, I'm giving them like rules to follow, or this, you know, general guidelines of what healthy food and healthy lifestyle looks like. But what I was starting to see is just the, you know, we experience a lot of these cysts symptoms that we are out of alignment, and that we aren't listening to our bodies. But because of societal standards, it's almost like, Okay, well, you probably don't know what you need, I need to go to someone else to give me this information. And there's going to be a script that I can follow. And if I just know the information, then I can do the thing, and then I'll feel better. And it's really the opposite of like, okay, I need to ignore everything that I've been told and shed all those layers and all of these preconceived notions about what my body should be doing, or what I should be doing with my life, and actually remove the noise and come into silence and connect with nature and slow down, which is, like you said, just the opposite of what we've been taught to think is right, and how we will find our answers. So yeah, I find it especially with people who are newer to spirituality, or maybe not, maybe almost like afraid of it in a way or afraid of the judgment, or all the other things that come along with it. And to just be able to sink into it and say, Hey, I'm going to trust this. I'm going to spend more time with myself, I'm going to slow down. Yeah, I feel like it's it's really scary for a lot of people, because there's so much fear of what happens when the noise stops or what happens when I stopped moving.

Mm hmm. Yeah. And I, I totally experienced that firsthand to you know, before I was on the path that I am today, when I was going through my first spiritual awakening, when I was around, like 2627 years old, I was living a pretty pretty quote, unquote, normal life. And I was definitely on the path that I was talking about before I got married when I was 25 years old, I had my own business in the realm of similar to you in the realm of nutrition, and health coaching. And, you know, we had a house, we had a cute dog, we had all the things and like, we're on the path for this, like kind of predictable life. And I knew that there was something missing, and I knew that there was something off, but I wasn't sure what that was. And it really stepping into my own spiritual journey was really scary. You know, I didn't grow up with spirituality, I grew up in a traditional kind of more Jewish religion. And there wasn't really a spiritual aspect to it. But I always knew that I felt different. I always knew that, you know, I was more sensitive, I was more emotional. And I always kind of had this like feeling of I don't fully fit in or like, I'm kind of a black sheep in my family specifically. But yeah, there was something as I was going through my spiritual awakening, you know, I was really scared to step into the realm of spirituality, I was afraid that I would lose everything, I was afraid that my life wouldn't be the same. I was afraid of other people's judgments of me to write and I think that that's part of this, this journey of learning how to, instead of living a life to impress everyone else, or to like, receive external validation. It's like how can we actually start living life on our own terms? How can we live life that is live a life that's authentic to us? And that is true to ourselves? Instead of trying to avoid being judged or criticized by others, right? Like I'm, I'm a recovering people pleaser, I would say probably recovered at this point. It does show up at some points, but, you know, it can feel really scary to do things differently and to be different than other people. And it can feel, yeah, scary to step into a new identity. And when you do that, when you actually live according to your own blueprint, and when you actually listen and create a life that is In alignment with your soul, it feels so much better emotionally, physically, spiritually, energetically like, it feels so different. And yeah, I feel like this path. I mean, so many people are awakening right now, like, we know that a lot of people are awakening, and it's an exciting time. And also it is it can feel really scary to to follow this path.

I agree 100%. It, there's so many things. And it's, it's just to allow yourself to let go of all of those things, and to walk forward not really knowing what's next, or what's going to come from this and to just trust that your higher self is guiding you. Yeah, it's really a process. And there's stages to it. So just you mentioning, my first awakening, and now maybe you're going through a second third, or you know, there's different layers to it, where you start to just embody more and experience different aspects of yourself, your being your essence, which kind of leads me to a topic I also wanted to get into with you, which would be around that feminine embodiment work. And what that really means to you.

Yeah, feminine embodiment is, is, I would say, such a beautiful path for healing and personal growth. And a lot of times when people end to enter into spirituality, they actually enter it through the practice of yoga, like a lot of people, that's how they get introduced to this, like, mind body connection, right. And yoga is one form of practice that can help us to connect more with our bodies, right? Now, a lot of times, the first step that people take will be yoga, and then they start to understand about mindset work, which is really learning Oh, I have these subconscious beliefs that have these limiting beliefs, I have these ego based beliefs that are holding me back from being who I'm really meant to be. And so we've got this, this mindset piece that that a lot of people start in, and then a deeper layer, which is more of what I call it, the feminine healing path is through the body, and our body stores, all of our trauma, our body stores, our emotions, our body is really the vessel, it is the home for our soul. And most people walk around or go through life being disconnected from their bodies. Most of us live from the neck up or from the head up, essentially. And we don't really, we're not really connected to our physical bodies, and our bodies have so much wisdom, they're so intelligent. And so what feminine embodiment work does is it helps us to heal some of these through somatic healing through energetic healing, it helps us to release some of this stuck energy and stored emotions from our body. And it helps to bring us more into who we really are on a soul level rather than an ego level. So underneath all of the layers of fear, all the layers of conditioning that we've been exposed to underneath that is your authentic self. It's your true self. And we can use embodiment practices like breathwork, and feminine movement and yoga, to go beyond the mind to drop into the wisdom of the body. And from that place we can really connect with okay, what is it that feels like a yes, for me? You know, we were talking about intuition before, when you are really connected to your body and you're paying attention to how does my body feel? Right? What am I noticing in my body, your body will always guide you to what feels most in alignment and and it will tell you when something doesn't feel right for you. We just haven't really learned how to listen to our body or to connect with our body in these ways. And like you mentioned earlier, like it requires us to slow down we're so used to moving so quickly. And checking things off the to do list and staying busy and going from one task to the next that we don't we don't take time to be present with what we're feeling. And I know that a lot of the work that I do with my clients and that I've done on my own journey is you know, emotional alchemy which is like learning how to process your emotions so that they're not in control, right so that you're not constantly in a place of anxiety or depression or fear, but that you can actually move move through those challenging emotions, and come to a place of inner peace and groundedness and feeling levels of joy and pleasure. And we can do that through the work of feminine embodiment. So it's really a large body of work. There's a lot of nuanced layers to it. And I feel like that would be like a good overview of what feminine embodiment work is.

I love so many things that you said, I feel like I'm saying that after everything, you say, I'm just nodding my head, I'm like, Yes, like this is it? Sometimes it felt really hard for me to articulate that to people. And I think I've recorded a podcast episode before. And I always said that I would write a book called let your body be your guide. Because it really is ultimately, like, it's the first layer like your body is conscious before your brain has awareness around what's going on. And I think through embodiment practices, you know, to me, intuitive movement is kind of like I would say, similar to some of what you might do in in, in some embodiment practices. And so to allow your body to share the information that it has, just by giving it the opportunity to speak in ways where, you know, if it's like with the emotional piece, like, yeah, when your emotions are so loud, that's all your body can hear. And then sometimes, it's almost just like an overload, where you can't sense anything, like there's just a buildup of emotion in the body. And we start to notice that in these pains, and I noticed that so much with my nutrition clients were now GI issues were just like, everyone had a GI issue that came in. And so many people were like, I need to learn what foods are not good for me. And I need to learn what foods are good for me. A lot of people rejected my message when I was like, we're going to actually focus on the emotions that are going on, if we don't focus on stress, or understanding what's going on this gi issue is going to continue. And no matter how much you try to follow this diet or this diet, you won't find a solution. I had so many clients that they would go to doctors, and there's no conclusion as to why they're having these GI issues, everything checks out everything medically looks like it's great on paper, but they're still experiencing these internal problems. And that goes beyond just gi but I think people are finally starting to open to maybe it is emotional, maybe there is something different, maybe this is spiritual. Maybe this isn't just something that you can solve with a diagnosis and a prescription. And so I'm excited to see how things continue to unfold in that realm and for people to start to approach their healing in a different way.

Yeah, that old paradigm that you're talking about, where, you know, we go based off of more of like, the scientific logical realm, like there's a place for that I'm really grateful for Western medicine for you know, if you have an emergency, or if you get an accident or more of these acute issues, like that's really what Western medicine is for. But more of these chronic ongoing issues, like, what happens with Western medicine is we just like mask the symptoms. And what we're seeing is that there are deeper layers of healing, there are different modalities of healing that are available that I would call more of these feminine healing modalities, where it's like, let's look on the spiritual, the energetic, the emotional level, not just the physical level, our physical body will speak to us through symptoms, when there is something out of alignment on the energetic emotional and spiritual level. And in my case, that was digestive issues, it was hormone imbalances, it was skin issues, autoimmune issues, right. And if we just look at it from the surface level of, okay, you have skin issues, let's use something like topical to to heal that or let's take a look at you know, just like the physical body, we're not going to be able to heal these chronic health issues. There's an underlying root cause that's contributing to these issues in the first place. And so, I think that there is a place for focusing on healing nourishing foods and healthy lifestyle habits. And I think there's definitely a place for that and it's needed, but I think we need to take a more holistic approach, which is why I love that you've kind of moved in this new direction because the simplistic approach or the old pair Time approach of focusing just on like the scientific and on the physical body, it leaves out like, I don't know, I would even say like 75% of the healing equation. Yeah,

I totally agree with that. So coming back, I wanted to talk a little bit more, because I would consider like embodiment, something that you would look at you as like an expert in this category. And so I would love for you to share a little bit more about just kind of letting people know what it really means to live as an embodied woman in regards to various aspects of your life, whether that be career work, relationships, anything and everything.

Yeah, the way that I view this, like, new paradigm, and what we're really stepping into here is living a life. Again, that's authentic to you. And an embodied woman is someone who knows who she is on a soul level. Like she, she knows who she is at her essence. And she knows that she is unique, and that she has unique gifts to offer to the world. And she feels confident within herself. She's not trying to conform or trying to be like anyone else, or trying to seek external validation to feel worthy or good enough. So she's really in her authenticity. And she's not this like muted version of herself, where she's playing small or where she's like, not setting boundaries, where she's people pleasing, right, she's really unapologetic and her expression, she is okay with being vulnerable. She embraces her full spectrum of her emotions. And she's able to express herself and communicate and to share who she really is with the world. So this is kind of like the new paradigm of what does it look like to be an empowered woman. And she lets her body guide her like we were talking about before she she lets her physical body and the sensations in her body and her heart and her womb space and her intuition, are really the guiding forces in her life. And one of the biggest pieces with embodiment is can we bring in more pleasure and more enjoyment, because I know that none of us came here to just go through the motions to live a life where we're in either survival mode, or we're in autopilot mode. And we're just kind of in not like, going to like from one day to the next and just kind of like going through those motions. Like, I believe that we're here to experience high levels of pleasure and joy and to feel alive. And that feeling of aliveness is what a lot of people are craving. And when we can tap into the sensations of the body and when we can live from the somebody's place. That's where that aliveness comes into play. And I want to see more women living from that place of authenticity, that place of aliveness, that place of magnetism, like that's what I'm here for. And that's what really lights me up is thinking about, you know, if every woman were to be living as her Embody itself, what would that look like in the world? How would the world be different, and there's a huge ripple effect on that, right? There's a huge ripple effect that happens when a woman is no longer living from that place of being suppressed of being a kind of like, numbed out or dull version of herself. And it impacts our relationships, like all of our intimate relationships, when you're in an embodied place, like in a romantic relationship, it's going to inspire more physical chemistry, more juiciness, more passion, more connection. It's also going to inspire a deeper heart connection because when a woman is living from her heart, instead of her mind, she's going to, you know, be able to open up and be more vulnerable and give and receive love in a different way. So it shows up there it shows up in our careers where instead of just like doing work that feels really soul sucking or that feels like it's draining your lifeforce energy. It's really about how can I use my natural gifts and how can I be my authentic self and create a career path that lights my soul on fire? Right? So that's really how it shows up there and then I really see it in a larger context in the world where we have more connection right? A more connection to the earth, more connection to each other in community, more connection in sisterhood. And I feel like that's a really big piece of healing that's needed on the planet right now is more connection coming back together in community and also in right relationship with the earth. So there's there's so many ways where like that stem from each woman being in her embodied essence, how that ripples out into all aspects of her life.

Yeah, that is for sure. So important. And yeah, I like, I love that you bring up community as being a piece of this or even connection, because I think of connection, just in multiple ways where you're saying where there's connection to earth, there's connection to your community, connection to self. And all of that is just having the awareness that everything is one. So it's like, we're all separate and unique. But at the same time we are, we're all connected. And I almost feel like it's one of the dualities of life where we're the most connected that we could possibly, or that we have yet to be, I guess, to this point in human existence, yet, there's so much disconnection from ourselves and our bodies at the same time. So it's almost like there's people that are awakening to that and seeing that. And it's so it's important that we're able to share that with other people who, yeah, just need that support, or just need to see that they're not the only one feeling something is off and feeling that things could be different. And knowing that there's a path and someone's walked on it before you that can help you eliminate some of those fears that go along with stepping into that and allowing yourself to be more embodied and to recognize what that actually feels like.

Yeah, I feel like so many people feel really alone. And I know that because every community of women, like all the women that I gathered together in community, you know, they all share that, that there's like this desire for belonging, there's this desire for connectedness. And like you said, even though we have technology that allows us to literally be connected all day long, if we wanted to, there's still nothing like human connection. And that deeper connection with self like, the more that we get wrapped up into technology and into social media and into kind of like this fast paced life, the less connected we are from ourselves, and the less connected that we are from nature. And so I'm really seeing this, like, feminine awakening happening, where we're coming to terms with like, these, these toxic masculine ways of doing things like aren't working for us anymore in this, this deep connection with self with the universe with community is, is has been missing for a long time, and people are craving it. Yeah.

So in what ways do you feel like you are able to create, like deeper connection and community being like a predominantly online coach.

So one of the important pieces when it comes to community is creating a safe container, creating a container where women know that they're going to be supported, that they're going to be seen that they're going to be loved by other people instead of feeling like judged or criticized. And when we create that safe container, it doesn't matter if it's online or in person. It's amazing how much connection can happen in an online space. And a big part of that is bringing women together who are on a similar path and who are like minded and being really intentional about curating the community, like not just letting anyone and everyone in, right it's like, okay, the women who are drawn to this work are often women who are seeking this deeper connection. And what I find when we have these spaces of like minded women and it's in A a container with a shared intention for personal growth and spiritual growth, right, when we have that space, women feel a lot safer to be their authentic self. And when there's that vulnerability when women let they're kind of like masks down when they let their guard down when they know that they don't have to show up perfectly happy all of the time. Were quote unquote, like fake happy all the time, right, but When they know that there's there's opportunity for them to be vulnerable. That's really where the trust, trust comes from. Right. And that's where you really get to know people on a deeper level, versus this surface level that often happens in social settings where there's a lot of small talk, where you're talking about things that like, maybe aren't that important to you, or where you're afraid of other people judging you see, you're not actually going to say the things that you really care about, or let yourself share what what emotions are coming up for you. Right. So yeah, I feel like having a space where women can be their authentic selves just creates that deeper trust and connection really quickly. And yeah, I was I did a lot of in person work before the pandemic. And I was also doing online work. But during the pandemic, it was amazing to see like how deep of a connection we could still create online, right? Like, it didn't have to be in a physical space. Of course, there's a whole nother layer of connection that happens when you can like, give someone a hug. And when you can, like physically be across from them and feel their energy and a deeper capacity. But it is pretty amazing that we still can use these online, online spaces. And when we're present in those spaces, and not distracted by all these other things like that presence alone creates such a deep capacity for connection.

I love that you're able to do that. And that it's something that you really focus on bringing into your work, because it's so needed, and people really evaluate, really value it and appreciate

it. Yeah, it's been so healing for me in my life. Like I wouldn't be where I am today without being part of a lot of different groups, masterminds, women's groups, retreats workshops, like, I've met some of my best friends through, you know, showing up to do this work and community like we're not meant to do it alone. And this is something that has been such a big part of my healing journey. And so I really felt called to create spaces like this for women, because it's what I wish that I had when I was first going through my awakening, and I was feeling alone. And I was feeling like maybe I'm the only one who feels this way. And when I started meeting other women who were on a similar path, it, it really was so encouraging and supportive. And I knew that I wasn't the only one who was missing that and who was craving that?

Yeah, it's so awesome. Yeah, I love everything that we got a chance to talk about today. If people still want to hear more from you, and connect deeper with you. Yeah, what do you have that you'd like to offer? And where can they find you?

I would absolutely love to connect with you. So if you're resonating with this message, and you want to learn more and go deeper, one of the resources that I've created that I would love to offer to as a gift is a guided morning ritual. And it really incorporates some of the mindset and embodiment work that we're talking about today. So you can find that morning ritual, you can go to Amy, Natalie ritual, I think we can include the link in the show notes hopefully for that. Or you can come on over to my Instagram, which is Amy, Natalie Ko, and you can click on the link in my bio, and you can find that there. And then lastly, can find me on my podcast called The feminine frequency podcast.

Yes, we'll link all of those in the show notes so people can check them out. And yeah, I I'm just so excited. And I feel like anytime I'm around you, my energy is just lifted. And it reminds me so much of just like why we exist and like what our purpose here is and the mission that we have. So it's always beautiful to be able to connect back to that and hear someone that yeah, that just has such a beautiful vision and has made such an impact on the world already. And I'm excited to see where you continue to go from here.

Thank you so much. I'm so happy that you are showing up for your purpose and that you are creating this podcast and that you're shining your light to so excited to see you continue to expand and super grateful to be in your world.

Likewise, thank you so much. Thanks so much for listening to today's episode. If you're enjoying listening to this podcast, I have a special gift for you. If you leave a review and send me a screenshot. I will send you something personally in the mail just to show you how much I appreciate your help in helping me spread I read the empowerment across the world and showing other women the magic that they have within themselves just the same way you lead. If you're enjoying this episode, then I would love it if you took a screenshot and posted it on your story on Instagram, and tag me at fuel the underscore fire. Let's have a conversation about it. Let's chat about it. I love to hear your thoughts and your feedback. I'm here to support you in any way that I can. I love you guys so much. And I'm excited to keep coming at you with some new guests new information and new techniques to keep blowing your mind and making you feel invincible. Thanks for listening. I love you. Bye



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